Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio – 16 May 2022

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

General Predictions for the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio:

On May the 16th, at 04:14 UT, the Moon, from Scorpio, accurately opposes the Sun, in Taurus, forming the Full Moon. This Full Moon is also known as the Flower Moon and it’s a Total Lunar Eclipse. This is the second and last Eclipse of this Ecliptic Period. Therefore, the coming New Moon, on the 30th of May will end the influences of the Eclipses.

This Lunar Eclipse will be much more intense than the previous Solar Eclipse, as it affects many planets. It very strongly and stressfully affects one of the most difficult planets, Saturn. Beneficially and equally strongly affects Neptune, then quite strongly Mars and then Pluto. Not only Pluto is overly charged, even without the Eclipse, and, as you probably know, an overly charged Pluto always challenges our emotional condition, but, on top of that, the rest of the planets affected by the Eclipse, too, will add to this. Hence, supporting our mood and our emotional condition is highly recommended, regardless for all zodiacs. Moreover, the better we maintain a good mood, the easier the Eclipse will feel. Easier, but not necessarily easy.

During the waning Moon period, the Sun enters Gemini, on the 21st. Then, Mercury returns in Taurus, on the 23rd of May. A day later, on the 24th, Mars enters Aries. Then, finally, on the 28th of May, Venus enters Taurus. Therefore, the planetary scenery changes quite a lot. On the downside, Retrograde activity can feel quite intense as it raises a bit and always retrograde activity feels stronger during an Ecliptic period, as their energies oppose each other.

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Pluto is and Mercury are already Retrograde and no other planet turns Retrograde during the fortnight, but Mercury slows down again, as it will turn Direct almost right after the New Moon. Similarly, Saturn slows down to become almost stationary, as it, too, will be turning Retrograde during the coming fortnight. That’s why Retrograde activity seems to rise.

Jupiter in Aries:

Jupiter entered Aries on the 10th of May and it will remain there until the 28th of October 2022. Then, it will return in Aries on the 20th of December 2022 and it will remain there until the 16th of May 2023. In late May 2022 and until early June, it will be in a conjunction with the ruler of your zodiac, Mars, which will make that period a very beneficial one. This conjunction is also one of the aspects that help us manifest our goals.

Jupiter “magnifies” and, because of this, the conjunction can magnify the unpleasant influences of Mars. Therefore, during this conjunction we might become more impatient and take more risks than we should. It can also make us more tensed. Try to avoid those “traps”. As the aspect, overall, is beneficial, these undesirable side effects will occur mostly when the conjunction and, especially, Mars, receive some stress. Fortunately, the conjunction doesn’t form any long-term stressful influences, and only the Moon will be stressing it, whenever it will be in Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn. Nonetheless, the Ecliptic Period will affect it.

Indeed, the conjunction will get activated on the 12th of May, while Mars will still be in Pisces. It will remain active until the 15th of June. It will become accurate on the 29th of May. By then, fortunately, the Ecliptic Period will be reaching its end, as it will end on the New Moon of the 30th of May.

Furthermore, while the Sun, Mercury and Venus will be in Leo, some short-lived Grand Triangles of Fire will be formed, along with Jupiter in Aries, when the Moon will be in Sagittarius. Nonetheless, no long-term such triangle will occur during 2022. When the Sun will be in Leo, though, and, in particular, between the 22nd of July and the 11th of August, the two lucky planets, Jupiter and the Sun, will be in a triangle. Unfortunately, during most of this period, as well as on the 31st of July when the aspect will become accurate, Jupiter will be Retrograde. Regardless, this will be one of the most beneficial aspects Jupiter in Aries will form in 2022.

Jupiter’s stay in Aries will also benefit Leo and Sagittarius and, then, Gemini and Aquarius.


The period of strong focus on your zodiac ends during this fortnight, when Mars will exit the zodiac on the 24th of May. Both Mars (until the 1st of June) and Jupiter (until the 12th of June) still support your zodiac, but by the end of this fortnight insignificantly so. The Lunar Eclipse, though, strongly supports Neptune, in your zodiac, which is a promising thing. This is a long-term influence of the Eclipse which will last for some months – until the next Ecliptic Period, actually – giving you a chance to start what you haven’t started yet and make significant progress with whatever you have started. Of course, the Eclipse’s energies are not harmonious, so it won’t be a stress-free progress, but it can be quite a great one.


