2023 Astrological Predictions for all Zodiac Signs

2023 Astrological Predictions for all Zodiac Signs

2023 Astrological Predictions for all Zodiac Signs: This is it. 2022 ends. A New Year begins. Hope resisted! The Grand Conjunction on the night of the 2020’s Winter Solstice gave birth to a new reality, one that will grow to live in the years to come. If you think about it, we still live the situations that were created few years earlier. However, in the past year, we saw a war threatening Europe’s moral and land integrity.

Remember what we said in Astrological Predictions for 2022 ?

“…Jupiter, now in Pisces, will give a golden opportunity in the World to show compassion and help to all who suffer…”


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“Due to my personal estimation something, or someone very important was born in the Solstice of 2020. Hence, the Era of Aquarius officially begins. EVERYTHING changes.”

So here they are, 2023 predictions for All Zodiac Signs. What changes?

The Era Of Aquarius is truly here! 

And we meant it. In the last year Jupiter in Pisces brought a chance to re-connect with the world’s most important qualities. Compassion and cosmic awareness. Later, Jupiter in Aries made us all realize the pain that war and global conflict can bring. But unfortunately, things are not over yet. Jupiter will insist giving us war lessons till May 2023 when he will enter Taurus, bringing hope for abundance and stability.

2023 Astrological Predictions for all Zodiac Signs

Moreover, a global shift will occur as the Nodal Axis will shift to Aries/Libra, bringing forth challenges regarding peace and war. But this doesn’t necessarily mean more wars. It may actually mean diminishing old ones – but definitely not in an easy way. Finally, Saturn in Pisces will tear our dreams for global peace and prosperity apart, only to realize the hard truth, that we are responsible for this Earth. Also a good thing in my estimation. At least now – free from illusions – we can act towards creating a better world.

So where do we go next? But let’s take things from the beginning.

What Changes, what remains the same:

Saturn Lord of Karma & Planet of Witches:

Saturn is still in a sign of his dominion, Aquarius. From this place, Saturn taught us the power of staying together, staying connected. The Global consciousness played a very important role regarding both the pandemic and the new war. But on March 7 2023, Saturn leaves Aquarius, entering a sign he doesn’t feel very comfortable in. This is the dreamy Pisces.

Is this shift lucky for the World?

Definitely no. But let me be clear. Saturn is not bad. We are just wounded. Emotionally, ethically and probably physically wounded too. So, until February 13, 2026 we will try to cope with old and new wounds – hence conjure deep healing. He is named as the “Planet of Witches” because a Witch usually undergoes severe inner changes in order to bring forth change of reality. This requires patience. Hence, Saturn teaches universal secrets, but demands you to stay strong and patient. That’s what he will do to this world.

Jupiter, the Good Teacher and bringer of Opportunities:

Jupiter, on the other hand, has just passed into Aries (December 2022) but he won’t stay there for the whole year. Actually, he will enter Taurus on May 16, 2023, and stay there until May 25, 2024 . So in the first part – until May – Jupiter will give us the chance to focus on and deal with conflicts because things can easily get out of control. In the second part, after May 2023, Jupiter will show us the way to establish a new state of abundance.

Axis of Change:

Axis of Lunar Nodes changes! Since December 23 2021, when the Lunar Nodes entered Taurus’ and Scorpio’s axis until July 17 2023, it will bring questions on how sufficient our natural resources are and how important it is to be independent from those who need to control us. Everything has changed. Gas price was elevated, supermarket prices followed a race – bringing forth shortage of income. This outbursts of energy in this part will reach a peak from May to July 2023 – when  Jupiter will enter Taurus. After that and until January 11, 2025, the Nodal Axis will shift to Aries / Libra. From this point, Global challenges of Peace and War will rise. We need to stay calm and promote peace firstly inside and then pass the good vibes anywhere around us. Remember, we can shift reality!

