Daily Prediction for May 19 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

The Moon continues her journey through Capricorn today, which is her detriment. The Mood is heavy and gloomy, but people also become very grounded, hardworking, and driven to succeed.

Today the Moon forms a square to Venus, who is also currently in her detriment in Aries. This can create strong passions and desires, but also make people very impulsive. Oftentimes desires pursued during this time will backfire. She also forms a sextile to Mars, which gives people more motivation, enthusiasm, and drive.


With the square to Venus in your 1st house from the Moon, personal desires and agendas can become so strong that they almost possess you. It is easy to burn yourself out chasing things that you want.

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While Mars is activated by sextile in your 12th house, you may have some chaotic, destabilizing situations arising today that ultimately give you the fuel you need to accomplish a lot today.


The Moon squares Venus in your 12th house. Good fortune will come from solitude and solitary spiritual practice. Impulsive decisions and self-interested behavior will definitely backfire.

Mars is activated in your 11th house today. This points towards dynamic, active interactions with friends and coworkers today.


The Moon is activating Venus in your 11th house by square. Friendships will provide you with support and good fortune, but it is very easy to do impulsive, unhealthy things with your friends. Coworking relationships may be testier today.

With Mars in your 10th house, you will feel more motivated about your career, and more driven to succeed and push your work forward.


The Moon-Venus square is activating your 10th house. Work will be busy, active, and have a frenetic energy to it, but you will find good fortune from the work that you do. Be very careful not to burn yourself out today.

Mars in your 9th house in sextile with the Moon indicates that your studies, spiritual practices, and any other consciousness-expanding activities you engage in will feel more energized and exciting today. You will be very motivated to learn more and deepen your personal process.


The Venus square lights up your 9th house today. You will want to get lost in adventures and mind-opening activities, but there won’t be much there that will actually serve you and help you. Don’t exhaust yourself with too much enthusiasm.

Mars is activated in your 8th house. This can create anxiety and nervousness, but it is also a great opportunity to engage in deeper emotional alchemy and unconscious excavation. Therapeutic practices will take you far.


The Moon forms a square to Venus in your 8th house. With this alignment, personal desires and agendas can lead you astray and ultimately bring fear, anxiety, and other such things when pursued.

Mars is activated in your 7th house. There can be engaging dynamics with one-on-one relationships and romantic partners, but the interactions won’t be completely stress-free.


The Venus square lights up your 7th house. Romance and relationships will beguile you without much to offer. You may think that you will get a lot out of putting your energy into one-on-one relationships today, but it will be difficult to see returns for it today.

Mars is activated in your 6th house. This another day for a lot of work and effort at your job or career, but you will see rewards for the work that you do today.


With the square to Venus in your 6th house from the Moon, work and job-related topics will bring a lot of stress today. You can work long hours without seeing much more for your efforts. It is easier to burn yourself out at work today.

While Mars is activated by sextile in your 5th house, creative pursuits and personal projects will see a lot of forward movement today. You will feel more motivated to work on things that are actually important to you.


The Moon squares Venus in your 5th house. Classically associated with parties, sex, and drinking, Venus in Aries in the 5th house can make people very impulsive in pursuit of pleasure, fun, and social interactions. Don’t feed into it, as it will ultimately backfire today.

Mars is activated in your 4th house. You will see positive changes with home and family life. Relationships with family members will see new, dynamic growth.


The Moon is activating Venus in your 4th house by square. Relationships with family members and people you live with can become very agitated and stressful.

With Mars in your 3rd house, relationships with people in your local community, neighbors, etc. will see more growth. This is a good day for being out on the town, spending your time and energy with local people.


The Moon-Venus square is activating your 3rd house. Your relationships with siblings, neighbors, and people in your community may be strained today. It is easier to make bad, impulsive decisions that seem good on the outside with these people in your life as well.

Mars in your 2nd house in sextile with the Moon indicates that your finances will see positive developments and changes today. The energy that you spend crossing things off your to-do list, getting caught up on life, and gaining more mastery over your domain will be well worth it.


The Moon is activating Venus in your 2nd house by square. Finances can become a place of stress and anxiety through bad decisions today. Be very careful not to be too impulsive with how you spend your money.

With Mars in your 1st, house, you will feel more energy, more enthusiasm, and in general more vitality today.

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