Moon Portals, Gates to other Realms

Moon Portals, Gates to other Realms

Dear MRO family, It is with great pleasure that I dedicate this piece of work to all of our wonderful readers. We are going to explore the beautiful realm of the element of Water and its association with the Moon. Let me introduce to the Moon Portals!

Water and Moon Portals

I am going to present the significance of water to our ancestors, its association with the Moon and the Divine Mother and finally we are going to explore on how we can create a moon portal, a useful tool to explore the subconscious, previous and future experiences and a great aid to astral projection.

A short history on Water and the Moon Water was always strongly connected with the Divine Feminine, the Goddess, and one can easily see the significance it bore in ancient cultures as the giver and sustainer of life. We can observe in nature that the tides follow the patterns of the Moon, the menstruation cycle ‘usually’ follows the same pattern. The Moon causes great changes in the body of water which covers today 2/3 of the planet, interestingly more than 70% of our bodies is water and the modern scientific tools can only assist us see the resemblance. It also affects the tides, the movement and the reproduction of all aquatic inhabitants and astrology has identified it as an important influence of our emotions- many people feel the influence of the Moon in their mood during its various phases: eclipses, Solstices and Equinoxes. It is important to understand the connection we bear with this beautiful satellite that has influenced poets and singers, lovers and dreamers alike. 

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Gods, Goddesses and the Moon Portals

Many Lunar Goddesses were associated with the element of water such as Isis, Selene, Yemaya, Danu and it was common practice to honour these Goddesses by leaving offerings at the sea, rivers and lakes. Anyone who has witnessed the energy of a big waterfall or the turbulent sea during a storm can easily recognise the influence that water has in all of us. History is full with beautiful tales about water that ignite our imagination and bring forward our magical aspects. Many myths depict water from various wells and streams as holy, bearing magical properties usually guarded by nymphs and natural spirits. Wells especially were considered the wombs of mother Earth.

A lot of spells include water as one of the vital ingredients, sea foam, rain water, morning dew are only some other forms of H2O which are respected and bring extra power to spells and rituals.  At the same time, I want to remind you that water was also seen as the portal to other worlds. Many cultures such as the Greeks and the Vikings to name a few, believed that Death was a boatman delivering the souls of the departed to the Otherworld. In addition, many cultures believed that water spirits could be dangerous or benevolent, that they bore witness to the creation of the world and they were keepers of secrets holding the keys for passage to other worlds.

From Ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Druids and modern Witches the Moon, the radiant Goddess in the skies, has been loved and inspired us all with its simple yet extraordinary beauty. 

The Moon has fired the imagination and many believe that the Moon has a face, or resembles a hare. Gypsies used to say that journeys at night when the Moon was at its glory were less tiring as you could feel yourself floating. Some also have mentioned that whichever way you see the moon over a body of water the reflection always creates a luminous way over the waters, a magical path for you to reach the Moon. 

It is still during the night that our imagination escapes, we go out and enjoy drinks with our friends, we come in contact with our subconscious through dreams, we can leave our body and astrally project to other planes of existence, we practice magic, sing and dance. Of course there are a lot of people who have completely different schedules from above, but still the night fascinates us and Moon, the radiant ruler of the skies, brings us closer to our dreams. 

I hope that this brief discussion has sparkled your imagination too! And now as the Lady of the Lake of Avalon gave Excalibur to Arthur from the depths of the lake, I want to share with you a useful and creative suggestion on how you can make your own Moon Portal.

Moon Portals, Gates to other Realms

Creating a Moon Portal

Moon portals were used by witches in order to assist with their divination training, for astral projection, for meditation on the Moon and to help them explore their dreams. The concept of the Moon portal can easily be seen in the Rider-Waite tarot card ‘The Moon’. You will only need to use colourful pens and a piece of paper to create your own Moon Portal which can decorate your altar or your wall and put it into practise before you go to bed.

So let’s start! We start from the bottom of the paper where you need to create a body of water, this can be a sea or a lake. Water will be our path and where our journey begins for our souls to fly. Above the water you need to create the Moon which should be at the center of the paper. A full Moon circle is ideal and this is going to be the focal point during your meditation. Once the Moon is placed, create a luminous way from the water to the Moon. Some strokes of white pencil over the blue water is ideal. Finally, you need to create two pillars between the Moon as your entrance. The left pillar represents the subconscious mind and should be dark- preferably black. The right pillar should be white representing the conscious mind.

Moon Portals, Gates to other Realms

How to use the Moon Portal

Moon Portals were traditionally used at night and can be used as an alternative for nights where the Moon cannot be seen. I personally use it every time before I go to bed as it is practical and gives me a good night’s sleep with lots of travels and meaningful dreams. 

I use the following process: I light a candle behind me in a dark room, this allows light to illuminate  the portal but not draw your attention. Then fix your eyes on the Moon disc between the two pillars. Imagine that you are watching the Moon rising next to a sea shore or lake between the two pillars. Relax your breath and set your intention: ‘I want to astrally project this night.’ or ‘Mother Moon send me dreams of my future.’ etc. 

Then, clear your mind and imagine yourself getting drawn to the Moon, a magnetic pull that calls your whole existence like a mother that opens her arms to her child to give them a loving and soul warming hug. Feel the pull, feel the Moon calling you, feel the Moon embracing you with unconditional love, feel you are a family and you are going on a journey.  Now start imagining yourself floating above the waters, on the luminous path that she has created for you, you are drifting closer, every step a blessing, floating, relaxed and happy as if you were going back home.

Let your imagination guide you in this journey, let it express itself without any expectations. When you feel ready blow out the candle and go to bed. If you are intending to astrally project, relax your body and at a deep relaxation mode use the same visualisation to assist you in the process.

I hope you enjoyed our time today  as much as I did 🙂 I wish Mother blesses your path with unconditional love and kindness.  

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