Star Points

The Pentagram has always been a symbol of Aphrodite. As a symbol of  Perfect balance and beauty. Why? Because, Venus forms her famous star points. This happens when the Sun and Venus align in the sky and form a five pointed star, the Pentagram. These are extremely magical days. Mark the date: August 13, 2023,

Pluto in Capricorn – briefly in Aquarius.

The planet that embodies secretive powers, abundance and magic, Pluto – the ancient Greek and Roman lord of the Underworld, will briefly enter Aquarius from March 23, 2023 until to June 11, 2023. This will be an interesting experience and this new placement will deepen the Era of Aquarius. After that, Pluto will rejoin – and stay in Aquarius in January 21, 2024.

Mercury Retrograde

  • Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn (December 29, 2022-January 18, 2023). Pre-shadow: December 13-December 29. Post-shadow: January 18-February 8.
  • Mercury Retrograde in Taurus (April 21-May 14). Pre-shadow: April 7-21. Post-shadow: May 14-June 1.
  • Mercury Retrograde in Virgo (August 23-September 15). Pre-shadow: August 4-23. Post-shadow: September 15-30
  • Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius (December 13-January 1, 2024). Pre-shadow: November 25-December 13. Post-shadow: January 1-January 15.

2023 Predictions for Aries:

My dear initiator of the Zodiac sign, this is also a promising year for you! You’ve come a long way and yes 2022 was not perfect, but it certainly gave you a taste of how things can become in a blink of an eye! But let’s take things from the beginning. The FIRST HALF of the New Year is – by far – the most promising one. So, you don’t have to wait to chase your dreams as Jupiter in your fiery heart will help you by giving you opportunities for expansion and evolution. Travelling abroad as well as all kinds of opportunities with people abroad like relationships or new type of income are also favoured! So until the end of May, Jupiter will bring you hope and optimism. Of course, we should not expect miracles everyday, but it’s definitely not a year to hold back. Instead, work harder and faster to absorb all this energy!

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Moreover, things will take an interesting shift in the second half of the year, when the energy of Cosmos – the Nadal Axis – will be shifted towards you! This means that you should expect important changes in all parts of your life – especially around the ECLIPSES! Therefore, you have 6 months to prepare for an enormous energy shift in your life and of course use this energy to change whatever you need to change!

  • Cheat-sheet Advice for 2023: ALL kinds of opportunities, travelling abroad. Abundance the second half of the year.
  • 2023 Blessing: once in a lifetime opportunities.
  • 2023 Challenge: to keep up with opportunities and, in the second half of the year, to stay grounded to manage the excessive energy!

2023 Predictions for Taurus:

Many people don’t like changes. But you certainly despise them. Therefore, this is a very interesting period of your life as the Planet of changes, Uranus is here, in the heart of your Zodiac Sign. Moreover, with the Nadal Axis in your Zodiac sign, this brought unimaginable amounts of energy in all your chakras. Most of you discovered secrets about yourself that changed the way you feel or think. Talents also bloomed because the energy was so intense that warmed the seeds of of your physical, financial and spiritual evolution. Nothing is the same. I know you don’t like changes, and although there are more changes to come, there is also good magic approaching your way!

Your Personal Tarot Card for 2023 based on your Birthday!

For the first half of 2023, especially unttil the end of May, you will have an amazing opportunity to bring forth emotional and psychic healing. Truth is that all these changes brought up wounds and scars of the past or created some more!  This actually is essential in order to unblock your chakras. So please do it. Why? Because by the end of May an amazing source of power will enter your Zodiac Sign. This is Jupiter, the bringer of opportunities and the grand master of cosmic rules. This means that all that is exciting – along with good luck – will come towards you. The only question is if you are ready to take all these amazing opportunities!

  • Cheat-Sheet Advice for 2023: First half is about healing, second half is about shining from success!
  • 2023 Blessing: take your life one step further!
  • 2023 Challenge: getting yourself ready requires persistence and thorough cleansing!

