Scorpio Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse May 16th – Surfing the Emotional Tsunami Davina Mackail

Scorpio Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse May 16th – Surfing the Emotional Tsunami Davina Mackail

Each lunar turn of 2022’s Cosmic wheel has felt epically significant in this pivotal year. The Stars continue to bang our psyches against the wall in their immense effort to awaken us with a total lunar eclipse in Scorpio May 15/16th – a game changing event. Visible in Europe beginning at 2.32pmBST and peaking at 5.14amBST on May 16th – early risers may glimpse this mystical blood moon event. Emotionally explosive it heralds a tidal wave of endings and a powerful new start in its wake.  Sudden shifts and transmutations abound. Breathe deep, be in your power and surf the swells.  Resistance is futile.

Blood Moon’s surges of energy

Full moons bring surges of energy as the lunar wave reaches its peak.  Total eclipses provoke cosmic tsunamis.  In water sign Scorpio it is an emotional storm.  Activating our South Node – our collective past and our collective unconscious – it’s a giant letting go. We are purging the murky, mucky energy of our unresolved karmic past. (Did I mention it was big?!). Expect more high-profile disclosures of betrayals, secrets, underhand and even downright criminal behaviours.  Eclipses have a six-month influence – so whatever rocks the boat now will linger. A great deal is being brought to light over the next 6 months as we embrace life changing transformations in power and control structures.  

There is increasing pressure as we move from South node in Scorpio conjunct the moon to the north node in Taurus conjunct the Sun.  Scorpio probes, gets its hands dirty in the darkest most suppressed corners of our psyche.  If we’re to evolve we need to detox the poisons from our lives. In facing the dark, we find the light and inner resource to move on. What are you choosing to ignore? What can you feel pushing your inner urgency? What needs your attention right now?

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Ask yourself!

It could be old psychic/karmic bonds.  Take time. Find a friend or a therapist, get under the bonnet, face those deepest fears.  This is the ONLY way through.  We have collectively created what doesn’t work and we need to collectively uncreate and re-create what does. What no longer serves you at the deepest internal level?  We are in a period of intense emotional clearing.  There are things in our lives that are energetically complete.  We are seeing parts of our former selves and recognising how much we’ve changed and evolved.  Our conditioning can hamper this alignment with our new truths and our mind can confuse us.  Who are you upsetting? Who are you too scared to upset?  Our destination, North Node in Taurus, requires self- sufficiency, simplification, removing distractions and developing our own skill sets in relationship with the Earth.

In tense angle to Saturn the Universe is serious during this eclipse. Old Father Time forces us to grow through the pressure to separate from anything that does not honour our unique path. Honing us into who we were born to be in the alchemical fires of our internal shadowlands.  Where are you feeling controlled and manipulated or where are you practising coercive or abusive behaviours?  What are you done with? What are you calling in?  If not now, when?  There is mastery and empowerment in what we are letting go of. Saturn in Aquarius is helping us re- build life on our terms. Yet we are social beings designed to work with others, so our eternal polarity gets tricksy.  Know that you have the strength to go it alone if required.  Maybe you releasing someone allows the other to move forward in an empowered way. Dig deep and find that NO.  Have the difficult conversations. Make the hard choices and decisions.  Yes, the mind is feeling pressured giving rise to mental fatigue.  Retract your energy, go within, there you’ll find truth.  Don’t compromise or diminish your needs.  Don’t fight yourself – trust your inner tuition.  These eclipses are invoking the different and new.  

trust your inner tuition

Often known as the Flower Moon, due to the bloom of May, nothing can move from conception to bloom without massive internal transformation – rebirth isn’t easy.  This one, in Scorpio, is diving deep to reveal the truth beneath the surface.  Grab your torch and take that trip to your inner basement. It’s time to deal with the skeletons once and for all.  Anything obscuring your potential needs to be weeded out and brought to light.  We have time, Mercury is retrograde until June 3rd slowing us down, allowing for the contemplative pauses required to make conscious choices, especially in the realm of communication.  If we don’t find the courage to release the dead weight the Universe will make the moves for us.  It can be wildly confusing for us humans to truly trust in the cosmic programme.  Welcome the changes in from a place of power.  It’s hard but it works.  Our Soul needs onboarding for this particular evolutionary ride. What supports you now and what needs purging for the path ahead?  Truth, collapse and chaos has to take place in order to birth the new.  

