Daily Prediction for May 24 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

Today the Moon finishes up her journey in Pisces and conjoins Mars. This can create a lot of volatility, turbulence, and stress. Arguments are more common, and people are more likely to get frustrated. Naturally, the watery nature of this conjunction indicates that the arguments and frustration will more likely be emotional and interpersonal.

Later in the day, The Moon will leave Pisces and immediately conjoin Jupiter in Aries, which is a much more positive placement. This Moon-Jupiter conjunction brings growth, insight, and inspiration. New motivation, drive, and renewed vigor for work and transformation is common with the Aries placement. Financial success is common with this alignment.


Conjoining Mars in your 12th house today, the Moon will cause a volatility and a lot of intensity. Events can transpire to make you feel isolated and upset.

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Then the Moon conjoins Jupiter in your 1st house – a paradigmatically different configuration – new insight and realization will emerge from the chaos. Clarity will come to you about yourself, your personality, and what makes you are quite common.


The Moon-Mars conjunction highlights your 11th house – friendships may be stressful and tense today. Arguments and disagreements are common – it is difficult to resolve any of these issues today, so just let them blow over naturally.

Conjoined Jupiter in your 12th house, you will receive a lot of insight and spiritual growth through any time that you spend on your own today. Extended solitary retreats will yield a lot of new growth and awareness.


The Moon is coming into conjunction with Mars in your 10th house. Career and work-related issues will be stressful. Arguments and fast-paced dynamics at work and with people at work are quite common.

When the Moon conjoins Jupiter in your 11th house, you will begin to see positive developments with friends. New relationships may form, and old relationships will deepen.


Your intellectual pursuits, personal studies, and spiritual practices today will cause frustration and agitation today as the Moon-Mars conjunction lights up your 9th house. You’re on the painful side of the pleasure-pain cycle of learning today, but your frustrations today will transform into new growth in the future.

Conjoined Jupiter in your 10th house, career will be very supported today. You will find a lot of success spending time with your work. Your sense of purpose and mission in life with gain new insight and clarity.


The Moon is aligning with Mars in your 8th house – emotions are high and mood swings are likely. This is a very volatile alignment, and you will be best served spending ample time working through your emotional process today.

When the Moon moves into your 9th house and conjoins Jupiter, this frustration will be replaced with clarity and insight. New growth with come into your studies and spiritual practices You may receive good insights from teachers and guides.


Relationships will experience a lot of turbulence and upset today with the Moon conjoining Mars in your 7th house. Disagreements and fights are common – don’t even engage with them too much.

The Moon and Jupiter are conjoining in your 8th house after this. This will provide extremely positive insights and true gems for your personal alchemical process, but the 8th is still the 8th. It’s not easy, but the insight you get from this will be well worth it.


The Moon is aligned with Mars in your 6th house. A lot of work and expenditure of effort is expected of you today. After this, Mars and the Moon will move out of your 6th, and the 6th-house lessons in your life will subside for a time. Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more!


Lighting up your 5th house of creativity, this Moon-Mars conjunction will create frustration and aggravation to personal projects and creative pursuits. Artists and craftspeople will be frustrated with their work.

When the Moon moves into your 6th house and conjoins Jupiter, questions of work, duty, and responsibility will become prioritized. You will see a lot of rewards for effort and energy spend at work. Financial developments are common.


The Moon and Mars conjunction activates your 4th house of home and family today. Arguments and disagreements with family members come frequently with this kind of alignment. Emotional outbursts and frustration is to be expected.

When the Moon moves into your 5th house and conjoins Jupiter, you will find sudden developments with your creative process and personal passion projects. Sagittarians who are artists will find the muses speaking to them quite loudly. The 5th house Jupiter helps to get financial compensation for things you make.


Local community will become a place of tension and frustration as the Moon-Mars conjunction aligns in your 3rd house. Squabbles and quarrels with neighbors and siblings are normal, but they are generally very small and petty and don’t last very long.

As the Moon conjoins Jupiter in your 4th house, you will see positive developments and growth with your home and living situation, as well as your relationship with family and family members.


Resources and financial management will become the arena for stress today as the Moon forms a conjunction with Jupiter in your 2nd house. Sudden, temporary wildness and agitation with money-matters is common.

While the Moon conjoins Jupiter in your 3rd house, community and local relationships with people around you will help you, support you, and lift you up.  Financial developments and potential business opportunities can arise through networking with others.


The Moon-Mars conjunction is activating your 1st house. Self-directed frustration and irritation are quite common, in addition to a general dissatisfaction with where you are in life. This alignment can compel people to do impulsive and brash things. A desire to change yourself is good, but it doesn’t need to be fueled by self-directed anger and shame.

The Moon will also conjoin Jupiter in your 2nd house. This alignment is much more positive. This can set the state for very positive financial developments. In fact, financial growth is guaranteed for you through the next year with the lord of wealth in your 2nd house of resources. IF it doesn’t happen today, things will happen that set the stage for growth later.

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