2023 Predictions for Gemini:

You are under enormous stress from the end of 2022 and, unfortunately, stress is going to be one key-factor for the new year. This means that you definitely need to cleanse your chakras in a daily bases, as the stress is going to be reduced, but in spring grow again from a different perspective. Actually, if your chakras are ready, this stress can also be considered as tremendous willpower which can change your life forever. This is what this year is all about. Power from the inside. And, trust me, 2023 is not all about stress. It’s about possibilities.

Until May 2023, you will have the opportunity to expand your social circles and try to find way to benefit your romantic life, your finances and your career through peculiar ways – always related to friendly people. This is an important opportunity for you. But the most important news comes for you in the second half of 2023. This is the time when Jupiter comes in your 12th house to heal and bring good luck where is not easily observed. But trust me, it’s very very important! So yes, this year starts with more stress, and yes it gets better.

Always be more careful during Mercury Retrograde (See above the Dates).

  • Cheat-Sheet Advice for 2023: not a easy year but full of possibilities.
  • 2023 Blessing: bring forth healing and set a new basis for your destiny.
  • 2023 Challenge: manage quarrels.

2023 Predictions for Cancer:

Yeah it’s been a mess the last years. You’ve been under stressful times and it feels like you died several times. But you made it through. This is a new year and things are gradually getting better. For starters, in Spring you will realize how much you’ve been through, but also how much strength is in you. This is the power you need to focus on. Why? Because this enormous power, Saturn gave you, has flourished so many talents of yours. Yes, it was not that easy. This stress will last till spring. After then, the Lord of Karma will visit your 9th house, shedding light on your long-term goals and how will you achieve them. You may find yourself put extra effort in education, travelling abroad and having more things to do overseas.

The main important news though comes from Jupiter, the planet of opportunities. Until May 2023, Jupiter will give you the strength you need to build a new and stronger career path. Opportunities rise out of nowhere and, more importantly, what you have in mind seems to manifest rather quickly. From June 2023, things regarding your social status, success and your friends will receive a huge boost. Yes, that’s how important this shift is. Therefore, please make sure you make peace with past quarrels. This is the key to unlock amazing possibilities. This is a very important year for you, my dear. Ready to fly?

  • Cheat-Sheet Advice for 2023: a dark era of your life ends and hope prevails
  • 2023 Blessing: good news regarding your professional life
  • 2023 Challenge: find a way to cleanse your energy debris

2023 Predictions for Leo:

The power of the Stars have played with you and your boundaries the past two years, stressing you through relationships and many other issues regarding for example legal matters.  In a few months, in Spring, everything is going to change. Why? Because the planet that has been stressing you all this time is going to move to your 8th house, affecting your finances and making you go through a phase of rebirth. From Spring, things and troubles regarding your relationships fade away. Did you get married? Or maybe you gave birth to a child, or a very important collaboration? Well, Saturn always rewards at the end!

But this year is not just about stress. You have a very lucky omen – since the Winter Solstice of 2022 Jupiter has visited a very lucky corner of your horoscope activating opportunities of evolution in almost ALL parts of you life. Therefore, until the end of May, the good vibes are going to give you the chance to fulfil your dreams and aim much higher than usual. Thankfully, the good vibes do not end there but there are still helping your career till the end of the year. A big change in your professional life might be on its way.

  • Cheat-Sheet Advice for 2023: time to heal your relationships.
  • 2023 Blessing: you evolve in many ways. Travelling abroad favours you.
  • 2023 Challenge: you attract new, strange situations.

2022 Predictions for Virgo:

The last months of 2022 were not very easy on you, and the stress will go on until the beginning of Spring. Your career made you take more responsibilities, and your professional life was excruciatingly demanding and asking from you more and more. Thankfully, this part ends soon. However, there is a lot going on in your relationships, where you will find yourself caught up in absurd situations and misunderstandings. From Spring 2023 and for at least two years, the part of your life that has to do with your most important relationships (marriage and collaborations included) is under hard scrutiny. What was lost now needs to be found, in order to go on smoothly. But you might need to sacrifice something. Your time? Energy?