Although Venus leaves your zodiac, Mars, the ruler of your zodiac, enters it and in conjunction with Jupiter, to boot. Moreover, the Lunar Eclipse, intense as it may be, is not as intense for you. Therefore, this can become a very promising fortnight for you. As we’ve said Mars is affected by the Eclipse, and beneficially so, but it won’t be in Aries at the time. Thus, this influence does support you, but probably not as strongly as if Mars was in your zodiac. On the bright side, the negative effects of a “fired up” Mars won’t be as strong, either.

Although the period of power of your zodiac will last until the 5th of July, don’t waste time, as the conjunction of Mars and Jupiter won’t last that long. It will end in the coming fortnight.


A second period of a significant planetary focus on your zodiac is starting during this fortnight. The Sun, of course, leaves your zodiac, on the 21st, but Mercury returns in to it on the 23rd. Then, the ruler of your zodiac, Venus, enters your sign, two days before the New Moon, on the 28th of May. From then on, and until the eve of the next Full Moon, three planets will be in your zodiac. Contrary to the previous period of planetary focus on your zodiac, now only three – and soon, two – planets are in a beneficial alignment with your sign. On the bright side, just like before, only one is in a stressful alignment.

Therefore, a new promising period starts. It will become better when Mercury turns Direct, but don’t wait until then, as it won’t be a long period. The Lunar Eclipse in your axis will strongly affect you, so things won’t be calm and easy, but, at the same time, miracles can happen. After all, the Eclipse will energise all the planets that affect your zodiac, other than Uranus. Including the Moon and the Sun, that’s a total of six planets. So, yes, things can become quite unpredictable.

The inauspicious influences of the Lunar Eclipse:

Mercury squares Saturn. The aspect became accurate on the 24th of April. The square is active since the 18th of April and it will remain so until the 19th of June. During the previous fortnight, and in particular from the 8th and until the 12th of May, it paused its activity. Although this square is quite long-lived because of Mercury turning Retrograde, it won’t become accurate for a second time.

During the period of this square’s activity, meditation and, especially for healing purposes, can be challenging, but not unproductive. Also, our rational thinking might be clouded, and our diplomacy might be lacking. Especially during the period Mercury is Retrograde. Personal and professional social activity, too, needs a wiser and calmer handling. Once again, more so while Mercury is Retrograde.

Also, the Sun squares Saturn. This square became accurate on the eve of this Lunar Eclipse, the 15th of May. It is active from the 6th of May and until the 26th of the month. This can also hindrance our rational thinking. Finances and financial dealings need a more careful approach, too.

Furthermore, Venus squares Pluto. Accurately so on the 27th of the month, a day before Venus enters Taurus. The aspect, though, will be active from the 19th of May and until the 4th of June. Venus and Pluto form quite a few beneficial aspects, and strong ones, during this period, that will reduce some, or most, of the problems this square would normally produce. From the 26th, though, and until the New Moon, we might experience it more strongly. Especially on the 27th, the day of accuracy, the Moon will also be squaring Pluto, in conjunction with Venus, further boosting its influences, for the day. Amongst else, Venus’ and Pluto’s square can trouble love life and friendships. Also, some extra attention in matters of health and money, too, is advisable.

The auspicious influences of the Lunar Eclipse:

Neptune’s years-long hexagon with Pluto is already quite strong and it’s growing stronger, as it’s slowly heading to this year’s minimum deviation. As we’ve said, although this hexagon will be becoming stronger and weaker many times, without ever losing most of its strength, it won’t become accurate again until the 24th of July 2026. By then, though, both planets will have changed their zodiacs.

