Daily Prediction for May 18 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

The Moon begins her journey through Capricorn today, which is her detriment. The atmosphere is dampened and austere. People’s emotions become more depressive, cold, and quiet. However, this dour atmosphere creates a lot of potential for people to work hard and make great material developments in their lives.

Today the Moon forms a square to Jupiter. This ultimately brings a lot of personal growth and spiritual growth, and even financial developments can become quite common. However, the square indicates that these challenges only come with initial tension and through clearing hurdles.


The Moon has moved into your 10th house of career, purpose, and reputation. The cold, bleak Capricorn Moon will offer you the grounding you need to work hard and ultimately succeed at your career today.

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The Moon squares Jupiter in your 1st house. You will experience a lot of personal growth and development today, but it won’t come easy or on any kind of silver platter.


Lighting up your 9th house, this Capricorn moon will turn your attention towards studies, travels, spiritual practices, or anything that opens up your horizons and expands your consciousness. You will find a lot of good fortune and success in your spiritual practice today.

Jupiter is activated in your 12th house. Solitary time and solo spiritual practice will bring you a lot of insight, but you will have to work through some chaos and inner turbulence in order to receive it.


The Moon is in your 8th house of fear, death, and anxiety. In Capricorn, this can create a lot of feelings of stuckness and confusion. Self-deprecation and self-directed frustration is common. Just be okay with a slower pace today.

While Jupiter is activated in your 11th house by square, you will find positive developments coming to your friendships and social circles. You will get a lot back from friends today.


The Moon has moved into your 7st house of romance and romantic relationships. Your partners and close friends will be much more important to you today, though the Capricornian nature of the Moon hear may cause partners to rub you the wrong way at times.

The Moon squares Jupiter in your 10th house. This is a good day for working on career. Your sense of purpose in life will strengthen and clarify, and new insights will begin coming your way, though it won’t always be easy.


Activating your 6th house, this Capricorn moon will push you to work hard and succeed at your work. You will be given more responsibility and more will be asked fo you today.

Jupiter lights up your 9th house today by square. Spiritual practices, studies, and any consciousness-expanding activities you engage will be very successful today. You may experience some obstacles to getting what you are looking for, but ultimately you’ll find it.


The Moon has moved into your 5th house, placing a strong focus for you on creativity, pleasure, and play. You will be able to devote your time and energy towards personal projects and interests. You will make a lot of progress on your work today.

While Jupiter is activated in your 8th house by square, you may experience uncomfortable emotions and old wounds surfacing. If you surrender into the experience, you will be able to do a lot of clearing today.


The Moon has moved into your 4th house, placing a strong focus for you on home and family. You will be spending more time at your house, and engaged in conversation with family members and people you live with. This is a good day for prioritizing family life and familial responsibilities.

Jupiter is activated in your 7th house by square. One-on-one relationships will be very beneficial today. You will grow quite a bit as a person by spending time with people who are close to you.


The Moon has entered into your 3rd house of community and local networks. Relationships with people in your immediate vicinity – as well as your feeling of embeddedness and connection to your local community – will strengthen today.

The Moon squares Jupiter in your 6th house today. You may have a lot of hard work ahead of you today, but you will find a lot of rewards coming your way for the work that you do.


The Moon is lighting up your 2nd house, putting a focus on resources and financial management for you this day. With this alignment, people work hard to develop grounding, lasting control over their estate. “Adulting” is very supported today.

The Moon also forms a square to Jupiter in your 5th, which is a strong indicator of great creative developments and success with creative pursuits today. Artists will hear the muses speak much more loudly to them. Any activities you do for their own sake today will yield a lot of good results.


The Moon has moved into your 1st house of self and health. This brings people a lot of insight into their own character and personality. You may see positive developments to your health today as well.

The Moon squares Jupiter in your 4th house of home and family today. You will see growth and change coming to familial relationships and connections with people at your home.


Activating your 12th house, this gloomy Capricorn Moon in this house can create states of torpor and depression. You may have a chaotic and somewhat destabilizing day ahead of you.

Jupiter is squared in your 3rd house. Community and relationships with people close to you and in your local vicinity will provide you with the support that you need to get through the 12th house Moon.


The Moon is lighting up your 11th house of friends and allies, so your energy will turn towards building up the relationships you have with people close to you in life. While this Cap Moon may make friendships feel dreary at times, it is also bringing you a lot of grounded developments that will be long-lasting and fruitful.

The Moon squares Jupiter in your 2nd house. Financial developments with this alignment are extremely common and even textbook for this kind of alignment. Jupiter may push you hard to master your domain and get control over your finances,  but you will ultimately be greatly rewarded for the work that you do.

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