Daily Predictions for May 26 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

Today the Moon finishes up her stay in the sign of Aries, continuing to beam down all the explosive cardinal fire that this sign has to offer us. This is another good day for activity, exerting effort and shared experience.

She conjoins Venus in Aries today – this does bring good fortune and support despite Venus’ poor placement here, but a lot of times the blessings are temporary and come with a catch. She also sextiles Saturn – this can bring success through brief difficulty.


The Moon-Venus conjunction happens in your 1st house. You will receive good fortune and insight related to your health and well-being. Grace and unexpected blessings can come your way.

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Saturn is activated by sextile in your 11th house. Friendships will have a small bit of testiness today, but it will ultimately transform into something more positive and worthwhile.


The Moon and Venus conjoin in your 12th house today. New insight and wisdom will come to you from time spent in solitude. Reflection, journaling, and contemplative practices will yield a lot of good fruit.

Saturn in your 10th activated by sextile will create some temporary blocks and confusion to your sense of purpose and mission in life today, but new clarity will be coming to you on the other side.


The Moon and Venus will align in your 11th house today. This is a very strong placement for enjoying yourself with friends and getting a lot out of social events. Given Venus’ detriment here, friends may not always be the best influence today, even if you are enjoying yourself with them.

Saturn in your 9th house activated by sextile will create some confusion and obstructions to your studies, travels, or any other horizon-opening activities you are currently undertaking. The challenges today are growing pains and will ultimately lead to more positive developments in the future.


The Moon-Venus conjunction activates your 10th house today. New insight and good fortune related to career and purpose will be coming your way today. The growth may be quick and sudden, but it can also feel exhausting at times.

Saturn in your 8th activated by sextile can create feelings of fear, anxiety, and ennui. A quietude will overtake you that leads to fruitful emotional processing and healing.


The Moon-Venus conjunction happens in your 9th house today. Your studies and travels will bring your greater clarity and good fortune. You will learn a lot and grow a lot today.

Saturn is activated by sextile in your 7th house. Romantic partners and spouses may feel like a wet blanket or a piece of lead in your life keeping you down today, but their influence will be a grounding force that ultimately supports you a lot.


The Moon-Venus conjunction happens in your 8th house today. Difficult emotions will be stirred up for you to process, and the processing that happens will be very rewarding and deeply progress your inner alchemical journey.

Saturn is activated in your 6th house by sextile. Work may be slow, ponderous, and initially filled with blockages. If you push through, you will find success and good fortune on the other side.


The Moon-Venus conjunction happens in your 7st house. Spouses and partners will be a source of good fortune and spontaneous enjoyment today. This is good day for romance

Saturn is activated by sextile in your 5th house. There will be small blocks to your creative process, personal or work-related projects, or anything creative you are doing. These will resolve themselves today and the outcome will be in your best interest.


The Moon and Venus conjoin in your 6th house today. This indicates that a lot of work and effort will be expected of you today, but the rewards that come out of it will be fantastic.

Saturn is activated in your 4th house of home and family. The sextile indicates that you will experience positive growth with family members and living situation today, but Because Saturn is a malefic planet there will still be some bumpiness that you must work through in order to receive it.


The Moon and Venus will align in your 5th house today. This is a classic alignment for sudden positive developments to your creative process. The muses will speak loudly and passionately. Personal projects and activities just done for fun will be very rewarding.

Saturn in your 3rd house activated by sextile guarantees positive developments with siblings, neighbors, and local community. Your relationships with local people and establishments in your local vicinity will deepen and improve after some initial resistances and blocks are addressed.


The Moon-Venus conjunction activates your 4th house today. This indicates positive changes and good fortune in your home and living situation. Relationships with family members can see positive growth today.

Saturn in your 2nd house indicates positive changes to finances and financial situation today. You will have to work through standard saturnine blockages, obstacles, etc., but ultimately you will get more control over your personal kingdom.


The Moon-Venus conjunction happens in your 3rd house today. This is a good alignment for enjoying yourself with local community and immediate surroundings. Sibling relationships are also supported by this alignment.

Saturn is activated by sextile in your 1st house. Questions and doubts about your self and your purpose in life with surface and ultimately be answered and clarified today. You will leave the day with a deeper, more profound sense of self.


The Moon-Venus conjunction happens in your 2nd house today. This is a good alignment for money and financial acquisitions. Just be sure not to spend it all at once Aries-style!

Saturn in your 12th is activated by sextile. This will create some uncomfortable and difficult experience for you to work through. Solitude and personal crises will ultimately open up new doorways for you.

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