Daily Prediction for May 28 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

The Moon continues through Taurus, where she will continue to provide us with a solid, stable, reliable atmosphere. People will feel more grounded and steadier. People become more industrious and more inclined to work and create concrete changes in their life.

Once again, the moon forms no major aspects today. However, the Mars-Jupiter conjunction is almost exact today. Together, Mars and Jupiter bring implementation and enactment of personal goals and desires. Mars brings action and drive to Jupiter’s lofty spiritual ideals. Mars cuts through and discards habits, behaviors, and even people in your life that are not in alignment with Jupiter’s desires for you. This configuration was associated with leaders who command great authority and make great change and warrior monks who channel their spiritual enlightenment to serve and protect others.

This is a rare alignment that only happens approximately every two and a half years, so I will take some time to write about how this will manifest itself for each sign. Bear in mind that the same prioritization of different house topics will still apply today, and the Mars-Jupiter conjunction is something that will color several days or even weeks of your life, not just one day.

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The Jupiter-Mars conjunction is occurring in your 1st house of self.  Jupiter has been providing you with insights about your self-identity and connecting you with your highest self. Now Mars will bring you the quick, decisive burst of energy that you need to ground and enact the changes that you desire to make in your life. Your sense of self and self-identity will change, and your behaviors and habits will develop positively with it.


In your 12th house, this Mars- Jupiter conjunction will stir up a lot of uncomfortable feelings and sensations. The impulsive, fiery nature of both these planets in Aries can bring experiences of instability and chaos. This is your crucible – old modes of being will be cleansed and purified by this fire, and after the storm blows over you will have fertile ground in which to plant new seeds.


Mars and Jupiter and conjoining each other in your 11th house. Friendships and community relationships have offered you great boons of late, and they will continue to do so while Jupiter remains here. Now Mars will bring new passion and fuel to these relationships. Coworkers will be able to help you significantly with your work, and you will feel lifted up and supported by those around you. You can get a lot done by working alongside important people in your life.


Mars and Jupiter are aligning in your 10th house. This is a very auspicious placement for making leaps and bounds in your career development. Your sense of purpose will clarify and become more specific and fleshed out. You will have the energy that you need to pursue your destiny and make the changes that you want to see regarding purpose.


Mars and Jupiter are coming together in your 9th house of spiritual practice, higher education, and travel. You will see significant and sudden developments with your studies and personal journeys. You will learn a lot, and feel inspired to deepen previous areas of study or take up new ones. This is a great alignment for deep spiritual experiences.


As Mars and Jupiter come together in your 8th house, many stuck emotions and old wounds will be stirred up. This is a fiery calcination for your inner alchemy – as you sit with the intensity, you will have the opportunity to release deep issues that you have been holding onto. After the work is over, a deeper connection to spirit and the other side of the veil can settle into your life.


Mars and Jupiter are aligning to activate your 7th house. If you haven’t yet, you will see a lot of positive, noteworthy developments with one-on-one relationships, partnerships, etc. The romantic life can see significant developments and forward movement. Other people will offer you wisdom, insight, and the power to make concrete change in your world.


The Jupiter-Mars conjunction is occurring in your 6th house of work and labor. You are being taught a lot of lessons about the value of work, discipline, and effort. Though draining, this crucible can significantly increase your capacity for work and for holding high amounts of sensation.  You will be driven to succeed and perform past your limit. You will receive compensation and returns for the work that you do.


In your 5th house, this Mars- Jupiter conjunction brings a lot of fast development to your creative process and any personal projects you are engaged in. You will see major strides and leaps in leaps and bounds with anything that you are personally creatively engaged in over the next few weeks.


Mars and Jupiter and conjoining each other in your 4th house. This alignment will bring rapid developments and growth to your home and living situation. Relationships with family members and people you live with will strengthen and deepen. This is also an indicator of possibly moving and taking up a new, more positive place of residence this year.


Mars and Jupiter are aligning in your 3rd house. You will see very positive changes and growth with your relationships to your local area and local community. Business and financial developments alongside other people in your tribe or circle are also common. Your local networks will be a source of abundance and support.


Mars and Jupiter are aligning in your 2nd house. This configuration points to rapid success and development with your financial situation. Jupiter will be developing and uplifting your finances for the next several months, and Mars will enter in and bring the energy you need to enact those changes. You will cut out old patterns and behaviors that create scarcity and limiting beliefs.

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