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Daily Prediction for May 20 2022

The Moon enters into Aquarius today, lightening up the energy from leaden, ponderous Capricorn and replacing it with the cognitive, noetic attitude of Aquarius. The use of the mind and language become strengthened. People become more social and dialectic.

Today the Moon forms trines to Mercury and the Sun in Gemini. This points to harmony between our own intentions and agendas and the world around us. People experience more flow states and a sense of general alignment and positivity. Mercury brings clarity to speech makes self-expression easier, though with the retrograde status this positivity won’t translate as well into successful work and productivity.


Friendships will lift you up today as the Moon moves into your 11th house. You will receive a lot of good fortune from allies, peers, and colleagues. The more expressive and vocal you can be with people who are close to you, the more support you will receive in turn.

While here, the Moon trines Mercury and the Sun in your 3rd house. This is a good day for involvement with local community and spending more time out on the town, running errands, etc. Sibling and neighbor relationships are also strengthened today.


Career will become a strong priority for you today as the Moon moves into your 10th house. You will be pushed to succeed at your job, and feel more inspired to take up space and be a leader with coworkers.

The Moon forms trines to Mercury and the Sun in your 2nd house. This is a good day for managing finances, sorting out the small details of your life, and getting more control over your estate and domain.


The Moon will broaden your horizons today as she enters into Aquarius in your 9th house. New studies, new insights from existing studies, and new perspectives on life will come to you today. You will benefit greatly from meditation and spiritual practice today.

Mercury and the Sun are activated in your 1st. This is an extremely fortunate placement which will create fantastic opportunities for personal growth and self-development. You will learn a lot about yourself. Health and wellness can improve too.


You will feel stuck, bogged down, and frustrated as the Moon moves into your 8th house. Anxieties and fears can arise as well while the mind becomes overactivated in the air sign of Aquarius.

You will find the most success and ease today through solitude and deep spiritual practice while the Moon trines Mercury and the Sun in your 12th. Though the 12th house is never easy, it can bring deep experiences and profound inner transformation when the planets in it are well-placed and receive positive aspects from other planets, as they do now. It may be difficult, but it will bring its rewards.



Romance and relationships will become a priority today as the Moon moves into your 7th house. Partnered people will spend more time with their significant other, and single people will have more opportunities to spend time one-on-one with others.

The Moon activates Mercury and the Sun in your 11th house. This is a good day for cultivating friendships and communities. Conversations with friends will flow very smoothly.


You will be pushed to work and exert effort today as the Moon moves into your 6th house. Your job may be more stressful, and you may find yourself running around a lot today without making much headway.

The Moon forms a trine to Mercury and the Sun in your 10th house today. This is a good day to work on career and devote your mental energy towards career, purpose, and other deep-seated questions.


The Moon has moved into your 5th house of pleasure, leisure, play, and creativity. You will have more opportunities to express yourself and take up space today as the Moon trines your natal Sun placement. This is a good day for writing and journaling, and artists will hear the Muses speaking to them much more loudly today.

The Moon trines Mercury and the Sun in your 9th house. You get to experience a grand air trine between your own Sun in Libra and the planets currently in Gemini and Aquarius. Studies and spiritual practices will take you very far. You can advance your knowledge and learning a lot today.


The Moon has entered into your 4th house of home and family. This will place greater emphasis on your roots, ancestry, and relationships with family members. You will have the opportunity to communicate effectively with people very close to you.

The Moon trines Mercury and the Sun in your 8th house. There may be anxiety and a lot of nervous energy in the background today. The mind may be more drawn towards macabre topics. It is easy to get stuck in loops of thought and rumination.


The Moon has moved into your 3rd house, bringing your attention to local communities, neighbors, and anyone else in your immediate vicinity. You will benefit greatly from any time spent around town and visiting your favorite local haunts.

The Moon activated Mercury and the Sun in your 7th house of one-on-one relationships. Conversation and interactions with spouses and partners will be much smoother. This is a good day for romance.


Resources and financial management are going to be prioritized for you today as the Moon has moved into your second house. This can take the form of managing taxes, balancing checkbooks, or even just investing yourself more in your day job. You have the opportunity to do a lot of adulting and get very grounded today.

Mercury and the Sun in your 6th house are trined by the Moon. This indicates a lot of hard work and intense effort in your work today, but the positive nature of the planets and the aspect indicate a lot of success from the world involved.


Luck and good fortune will abound today as the Moon has moved into your 1st house.  This is a great day for self-care and self-development. Acting and making decisions will be easier today than it has in the recent past with Saturn conjoined your natal Sun.

Mercury and the Sun are activated in your 5th house of personal projects and creative pursuits. This is a great day to work on personal projects and devote more time to your own interests.


The Moon has moved into your 12th house, so solitude and quietude will be offered to you today. This is a good opportunity to get away and give yourself lots of alone time. Dedicated work in the material world tends to backfire with this alignment.

While here, the Moon is activating the Sun and Mercury in your 4th house. You will find a lot of success with actions at home and with people at home. Conversation with others who are close to you will flow very smoothly. S

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As an academic and a scholar, he utilizes intellectual rigor to restore the worldview and astrological prowess of the ancient world and apply it to the modern day. As a spiritual practitioner and dedicated hermeticist, Matthew uses these techniques to guide his clients on their paths towards wholeness and spiritual flourishing.

Matthew runs the blog where he provides astrological predictions, as well as articles and webinars on astrology, philosophy, spiritual practice, and more. Matthew also offers natal, horary, and electional readings to his students and clients.

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