9 Signs of Bad Karma

9 Signs of Bad Karma

Have you been feeling like bad luck is following you? Maybe you see a dark pattern keeps sticking with you like a glue that has been crafted long, long time ago. If so, you may be wondering if it’s a sign of bad karma.

Karma and ‘Bad Karma’

Karma refers to the energy created by our thoughts and actions, which can return positive or negative consequences depending on their nature. As we read in our Mother-post for this Universal Power, Karma, although a spiritual tenet, is also a universal law which was demonstrated by Newton as the Law of Action and Reaction. As the name itself means – Sanskrit: Deed / Action – is the reaction of what we have already done, though or felt.

Actually there is no such thing a ‘Bad Karma’. It may seem controversial as the title of this article is this. But here’s what we mean. Since you read these lines then you are born on this World. Hence, you do got some karma debris.

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The very sense of Karma is that “you are not perfect yet. Try again in this life”

After all we all live in a very heavy realm. Hence, if you suffer from any of the issues described below, do not take it personally. We all have our issues. After all, we are all victims, so no we do not deserve them.

  • We are just not perfect yet.
  • Also, the problems described may be caused by other influences.
  • This is just something to meditate on and decide yourself if Karma makes sense for you or not!

The Ripple Effect

Of course in some cases there is some obvious “pay-back” for good or ill. So how do we define ‘Bad karma’? Well, it is the effect of the negative energy that comes from one’s bad actions or thoughts. Every, EVERY deed or thought creates a ripple effect that alters the space-time continuum. Literally, it shapes our future.

Buddha and Karma

According to Buddhist teachings, the law of karma states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This means that when we do something good, it will ultimately bring us a positive result; similarly, when we commit negative acts they can lead to unpleasant consequences. In other words, our actions have a direct impact on our lives in this world and also in the afterlife. Hence, it’s not always obvious.

Buddha said that one’s karma is created by their thoughts, feelings, words and deeds.

He taught his followers to cultivate a mindful attitude towards all aspects of life which would allow them to make wise decisions that are in alignment with both their true nature their potential. Cause after all, we all carry the divine seed in us. He also said that each individual has the ability to create their own destiny through cultivating virtuous behavior such as patience, generosity and compassion for all living beings – including oneself. Through this practice one can gain insight into how their own actions affect themselves as well as others around them – thus creating a more harmonious existence overall.

Defining more ‘Bad Karma’

It is believed that when someone commits a wrong or harmful action, they are creating bad karma which will have consequences in the present or future. This can include anything from physical harm to verbal abuse, and even simple things like being unkind to people or animals. Bad karma can come back around in many ways, such as experiencing misfortune, feeling guilt for your actions, and having negative relationships with others. Ultimately, it’s important to remember that we are all connected and our words and deeds affect us all – so it pays off to be kind!

Here are 9 signs of Bad Karma:

1. Unexpected misfortune:

When something goes wrong despite your best efforts, it might be an indication that your karma needs adjusting. Unexpected misfortune can often be seen as a result of bad karma, or an act of retribution for one’s past wrongdoings. These occurrences may not always be directly linked to karmic debt – but some believe that if our lives are not going as planned due to seemingly random events occurring without explanation then it might just be the universe’s way of reminding us about our past choices.

2. Heavy Emotional situations:

Everyone carries emotional baggage with them, whether it’s from past experiences or bad karma. Unfortunately, this can be a major burden on our lives and cause us to struggle in relationships, at work, or simply in our day-to-day activities. Bad karma attracts intense situations and accidents which mess with our heads. This is often seen as an invisible force that weighs heavily on the conscious and subconscious mind – causing us to feel anxious or depressed without understanding why.

This type of negative energy can come from events such as hurtful words said by someone close to you, wrong decisions made in the past which led to pain for yourself or others, and even simple disagreements with those we care about which left unresolved feelings of guilt and shame. Negative emotions such as anger, guilt and resentment can create more bad luck in the future due to their low vibration frequencies.

3. Feeling stuck.

Being trapped within routines lacking motivation implies stagnant energies at play blocking personal growth potential ; break away from patterns leading nowhere through conscious effort towards self-empowerment and fresh perspectives !

Being stuck in a rut can be an extremely frustrating and demoralizing experience. It often feels like you’re trapped in a cycle of bad luck, with no way out. As Karma teaches us that we are responsible for our own destiny, NOTHING happens by chance or coincidence. Hence, we must take ownership of our choices, accept the consequences, and learn from them.

4. Unfulfilled desires.

Ambitions remain unaccomplished due to lack of progress or failure when success seemed imminent might mean current vibrations are misaligned with desired outcomes.

5. Bad habits.

Maybe it seems absurd but Bad habits are linked with Bad Karma. Habits like procrastination , addiction , overspending and irresponsible behavior signal weak willpower influenced by negative forces working against progress. This is actually a lesson that need to be learned and move forward. In the process of ending a bad habit, we learn valuable lessons for ourselves and heal our karma.

6. Financial issues.

Remember what we always say.

True currency of the World is Energy, not Money. Money is merely the manifestation of energy!

Persistent money struggles suggest there’s a need for spiritual cleansing or energetic alignment for improved finances ahead. Emancipation is needed and willpower to break this vicious cycle.

7. Trouble sleeping

Insomnia is often a symptom associated with imbalance within one’s life; difficulty mentally settling down likely signifies unsettled subconscious worries impeding restful sleep cycles. Hence, People who suffer from sleeping troubles as a result of bad karma might find themselves struggling to get adequate rest during their nights. They may experience insomnia, nightmares, vividly haunting dreams, night terrors or other disturbances in their slumber. In addition to these conditions making it difficult for them to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night, they may also feel fatigued during the day due to lack of quality sleep.

The key to dealing with sleeping troubles as a result of bad karma is gaining insight into why those patterns exist within yourself. Working through unresolved emotions related to events in your life or past lives can help you let go and move on so that you can achieve better overall wellbeing and improved sleep habits over time.

8. Family troubles & toxic parents

It is also called Family Karma. With this term we include all the situations we face as children due to the current situation of the home and families we are raised into. Unfortunately, toxic parents who are the result of bad karma can create an environment of fear, mistrust, and instability for their children. Moreover, Toxic parents often do not understand or recognize their own negative behavior as damaging to their child’s wellbeing.

They may be unaware of the effects it has on them or feel unable to change it due to feelings of guilt from past experiences with family members or other authority figures in life. This lack of awareness causes them to continue engaging in behaviors such as manipulation, criticism, belittling comments, and invalidating opinions which can cause long-term emotional trauma for the child. Click here to read how to release yourself from Bad Karma!

9. Attracting difficult people

Ancient Greeks used to say that “like attracts like”. Hence, it’s often said that we attract people into our lives based on the energy we put out into the world. If someone is struggling with bad karma, they may find themselves surrounded by difficult people or toxic relationships as a result. This could include gossiping, lying, manipulation, or taking out one’s anger and frustrations on those around them.

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