Sabian Symbol for this moon is 26 degrees Scorpio –Indians Making Camp in New Territory – nimble adaptability is a key theme of this degree. Can you pivot direction at a moment’s notice? Time for a new Tribe perhaps? How is your resiliency? The message is be adaptable, connected – be at home everywhere.  Be at peace with life even in the midst of constant change. Be wary of arriving unannounced, overstaying your welcome, compromising or resisting the move you know you need to make. How do we harmonise and find peace in the polarity?

Also known as the Wesak moon it brings the blessings of the Buddha who was born, enlightened, and died under its light.  His teaching is freedom from suffering – this is what we need to wake up to.

There was a changing of the cosmic guard on May 11th as Jupiter moved into Aries for the first time since 2010. At 0 degrees (known as the world axis in a cardinal sign) this is the very beginning of a powerful new cycle.  How things start is generally how they turn out so pay attention to what shows up right now.  Known as ‘the Great Benefic’ Jupiter brings abundance, wisdom and expansion – look back to 2010 to sense the flavour of how this will play out for you personally. In Aries, the initiator and pioneer, it’s about grounding those watery Piscean dreams into 3D reality.  Find the Hero within and boldly step forth. This is a new chapter. Begin something truly in resonance with what you want and who you are. Follow freedom, truth and the future into new adventures.

Stars Align

With Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces, we can be prone to resourcing ourselves through our old addictive patterns rather than our newly empowered health choices.  We want to feel good, dissolve into the abyss. The urge to merge is strong. It’s happening because Venus conjunct Chiron in Aries doesn’t make us feel good.  We are being asked to heal the wounded masculine, the dis-empowered Self.  This is a sacred opportunity to look at how we sabotage ourselves.  To shine the light on the blind spot of our inner victim.  What makes you feel worthy, valuable, powerful? Chiron instigates a healing crisis to put us in touch with the deeper programmes and conditioning that separate us from living a simple, intuitive, connected life.  How disconnected are you? This analysis can invite defensiveness and vulnerability. We can get tired of ourselves, feel bad about ourselves.  The lesson is learning to love ourselves unconditionally, without blame.  Addiction or transcendence? Like everything else it’s a choice.  We are moving beyond 3D, ego-based polarity to our multi-dimensional selves.  Evolving beyond winning or losing.  Being initiated into what our centre truly is, who we are in all our magnificence. Trust and have faith.  Believe in yourself.  

Make mature, grounded choices even if they’re not particularly palatable.  Preservation and hard life pruning will bear long term fruit.  Saturn is checking you’ve done your homework.  If you don’t make the choices Saturn will make them for you. There’s a much bigger picture afoot.  Saturn is dealing with the present moment, but Jupiter and Uranus are already fully focussed on the greater plan.

Passionate, intense and extremely challenging.  Yes, the times are gnarly and even cruel. You know the drill – self-care, self-care, self- care.  Toughen up, we were born for this moment.  Dig deep, uncover that inner Dragon who knows how to dream the new dream.  Because it IS our collective dream and it’s up to each of us to change it. Give yourself what you need but be wary of old addictions. We feel to heal so allow it but don’t fall into blame or victim mentality – so last century.  Falling prey to fear is effectively praying for what you don’t want. This eclipse is purging the last remnants of conditioning that stop us speaking truth and becoming our fully empowered, light-filled selves.  Wishing you infinite full moon love.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Ritual

Davina Mackail

Time to rid our inner garden of weeds and plant new seeds.

Find a stone.  Hold it in your right hand.  We give energies away through the right side (doesn’t matter which hand you write with).  Sit quietly and meditate on your feelings in this moment.  Let any resistance, negativity, anger, guilt, shame…whatever it is, flow out of you into the stone. If you wish you can hold the stone to your mouth and blow all of this into it.  Then walk somewhere (not your normal route that you see every day) find a tree and blow your last doubts and fears into the stone and then bury it in the root of the tree alongside an offering. (a sprinkle of tobacco or other sacred herb or a flower, song or prayer to the tree).  Then walk away without looking back.

When you return home. Set your sacred space in whatever way feels right for you.  Take your journal and begin to write your vision and dream for the future.  What is your heart truly wanting for your life right now?  What is the deepest truth inside you – let it emerge, even if right now it feels impossible.  Honour and acknowledge its potential for existence.

When you feel complete leave your journal ‘cooking’ under your pillow or on your altar during this full moon eclipse period and let your Big dream incubate.

So mote it be……

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