For this year, though, on the 25th of March the hexagon crossed the midpoint of the 5° deviation, becoming quite strong and it will remain so until the 17th of January 2023, when it will, once again cross the 5°, but, then, while it will be becoming weaker. Furthermore, the hexagon will reach its strongest period from the 4th of August and until the 22nd of August, when its deviation will be 1° 53’ – 1° 54’ apart from accuracy.

Amongst else, this hexagon empowers magic and helps us heal our souls, and our relationships. Physical healing, and especially via traditional methods, also receives some help. Progress in medicine and pharmacology, in a global level can still happen. As this hexagon is now strong enough and Jupiter still supports it, but not as strongly any longer, they can be quite significant ones, too.

Also, Jupiter forms a hexagon with Pluto. The aspect got activated on the 19th of March and it will remain active until the 4th of July. It became accurate on the 3rd of May, while Jupiter was still in Pisces. Amongst else, this aspect empowers magic and supports finances and all money related professions. Since Pluto is Retrograde now, the influences of the Ecliptic Period strong and the influences of this hexagon not so much, some extra caution is advisable, but the help will be there.

Also, the Sun forms a hexagon with Mars. This aspect got activated on the 29th of March, when the Sun was in Aries and Mars in Aquarius. It will remain active until the Solstice of the 21st of June. At that day the Sun will be entering Cancer, while Mars will be in Aries. The hexagon became accurate on the 7th of May, while the Sun was in Taurus and Mars in Pisces. Moreover, since the 29th of April and until this Lunar Eclipse the hexagon was practically “perfect” as it had a deviation smaller than 2° throughout the fortnight. On top of that, both the Solar Eclipse and the Lunar Eclipse activated Mars strongly and beneficially. Amongst else, this hexagon can raise our energy levels and our motivation. Although this is a mostly beneficial aspect, it might make us a little reckless, too.

Mercury forms a hexagon with Neptune. The aspect became accurate on the 24th of April, when both planets were direct. The hexagon is active since the 19th of April and it will remain so until the 19th of June. Despite the long period of this hexagon’s activity, due to Mercury turning Retrograde, it won’t become accurate again. Nonetheless, it will reach a deviation smaller than 1° during the coming fortnight. Amongst else, this aspect can help us have a clearer thinking. Especially so while Mercury is Direct. But even while Mercury is Retrograde, this aspect reduces some of the side effects in our judgment and understanding.

Similarly, Mercury forms a hexagon with Jupiter. This became accurate, for the first time, on the 27th of April, when Mercury was Direct in Taurus and Jupiter was in Pisces. On the 20th of May, the aspect will become accurate for a second time. Then, Mercury will be Retrograde, in Gemini, while Jupiter will be in Aries. Finally, on the 20th of June, it will become accurate for a third time. Then, Mercury will be again Direct, in Gemini, and Jupiter will be in Aries. Overall, the aspect is active since the 20th of April and it will remain so until the 28th of June.

Amongst else, this hexagon can support both professional and social life. Especially so when Mercury will be direct, and more so while both planets are in the extrovert zodiacs (Aries and Gemini), than when they are in the introvert ones. It’s a helpful period for healing, strengthening and expanding our social circles, too. Also, trade and, especially, international trade receives much help from this aspect. Once again, more so while Mercury will be direct.

Furthermore, Mercury forms a triangle with Pluto. The aspect became accurate on the 28th of April, when Mercury was Direct, in Taurus, and Pluto was barely Direct. It is active, though, since the 21st of April and it will remain so until the 21st of June. It will become accurate for a second time on the 25th of May, when both planets will be Retrograde, and for a third time on the 10th of June, when Mercury will be Direct again and Pluto will be Retrograde. Amongst else, this aspect supports healing of any kind, as well as all money related matters.

Mars is in a hexagon with Uranus. The aspect became accurate on the 4th of May and started affecting us on the 21st of April. It will remain active until the 19th of May. Amongst else, this hexagon can support our efforts to make the desirable changes in our lives. Mars is not a calm planet and the influences of the Ecliptic Period will be strong throughout the period of this aspect’s activity. Therefore, a calmer and more open mind can help us make better use of this hexagon while avoiding its side-effects.

