Daily Prediction for May 22 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

Today the Moon enters into the sign of Pisces, the intuitive, empathic home of the benefic planet Jupiter. As a water sign, Pisces brings our focus onto the emotional realm and inner contemplative states. People’s personal experiences and perceptions become more important. Greater emphasis is place on emotional processes and inward journeys.

The Moon squares the Sun today in Gemini. This creates tension between our own agendas and desires and what the world around us will support. Obstacles and hurdles to achieving our desires are common.


The Moon moves through your 12th house today. This lunar placement can stir up old wounds and stuck emotions. It can compel engagement in an emotional process that your Aries self may not otherwise undertake.

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The Moon squares the Sun in your 3rd house. Local community and personal networks will be a source of stress today. This is not the best day for running errands or going out on the town.


As the Moon enters your 11th house, you will find greater support with friendships and coworking relationships. Spend time in community today, as you will receive a lot of good fortune from these people in your life.

While the Moon squares the Sun in your 2nd house, you may experience some temporary turbulence and stress related to your financial situation today.


The Moon moves into your 10th house today, so career will come into the foregrounded in your mind. This is a good day for working and dedicating yourself to building your career and aligning  more deeply with your purpose.

The Moon squares the Sun in your 1st. You may go through a recalibration or reorientation about your self-identity. Who you are – and how you view yourself – will evolve today.


You will prioritize your own intellectual pursuits and spiritual practices today as the Moon moves into your 9th house. This is a good day for learning and deepening your understanding of important topics and fields of study in your life.

The Moon squares the Sun in Gemini in your 12th house. You may experience some chaos and instability today. It’s common to spend more time in solitude with this alignment.


As the Moon moves through your 8th house, the Piscean Moon will trigger feelings of anxiety and fear. Feelings of stuckness and being in the doldrums are also common. However, the water-sign nature of the Moon in your 8th house also affords more opportunities for spiritual experiences and occult insights.

The Moon squares the Sun in your 11th house. Friendships may be disagreeable today – this is not the best day for socialization.


Relationships will become important for you today with the Moon in your 7th house. This is a good time to prioritize meeting with people one-on-one, and a good day for romantic pursuits as well.

While the Moon squares the Sun in your 10th house, career-related issues may be more stressful today. Nothing to seriously worry about – just a bit more work than expected.


The Moon has entered into your 6th house – this day work prioritize work and labor. You will be given more responsibility and have more tasks to fulfill at work. After this lunar ingression, your 6th house will cease to be active for a little while, and you will have more time for rest.

The Moon squares the Sun in your 9th house. Roadblocks and obstacles to studies and journeys are common. The learning process will be more challenging and frustrating today.


Creative pursuits are greatly supported as the Moon moves into your 5th house. Artists and musicians who are Scorpios will find great insight and wisdom coming to them through the watery, intuitive realms of Pisces, but any Scorpio will find great good fortune by doing something creative today.

The Moon squares the Sun in your 8th. You may feel stuck and blocked at certain points today, but this will ultimately inform your creative process – regardless of what you’re working on.


The Moon is lighting up your 4th house of home and family. Home and family life will become more of a priority today. Emotional relating with people you live with and family members will be much more productive today.

While the Moon squares the Sun in your 7th house, you may have some bumpiness and small squabbles with romantic partners and one-on-one relationships.


You can depend more on your local community and social circles today as the Moon moves into your 3rd house. Any time spent around town, engaged with neighbors, and investing locally will be well-spent.

The Moon squares the Sun in your 6th house. You will have more work and responsibilities on your plate today.


Resources are supported for Aquarius today as the Moon moves through your 2nd  house. You can make money, be successful, and gain more control over your resources today.

The Moon squares the Sun in your 5th house. Blockages to creativity and the creativity process are common. This is not a good day for brainstorming and non-linear kinds of work.


As the Moon moves into Pisces, it’s your turn to experience the good fortune that comes from a 1st-house Moon. This is an excellent day to work on yourself, invest time in personal projects, and engage with the people in your life who are truly meaningful.

The Sun in your 4th is squared by the Moon. Stressful situations at home, as well as disagreements with people you live with, are quite common and will blow over as soon as they began.

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