New Moon November 23rd 2022 – Beware Overcommitment!

New Moon in Taurus at 4.53pm BST May 19th – Enjoying the Pause, Preparing for Breakthrough

New Moon November 23rd 2022  BewareOvercommitment! by Davina Mackail: Our New Moon at 1-2 degrees Sagittarius arrives on November 23rd at 10.57pm. Following in the wake of the emotional tsunami that was eclipse season in Scorpio this feels like a breath of fresh air.  Albeit a fiery breath.  With its ruler Jupiter grinding its great gears stationery ready to propel forward on the same day this is an energy of benevolent largesse.  Therein lies the issue – we’ve become used to the rigidity and emotional chaos of recent months.  This sudden shift of gears, whilst delightful on one level, makes us feel overly generous with our time and commitments on others. 

a fiery breath

Seven planets are currently emphasising the malleability of our existence. This cosmic reshuffle provides plenty of movement and little stability. This can feel chaotic to those of us who crave deep roots and strong foundations.  The trick is to anchor deep into your own core. This allows you the inner spaciousness to dance with change without getting bent out of shape.  Remember we are co-creators.  We spell life into being with every thought and word.  This new moon, ruled by our wisdom touting centaur, provides an opportunity to fully step into this empowered sense of co-creation.

Proceed mindfully. We’re still steeped in the cosmic womb of transformation, being buffeted by the shock waves of the eclipses. This will continue as their full import plays out over the next 6 months. But for the next week or so our centaurmanages to delight our imaginations with a cosmic mini-break.   We will feel our enthusiasm return, our joy de vie.  Impossible becomes I’m possible.  Dance with this lightness of being.

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New Moon November 23rd 2022

This is the first of 5 consecutive new moons all in the first degree. The first decan heralds something new.  This is a turning point.  A pivot. The recent eclipses shifted the Teutonic plates of our psyche. Now we’re in the process of integrating and choosing. What goes? What wants to evolve?

The Sabian symbol for this moon at 1-2 degrees Sagittarius is “the ocean covered with whitecaps”.  It’s referring to the tendency for us to react to the surface drama or watch in horror as others get whipped into a frenzy over nothing in particular. It is a flighty, nervous ‘tired and wired’ kind of energy that seeks an outlet. What is required is to dive deep beneath the surface where life is calmer, more stable with less drama queens. In these deep waters we can find a more reasoned response.

As with all new moons the Sun and Moon are conjunct.  Here they are together in Sagittarius with Jupiter, ruler of this signtrine to both.  Our cosmic Archer is an optimist at heart.  He believes in a better tomorrow.  He loves to wander the galactic highways seeking adventure and wisdom.  With benevolent ruler, Jupiter lighting up this moon expect the sudden urge to travel and explore wider horizons.  It could be catching a plane or train or it could be a travelling of the mind – new ideas, courses, training, workshops etc.

This moon brings a restlessness with it.

Sagittarius also symbolises the truth of the law so expect exactly that – legal challenges on the statutes themselves.  This moon brings a restlessness with it.  It’s an upwards and outwards energy. We are unlimited potential.  Think BIG.  Be creative.  As Einstein said we can’t solve our problems with the thinking we used to create them – governments take note! This is a cosmic opportunity to get curious about what would solve our issues. 

This moon brings us mutable fire. The fire element signifies Spirit, an empowered state of being.  The Archer is also the story teller – are your stories past their sell by date or do they still have long legs? We often define ourselves by reference to our past – who we were, what we once did.  The archetype of the Devil in the tarot sums this up beautifully.  The Devil represents the ‘chains that bind’ yet if we look at the word it is ‘Lived’ backwards i.e., our chains are formed by the gestalts we create from how we have lived. This new moon invites us to define ourselves by deciding on who our future self will be. Cosmic intelligence wants us to fast forward, enlarge ourpossibilities and expand our potential to reach the energy of our higher self.  True wisdom lies here.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune can blur the boundaries of truth. With an overload of information on the 3D continuing the only truth barometer we can trust is the knowing of our own hearts.  On the upside this love-in can open the Spiritual floodgates to our unbounded, limitless nature. Jupiter can also take us to extremes – be wary.  Walk the middle path to maintain equilibrium and balance.

Be mindful of expectations

We will need humour and honesty.  Whilst new seeds and new beginnings are sprouting in our fields of dreams, we can be frustrated by the details caused by grumpy Mars retrograde in Gemini.  Be mindful of expectations and the energy of disappointment. Luckily Sagittarius season makes us superadaptable – radical acceptance of the Now will be key.  Then we will be open to the higher perspectives supporting new understandings and breakthroughs.

Jupiter is stationing direct in the final degrees of Pisces right at the end of the zodiac wheel.  It’s comfortable here.  It’s a place of deep wisdom learned through experience. For us here on Earth it bestows a strong sense of being powerfully protected from a spiritual perspective. Watch those Spidey senses and the messages you are being gifted currently.  Enjoy the sense of lightness and hope emerging.

Saturn insists!

As ever Saturn is keeping his watchful eye on events as the new moon moves through the month.  Whereas Sagittarius can have a tendency to be all talk and no walk.  Saturn will insist on discarding the flaky pipe dreams.  Be mindful of the victim energy on the 3D that makes us want to give up. The real lesson is learning to change track and tune into higher help.

We need to allow ourselves to be vulnerable in order to fully embrace the new.  Our terror of failure can keep us stuck in the old, way past its sell by date.  But failure is the golden thread that leads to our eventual success.  The shadow of the Archer can be opinionated, righteous and judgmental.  When we raise our frequency, we remember we know nothing. There is always the excitement of learning something new, a new perspective just over the horizon.

Yes, our Centaur can exaggerate, and over commit.  But we need his enthusiasm.  The meaning of which is to be “inspired by God’s essence”.  Let the spirit of adventure, the Mystery, the wildness of your soul dance in delight.  This is the beginning of something. Trust the hero’s call to a new quest, a new vision. Adventure into the unknown, explore new horizons. Stay open to the currents of freshness streaming in.  No judgment, no expectation, simply dance in the tides of change.  Wishing you all infinite new moon love.

New Moon Ritual

by Davina Mackail

We have a fiery, adventurous new moon in Sagittarius perfect for a candle ritual.

New moons are all about powering up our intentions or setting new ones if we need extra inspirational oomph to carry us through to the full moon.

  • Choose a candle colour that supports grounded intention and fire energy e.g., yellow, orange or red.

Set your sacred space in whatever way feels aligned and good for you.  Spend some time in meditation and dreaming into your intention right now i.e. if you could manifest anything in the next two weeks what would it be?  Spend time feeling into the energy of the completed intention.  The joy, aliveness and excitement of having manifested your desire in 3D reality.

Write the intention in your journal.  Then keeping in the feeling of having already manifested the intent light your candle and spend time breathing with the light and fire of this energy giving thanks for your intent already being so.

For the next two weeks, until the full moon, light your candle every day and spend a few minutes feeling those same feelings of joy and excitement that your intent has manifested.

Also notice if any blocks or resistance arises e.g. ”this will never work”; “I don’t deserve this” etc 

If the full moon arrives and your intent remains unmanifest write those blocks on a piece of paper and burn them with the last remains of the candle. 

Start the process again with a new candle on the next new moon knowing you are several steps closer to manifesting those desires.

Always end your ritual by giving thanks to all those unseen beings who have supported you known and unknown and trusting that you are always divinely supported.

So mote it be….

- - -