7 Things You Don’t Know About Karma

7 Things You Don't Know About Karma

Karma, although a spiritual tenet, is also a universal law which was demonstrated by Newton as the Law of Action and Reaction. As the name itself means – Sanskrit: Deed / Action – is the reaction of what we have already done, though or felt.

How Karma Works

Through the thousands of years we live on this or other realms, we have activated a series of events, like a chain reaction. Every moment that we breathe, we act, think and feel causing a change in the astral and physical plane. This change of energy will later – or instantly – be converted to actual events which will become our reality.

  • In other words, what we now call ‘Reality’ is merely the result of all our actions, thoughts, prayers and curses of our present and our past lives!

Well, let’s take a look at some valuable things you probably don’t know about the Karmic Law. 

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1. Karma is Here to Prevent us from Future Suffering

Karmic Law is not here to punish, is not here to judge. Karma is not an individual entity (like Jewish belief system) which weights our actions only to reward or punish us. Karma, is a mechanism which source is our Spirit itself. We are part of it. 

2. The Purpose of Karma is to Free us from this Realm

All the suffering, all the rewards, all the challenges are here to teach us the right way for us. Karmic Law is here to help us evolve and make sure we are free from this plane of existence. 

3. Even the slightest effort counts!

You shouldn’t get disappointed when you feel you are on the bottom of the ocean. Even the slightest effort can help you change this chain reaction. Just a change of mind is enough to give to you what you crave. 

4. Karma is Scientifically Proven

Doing good actually affects our brain. This stimulates positive retribution which can actually heal ourselves and affect our lives in unimaginable ways! Read here more!

5. You can Boost Karma Cleansing

There is an ancient Vedic Spell to boost karma cleansing and signify that you need a change in your life! It actually unbinds yourself from dark magic which you may have conjured intentionally or unintentionally. Read here more!

6. Understanding Karma helps us release Anger

Once we understand that almost anything that is happening is caused by human thoughts and actions, it makes us responsible. Without this knowledge we are lost in the Hell of ignorance, hatred and anger caused by our misery. Understanding karmic Law releases us from this pain and puts us on the driving seat. 

7. Karma Can Always be Changed! 

Once we understand we are responsible for our past, present and future, it gives us the opportunity to change it. Of course we don’t have to change immediately but at some point we will make the right move. Take your time and plan what you want. There is no limit in time. 

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