Also, the Sun forms a hexagon with Neptune. The aspect became accurate on the 15th of May, and is active since the 6th. It will remain so until the 26th of the month. This is quite a helpful aspect, given that we are during an Ecliptic Period, for it supports emotional healing and it gives some emotional clarity.

Furthermore, Mars conjuncts Neptune. Accurately so on the 18th of May. The aspect is active since the 5th of May and it will remain so until the 1st of June. This can be a double edged sword, as it can make us more stubborn and more easily irritated, but it also gives us determination and raises our motivation to do whatever we want to do.

Also, the Sun forms a triangle with Pluto. Accurately so on the 19th of May. The aspect is active since the 10th of May and until the 29th of the month. Amongst else, this aspect can bring some support to all financial and professional matters. Pluto is Retrograde, Mercury is also Retrograde and it’s the Ecliptic Period. Therefore, things won’t come too easily and stress-free, but, still, desirable progress is achievable.

Mars forms a hexagon with Pluto. Accurately so on the 22nd of May. The aspect is active since the 11th of May. It will remain active until the 5th of June. Pluto is Retrograde and the effects of the Ecliptic Period will be strong until after the day of accuracy, so things might not always go smoothly, but, overall, the aspect benefits healing. It also supports magic and especially fire magic, talismans, potions, philtres and the like. It can also support sex life.

Also, the Sun forms a hexagon with Jupiter. Accurately so on the 23rd of May, when the Sun will be in Gemini. The hexagon started affecting us on the 11th of May, and it will cease acting on the 5th of June. This is quite an auspicious aspect, bringing all sorts of good luck. The influences of the Ecliptic Period, though are quite strong, too, and they will remain so until the Third Quarter, on the 23rd of May, which is also the day of this aspect’s peak. Therefore, until then, we might not experience this aspects blessing as strongly as we would normally do. But, it will ease the effects of the Ecliptic, to a degree, and it will surely support our efforts.

Furthermore, the Sun conjuncts Mercury. Accurately so on the 21st of May, the day the Sun enters Gemini, and while Mercury will be Retrograde. The conjunction, though, is active since the 15th of May, and it will remain so until the 29th of the month. Amongst else, this aspect can calm the challenges of Retrograde Mercury, to a degree. Especially so around the 21st.

Also, Mercury forms a hexagon with Mars. Accurately so on the 24th. Then Mercury will be Retrograde and will have just returned in Taurus, while Mars will be barely in Pisces. The aspect will be active from the 17th of May and until the 2nd of June, just before Mercury turns Direct. Although this aspect supports social life and decision making, because Mercury will be Retrograde to stationary, its undesirable side effects, which otherwise will be mild, might become more intense. Therefore, control your aggressiveness and make sure you think things thoroughly.

Venus forms a hexagon with Saturn. Accurately so on the 24th, while Venus will still be in Aries. The aspect will be active from the day of this Lunar Eclipse and until the 2nd of June. By then Venus will be in Taurus and Saturn will be practically stationary. This aspect can help heal our personal relationships. Including romantic ones, but not only. It can also help As Saturn is already too slow and receives strong stress from the Lunar Eclipse, while this aspect is “just” a hexagon we might not really feel its blessings. They will be there, but they’ll be mostly reducing negativities than producing benefits.

Also, Mars conjuncts Jupiter. Accurately so, on the 29th of May. The aspect will be active since the 12th of May and it will remain active until the 15th of June. We talked about this under the Jupiter in Aries subheading.

Jupiter’s and Neptune’s conjunction:

Furthermore, Jupiter conjuncts Neptune. The conjunction was accurate on the 12th of April, and got activated on the 22nd of February. It will remain active until the 12th of June. This is a very beneficial aspect for Pisces – especially until the 10th of May, when Jupiter will enter Aries – as the two governors of your zodiac conjunct each other in your zodiac. As we’ve seen, this happens once every 165 years. Although this aspect will be reactivated at the end of the year, again, it won’t become accurate, then, or even strong enough, and also, the rest of the sky won’t be as beneficial as it is now. Therefore, make the best use of it. The rest of the Water zodiacs, too, receive many blessings from this conjunction.