The Good news this year begin with your finances. In this part of your life you are going to receive a boost, a healthy improvement in that part of your life. Debts are being paid, and, probably, a new source of income will help you set your life in an easier basis. Therefore, please note that you have a good opportunity since the end of May to heal your pocket and its demands. From May 2023, Jupiter is going to change much more about the way you see your life. The energy of the great Benefactor will give you good vibes in travels abroad, business with foreigners, education and your personal evolution. Happiness and optimism returns!

  • Cheat-Sheet Advice for 2023: A new era with important changes in relationships.
  • 2023 Blessing: Financial and personal evolution.
  • 2023 Challenge: Relationship troubles and increased responsibilities.

2023 Predictions for Libra:

The last years, the part of your life that can bring happiness and satisfaction has been pressured by the Lord of Karma. Probably energy misuse in this part of your life brought up issues which needed healing. Anything that can be considered as a source of happiness (traditionally – children are also included) has troubled your mind. Unfortunately, this is going to affect you till Spring. From then and for two more years, your everyday life will be the focus of your attention. You are probably going to take more responsibilities, demand more time for your personal well-being – and health – and, of course, your career may need more of your energy. But this can actually mean you’ll be more needed – and even promoted! Saturn awards the hard workers!

Thankfully, Jupiter from the part of your most important relationships will guide you to find ways to unwind and, maybe, direct you to make the right moves and find your career or romantic soul-mates you’ve been looking for. Until the end of May, Jupiter will give you the Good Luck you need to move forward and attract people around you that can help you unlock your potential. Actually, from the end of May, you will have the chance to find the best possible way to enhance your income or, maybe, find alternative sources – which include other people and not just you. There are many opportunities till the end of the year – as well as the chance to feel reborn emotionally and financially.

  • Cheat-Sheet Advice for 2023: a new chapter in your life begins. Also, new collaborations, healing in relationships.
  • 2023 Blessing: Happiness returns in your life.
  • 2023 Challenge: Energy debris can still affect you.

2023 Predictions for Scorpio:

The axis of power that changed the last year – along with Uranus right across your zodiac sign – including Saturn hitting you, created a very dangerous and sometimes toxic mix affecting your emotions and your well-being. I’ve got good news. Axis of power and Saturn change positions. Hence, stress is going to be reduced rapidly from Spring in many ways. Unfortunately, it is not going to fade away totally, as Uranus, the planet of Changes is challenging your most important relationships and the way you interact in your collaborations and marriage. But it’s definitely gonna get better. Actually, Saturn will start affecting what gives you joy and satisfaction. Where is the source of your power?

Your everyday life, your health and your career receive lucky influences from the last days of 2022 and until the end of May. Therefore, you’ve got very good chances to improve your position in your professional life the next 5 months. It’s very important to do so. The more you keep you eyes open the more you are going to realize the next weeks how right I am. If you are single, you can meet interesting people in your working environment and, of course, create something stable there. Actually, from the end of May you will have the chance to bless your most important relationships with very good luck. New Collaborations? A marriage? Anything goes. Even if you read these lines right now and you are single, with so much going on in your 7th solar house, you will be surprised by what you will encounter the second half 0f 2023.

  • Cheat-Sheet Advice for 2023: less troubles than the last year. New possibilities for evolution.
  • 2023 Blessing: Opportunities knock your door. Good luck!
  • 2023 Challenge: find ways to renew your vital energy!

2023 Predictions for Sagittarius:

The power of the Stars has been stressing you a lot the past months. Unfortunately, this stress will continue for a couple of months, till Spring, affecting your most important relationships. If you are married, be very careful in the first 3 months of 2023, as the stress there is going to affect your judgement. Actually, things will gradually get better but still, attention is needed. From Spring, Saturn, the Lord of Karma will affect your finances and your in-house activities. Therefore, more responsibilities are going to be part of your daily schedule.

