Portal Magic. which Gate would you choose?

Portal Magic. which Gate would you choose?

If gates have always fascinated you then you are probably a witch. As this is a cosmic symbol, most civilizations have the same meaning. Gates stand in the middle of what it known (before the gate) and what is not (after), always enticing us to move past what is certain. Hence, gates are in-between symbols – which as we’ve seen in the School of Witchcraft, are powerful places. That’s not the first time we deal with Portal Magic.

We continuously inform you about magical astrological or numerological portals in our Daily Predictions and of course apart from the School of Witchcraft, we published many articles on this subject. For example we’ve showed you how to open a Moon Portal. But now, let’s our imagination travel a bit more. Clear your head and look at the picture. You are a powerful Witch who can travel through portals. Which one will you choose?

1.Portal of Hope

You’ve been through so much the past years dear. Hence, you would probably describe your reality as not vivid, not inspiring. Something in your heart needs light, needs hope! But first of all you need to let go. The past may have disappointed you but the future is not yet written. Live the present, forgive and let go of unnecessary debris. Time for a glorious future!

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2. Astral Gate

This realm is heavy. There is so much pain in it, so much sorrow. A witch needs to travel the realms to gather knowledge for this life and the others that await. However, you see yourself daydreaming of things you find impossible. Let me tell you a secret. Everything is possible. Even in this Realm! Although travelling through realms will increase your awareness, you don’t really have to! Anything you’ve ever wanted or needed, is here! In you heart. You heart is the great portal between realms! Channel all the power you want!

3. the Many Gates

You feel like you tried so much through the past years and you’ve made very important steps towards your happiness and enlightenment. However, this brought up some fatigue. What you need to understand is that although planning is important, you can’t live for a possible future time. Magic and life is now. In this moment. So stand up and live your day as if all good things have already come!

4. the Portal of Faith

We all believe in something. Even if that’s ourselves. You probably come from a religious family but the symbols you used as a child are probably not the same you use right now. The portal magic of faith teaches you that the divine seed is in you and the temple is your body. You need to acknowledge this truth and move on knowing that you can do anything as long as you believe in yourself!

5. the Gate of Nature

Probably a bit pessimistic inside, you’ve chosen a gate which is not either fancy or the most popular. Nature can provide you with all the resources you’ll ever need. But what you probably need right now is healing and financial support. So go out, find a loving tree and tell it your thoughts! Remember, trees are living portals. They connect us with nature and fairies. Each tree is a temple!

6. the Portal of Twin Flame

You might feel lonely inside. Although you can have tons of friends, or be married or be very popular, deep inside you still look for this spark that can make you heart beat faster. This exceptional portal magic is called LOVE. And love is the most altering feeling of all – pure magic. What you need to do is be truthful to yourself, and call what you need through your heart chakra.

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