Now, amongst else, Jupiter’s and Neptune’s conjunction can promote advancement in medicine, as well as make such advancements public. It can promote spirituality and it greatly supports magic. Also, this is a good period for emotional healing and for healing personal relationships of any nature.

As this aspect forms some beautiful karmic aspects – a hexagon with the North Node, and a triangle with the South Node, during the whole period of its activity – it can also bring in our lives karmic people and events. It can also help us heal and strengthen our relationship with such people we already have in our lives.

Overviewing the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio:

So, overall, this Lunar Eclipse and this waning Moon period will be quite intense and it can become quite stressful and chaotic. Nonetheless, though, the sky is mostly beneficial. Therefore, progress can be achieved, while the Eclipse’s effects will be mostly beneficial. At least, in the long run. Furthermore, Magic is very strong during the day of the Eclipse and for the whole fortnight.

As Pluto is overly charged, and the Eclipse charges it even more, and, on top of that, many planets that affect our emotional condition, health and balance are affected by the Eclipse, taking good care of our mood and our emotional condition should be a priority. Moreover, the better we manage to deal with this, the more beneficial the Eclipse will be. After all, most of these influences are beneficial one.

Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Aries:

Work, career and business matters receive some stress from this Lunar Eclipse and this waning Moon period. The Eclipse strongly stresses your Career Planet. At the same time your Career House receives strong support from the Eclipse. So, things can become quite chaotic, stressful and unpredictable, there. Not every development is a blessing in disguise, but, even when this isn’t the case you can manage to gain something. Try to fully comprehend, research, or whatever is applicable in your case the situations before acting, or reacting and be as wise and as careful as you can. Finances also need some caution. Especially so until the 21st.

Health doesn’t receive direct stress, but Mars is very charged and even more so by the Eclipse, and this can make you more reckless and keen to accidents, so pay attention. Otherwise, though, this is a mostly good fortnight for you. Your productivity is in good shape. It’s also a good period to promote your plans and goals. Also, social life seems active and mostly pleasant.

Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Taurus:

This Lunar Eclipse is quite intense and even more so for you, as it happened in your axis. Travelling is never advisable during an Ecliptic Period, and this is even truer for you, this time. If you can, arrange your trips as far from the Eclipse’s day as possible. Vehicles also might inconvenience you. Also, work, career and business matters receive some stress and things, there, can become quite stressful and demanding. Relationships with colleagues, partners and the like can become more tensed.

Also, love life is being tested. Especially for those in a long standing relationship. At the same time, unexpected good developments can happen in love. Social life, can be quite active. Although not always pleasantly so, even these unpleasant moments can end up benefiting your friendships. Expanding your social circle is also feasible. Furthermore, your spiritual abilities can be quite capable. Practising them needs some caution, but you can achieve much progress. Your mood and your emotional condition also receive some stress. The better you handle those, the better the fortnight will be for you.

Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Gemini:

Emotional health and your mood receive stress from this Lunar Eclipse. The better you support your mood the better the period will be for you. Also, the effects of the Eclipse might force you to re-evaluate your life and the way you are living it. This can happen via experiencing some kind of dangerous, or otherwise “shocking” event. As the Eclipse is happening in your House of Health, this event can be a health scare. Regardless, health needs better care. Also, work, career and business matters, too receive much focus from this Eclipse and this waning Moon period. Changes, there and significant ones, can happen. Stressful as they might be, though, they are more likely to be beneficial ones.

Most likely this can be quite a stressful, and energy consuming fortnight, but it is a mostly beneficial one. After the 21st, and even more so after the 24th, things can become much calmer. But even before then, focus on taking care of yourself and on your goals. Your productivity is quite good throughout the fortnight, so you can achieve much progress. Furthermore, social life seems quite active and mostly pleasantly so.

Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Cancer:

For a Lunar Eclipse this is a relatively calm one and quite beneficial one for you. Of course, not everything will be easy and stress-free, but most things proceed well. At least in the long run. Love life receives much stress from this Eclipse and things can become quite tensed, there. Problems in existing relations can become more apparent and more demanding of your attention. Try to address any issues as calmly as possible. In some cases, issues your other half is facing can affect your relation. At the same time, though, meeting new possible loves is quite possible. Whether these encounters are what you are looking for, or not, though, won’t be always easy to see. Therefore, don’t ignore these opportunities, but proceed cautiously.

Work, carer and business matters also receive some stress, but this stress is temporal. Changes might be happening in your work environment, or the people you work with. There might be some changes in your work, work position, or line of career, too. Things like those. And these changes can be quite stressful while they are happening, but they will lead to better conditions. Your Career Planet, after all, is beneficially affected by the Eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Leo:

This Lunar Eclipse can be quite intense. Even more so for the zodiacs of the Fixed Cross, where yours belong. Your health seems sensitive and your energy levels are low. Rest a lot, be careful while driving, or engaging in dangerous activities and, in any possible way, take good care of yourself. Home and family can also demand much of your time and energy. At the same time, the Eclipse can help you find a new place of residence – if you’ve been looking for one – or establish a different environment, or more healthy relationships with your family and people you consider as such.

Also, work, career and business matters receive enough stress. Situations, there can be quite unpredictable, at times. Also, changes at work, or changes of jobs are possible, to happen. In some cases, out of the blue. Despite the stress, there, though, you can achieve much progress and many successes. Also, love and social life receive mostly beneficial influences. Online social activity, too, receives support. Keep in mind, Mercury is Retrograde, so discussions and communications are prone to misunderstandings.

Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Virgo:

There are three planets in a stressful alignment with your zodiac on the day of the Eclipse. Amongst them, on is the governor of your zodiac, Mercury, which is Retrograde. Moreover, the other two – Neptune and Mars – are strongly affected by the Eclipse. Thankfully, in a beneficial manner. On top of that, your Health House is stressed by the Lunar Eclipse. Therefore, health needs much care and attention. Even if you feel healthy, resting more, relaxing more, and taking good care of yourself are strongly advisable. The Eclipse can force you to reform the balance of your daily routine and to alter your environment. These are more troublesome than negative effects. Thus, simply make calm and beneficial choices and things can become much better in the long run.

Love and friendships, too, can be shaken by the Eclipse. Problems there can become more obvious – too much so, in some cases. Face them calmly. The aspects affecting these fields of your life are mostly beneficial ones. The Eclipse also gives it tough blessing. Therefore, unpleasant as it might feel, this is a good opportunity to solve problems, there. Also, work can be quite stressful, but much progress and successes, there, are achievable.

Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Libra:

The Lunar Eclipse happening in your Money House brings much focus and some turbulence in your finances. At the same time though, it beneficially charges your Money Planet. So, overall, if you act wisely, finances won’t face much trouble. On the contrary, you can set the foundations of a better financial condition. Home, family and your environment can also cause you some stress under the influences of this Lunar Eclipse and this waning Moon period. Repairs at home might become necessary, too.

Health can also be affected by the Eclipse. In most cases, though, the Eclipse brings your focus on health and health issues, rather than causing new ones. In fact, as your Health House is quite strong and so is your Health Planet, which is also beneficially affected by the Eclipse, health can be improved. Needless to say, if you do face any issue, seek the advise of your doctor. Similarly, work can be stressful, but it advances. Love life, too, needs a calmer handling. Issues in existing relationships can become more obvious. Nonetheless, both the planets and the Eclipse support love. Therefore, unexpected good developments can also happen.

Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Scorpio:

This Lunar Eclipse is happening in your zodiac and, therefore it can be much more intense for you. The ruler of your zodiac is also affected by the Eclipse, but beneficially so. Therefore, this is an opportunity to “reshape” yourself and the way you think about you. Re-evaluating your priorities, too is both possible and advisable. The Eclipse also affects two planets in your 5th House and the ruler of the House, too. These influences are also beneficial, and they can help you realise what makes you happy and what doesn’t. Try to add more of the former in your life and free yourself of the latter. Keep in mind, though, that those influences, although beneficial, they can be quite stressful while they are happening.