Good news come from your Governor. Jupiter, the great benefactor, is in a very lucky place since the last days of 2022 and is going to stay there till May. Therefore, everything that can bring joy and satisfaction in your life will be enhanced, giving you the opportunity to unwind, have fun and create the most out of difficult and stressful situations. Attracting new interesting people is also part of the daily schedule till May. Are you single? Here is your chance. Actually, things will still be lucky after May, when your governor will shed light in your everyday routine, your health and your career. Then, it will be the time to keep up with your yoga schedule and enhance your total well-being.

  • Cheat-Sheet Advice for 2023: pressure persists but blessings and joy come towards you.
  • 2023 Blessing: have much more fun.
  • 2023 Challenge: financial issues, stress at home.

2023 Predictions for Capricorn:

The new year is changing so much, so rapidly. For starters, your mighty governor, will still stress the part of your life regarding your finances till Spring. This is the beginning of a new era in your pocket, as Jupiter, at the same time, will bring more opportunities to enhance your income and investments. However, the beginning of the new year still needs much attention. Please make sure you keep low and scrutinize all possibilities, because there are obvious and not-so-obvious dangers lurking. But I’m pretty sure you’re gonna get through it. From Spring, your governor will shed light in friend-zone. Who belongs there? This is a question to be answered then. Also, are your siblings demand too much? Or maybe you neglected them?

The truth is that Jupiter, the great benefactor will keep blessing your home and your in-house activities along with your finances till May. Therefore, this is a very good chance to increase your savings and re-establish your home’s equilibrium. After May, Jupiter will be placed in a very lucky for you position. From there, Jupiter is going to bring joy and satisfaction, pondering the question “what makes my heart beat faster?”. So yes, this is a very promising year for you.

  • Cheat-Sheet Advice for 2023: It’s definitely a new era for you, dear. And certainly a better one.
  • 2023 Blessing: Less troubles, more benefits.
  • 2023 Challenge: Debts and expenses may deplete you.

2023 Predictions for Aquarius:

We’ve said that many times before. The Era of Aquarius has begun. The power in you is growing steadily. The last three years have initiated a major change in you and your personal power. Truth is that this power did came with a price. For example, the last 2 years, the pressure towards you became greater, but so did the rewards. You’ve changed social and professional position probably more times than once. The planet of changes is still affecting you and changing your life. Sometimes rapidly.

So, although the road is still not easy, there are many things that can help you. First of all, Jupiter is now expanding your social circle, and is helping you spend quality time with best friends and siblings. This can also be a source of blessings, as you have the power to attract people around you who can help you solve many issues that are bothering you. After all, from May, Jupiter will help your finances receive a proper boost and – finally – enjoy more time at home. Relocation is also a possibility.

  • Cheat-Sheet Advice for 2023: This is major turning point. Less pressure. Time for rewards!
  • 2023 Blessing: Relocation? New belongings, increase of income.
  • 2023 Challenge: Cleanse the old energies.

2023 Predictions for Pisces:

OK guys, last year has probably brought something very important for you. Whatever this is, it can become a beacon of energy for you. Use the power of these blessings to make a turn on your life and guide you through the mysteries of this world. Truth is that the past months have not been easy on you, even though Jupiter tries very much to make things right. This stress that came from your home and your finances will soon be eased.

From Spring, the planet of Witches, Saturn, is going to visit your Zodiac Sign and stay there for more than 2 years. This is a major turning point for you and your life. Responsibilities and power will come your way and you will have the opportunity to manage your time in a way that will initiate a new equilibrium in your life. Jupiter will bring good news in your pocket till May, so have your eyes open for ways to increase your income and manage your debts. The second half of the new year is going to manifest an important change in your social circles. You attract important people. Also, friends and close relatives can bring all kinds of blessings.

  • Cheat-Sheet Advice for 2023: More power is coming to you but also many more responsibilities!
  • 2023 Blessing: Good news in finances and more important people!
  • 2023 Challenge: overcome dark thoughts.
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