Home and family, on the other hand can cause you some stress. Repairs at home might become mandatory, while relationships with family members can be more tensed. Try to handle all those as calmly and as efficiently as you can. Health also needs much care and attention. This is still and overall beneficial fortnight for you, when you can achieve much. Including harmonising your close relationships. Love receives mostly beneficial influences. Long standing relationships, though, can face some challenges.

Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Sagittarius:

There are three planets in a stressful alignment with your zodiac on the day of the Lunar Eclipse. From them, Mercury is Retrograde and the other two are strongly affected by the Eclipse. Beneficially so, thankfully. Nonetheless, situations can be quite chaotic, stressful and energy consuming. Make sure you take good care of yourself and, especially, your health. The latter receives some direct stress, too. Home and family can also cause you some stress. Repairs at home might become necessary, while problems in the family can become more demanding. In some cases, even events in the neighbourhood can somehow stress or inconvenience you.

Finance receive both strong beneficial and strong stressful influences by the Eclipse. Therefore, both problems and opportunities can occur. Be wise with your expenses and your decisions, correct your financial policies, if necessary, and try to enjoy the beneficial developments while avoiding the stressful ones. Work might be more demanding, or stressful. In some cases, changes in work, or of colleagues might also happen. Love and social life, on the other hand, receive mostly beneficial influences. Furthermore, your creativity and your productivity are quite good.

Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Capricorn:

Finances receive some stress from this Lunar Eclipse and this waning Moon period. Avoid, if possible, any major decision making, regarding your finances, during this period. Nonetheless, some course correction might become mandatory. Furthermore, the Eclipse might force you to redefine yourself in one way, or another. This can be initiated by some unpleasant event, or the procedure can be a not so pleasant one, but, nonetheless, it’s a helpful thing. Also, home and family can cause you some extra stress, or they might demand more of your time and energy.

Health is not directly affected by the Eclipse, but there is some focus there. This is actually a helpful period for finding out problems you’ve had but didn’t know, or hadn’t properly addressed. Nonetheless, since your Health Planet is Retrograde, double checking things would be advisable. Especially so before making significant changes in your treatment. Similarly, work can be somewhat stressful, but much progress, there, is feasible. Despite the Eclipse’s stress, this is a mostly beneficial, productive and pleasant fortnight.

Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Aquarius:

The Lunar Eclipse happens in your cross and strongly stresses Saturn in your zodiac. Therefore, it can affect and stress you quite a lot. Your mood and your emotional condition are challenged. Support them and it will make the fortnight easier. Also, things at work can become stressful and changes can occur. Changes of jobs, or changes of careers, too. These are mostly beneficial changes, in the long run, but they can be quite unsettling right now.

Similarly, finances receive much focus from the Eclipse, but this is a beneficial focus. So, avoid spending needlessly and making rush decisions and things will be quite good. Some expenses, though, might be necessary, or beneficial for the future. Setting the foundations for a better financial situation is feasible. Also, your productivity and creativity are quite capable. Furthermore, love and social life can be quite active, and mostly pleasant. More so after the 21st.

Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Pisces:

This Lunar Eclipse happens in a friendly zodiac and strongly, but beneficially, affects the governor of your zodiac, in your zodiac. Therefore, it can be quite challenging and stressful and it can affect all aspects of your life. Nonetheless, keep in mind that in the long-term, most of the influences of the Eclipse are beneficial ones. Not only Neptune, but Mars – also in your zodiac – and Pluto – in a friendly alignment – are affected beneficially and strongly by the Eclipse. Therefore, the Cosmos is giving you a chance to achieve “miracles”. Do your best towards whatever you want to achieve.

Social life can be the most challenging aspect of your life. Situations with friends and acquaintances can become tensed, or otherwise stressful. In some cases because of the way you perceive the situations. In some other cases, because of issues your friends are facing and somehow this affects your mood, or you the atmosphere amongst you. Expenses and investments need some extra caution, but finances receive much support from the Eclipse and from the stars.

Astrology and Magic:

Magic is quite strong – although unbalanced – throughout the fortnight.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse and this waning Moon period!

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