New Supermoon in Aquarius Saturday 21st – A Major Re-set as the Real New Year Begins!

New Moon in Gemini June 6

New Supermoon in Aquarius Saturday 21st – A Major Re-set as the Real New Year Begins! A purifying and progressive new moon arrives on Saturday 21st at 8.53pm BST. At 1 degree of Aquarius, it is the 3rd of 5 new moons at the first degree. The winds of change are storming through. 2023 will be a pivotal year in the shift of the Ages and it is apt that our opening new super moon is at the first degree of our ‘new age’ water bearer. The multi-faceted symbolism of fresh, innovative newness is immense.

New Supermoon in Aquarius Saturday 21st

Keep the faith, 2023 has a sticky start. When the great wheels of the cosmic timeline turn, humans are as ants to the stars. On the 3D it seems we’re facing a world of pain and despair with increasing mayhem and political corruption. Yet resistance is always greatest just before the breakthrough. Hold strong in your sovereign centre—glimmers of a fresh future are emerging. Evolution is inevitable. As the caterpillar emerges from its cocoon, so future generations will look back at this point and see the enormous shift that occurred. But here, now, it can seem as though little is moving. We’re in the womb of the cocoon. The hard shell is tightening but the cracks are beginning to appear. For the butterfly to emerge fully empowered it needs to use its strength to break through. Keep this metaphor in mind when the struggle feels overwhelming. You need this resistance to break free into the new being that’s emerging.

The cosmos is weaving together the final threads that began in 2020 when the Pluto/Saturn conjunction ushered in the Covid pandemic. A powerful lesson in how we are all connected by invisible forces – in this case viruses carried by the air. Pluto is now in the last degrees of Capricorn crumbling the old structures. Whilst the Sun and Moon in the 1st degree of Aquarius usher in the new, we’re in the cocoon between two worlds – the old not quite dead and the new not yet born. Some of those old ways will help birth the new. What is your unique super-power that you will carry forward in your Chariot of initiation?

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Revelation and disclosure will continue as Pluto prepares to exit Capricorn having worked its transformative magic. It will cross the zero degree of Aquarius 5 times, swinging back and forward before it finally breaks through to the new at the end of 2024. The grip of power (resistance) will become stronger and more rigid as Pluto spends most of 2023 in the last degrees of Capricorn. We have a three-month reprieve starting in March when it crosses into Aquarius (the future), creating the first cracks in the cocoon. The control structures will get louder but emptier. Stay out of the 3D drama. Instead, breath in the sweet scent of new breezes through the ruptures.

Closest to the Earth

As a Super moon, closest to the earth in its orbit, the magnetic pull of this lunation will be strong. Ruled by Uranus, currently at 15 degrees of Taurus (another fixed sign) there could be serious eruptions on the world stage in the days ahead. This could manifest as seismic activity in the form of earthquakes, as the rigidity of the activated fixed signs (Leo, Taurus and Aquarius) looks to relieve the pressure. It’s an intense replay of the Saturn/Uranus square energies of control versus freedom, patriarchy versus synarchy, (his)tory versus mystery etc. You are not powerless in the face of what appears to be dark around you. All change begins within. Pause often to drink deeply from the overflowing grail cup of your inner benevolence.

With five planets in fixed signs, it pays to be mindful of our intractable, rigid opinions. Ultimately there is no one truth. If we look deeply enough into any issue it’s opposite always emerges. This is the teaching of the yin/yang symbol. Whilst we’re in the maelstrom of the mental churn of fixed air be conscious of your output. It will be easy to get drawn into the charge of division and argument. Drain the swamp of delusion by not adding to it.

A thunderstorm waiting to erupt

The Sabian symbol for this degree adds weight to the cosmic message “A thunderstorm waiting to erupt”. Matters can explode out of nowhere at warp speed. Lightning bolts of inspiration and innovation can as easily manifest as thunderbolts of destruction and chaos. Sudden storms rock our roots but also bring liberation once the explosion abates. Storms are the result of excessive fixed energy. They clear the air of tension and provoke awe at the sheer unexpected power and emotional volatility that invoked them – whether in your own being or in the world at large. Our rigidity will be tested. You may explode without warning. Be mindful. Can you flex with the flow? Can you hold your calm whilst all rages around you? Can you tune your lightening rod to the flashes of cosmic brilliance rather than the tower of demolition?

With Mercury direct and now Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, moving stationary/direct on the 22nd the rebel, maverick, revolutionary energy is in full swing. It’s innovative and exciting. All planets are now direct until early May. By mid next week we will all feel the power of this propulsion. This shift in cosmic pace coincides beautifully with the Chinese New Year of the water rabbit (Jan 22nd). Rabbits move fast and pivot quickly!

All is connected!

Aquarius is connected to cosmic intelligence and ideas looking for a human to inhabit. What’s coming in is beyond our current thinking. Trine with Mars be willing to stand out. Let your inner crazy come out to play. Yes, Aquarius champions community but that doesn’t mean ‘the majority’. Be the sacred rebel and fly free.

Let your uniqueness shine and embrace radical, surprising life changes. There’s cosmic support for these shifts. You’ve done the deep dives. This new moon will kick start new realisations. Some you might not see immediately but trust your Spidey senses – they’re in the field. Allow yourself to think in new ways. Aquarian energy is layered with complexity and all air signs embrace duality. Our Water Bearer champions the collective AND your unique funky self. Find the common union in diversity.

Dreaming is limitless

In convivial aspect to Jupiter, planet of largesse, this lunation will super power your intentions. Get dreaming and be as limitless in your creativity as your imagination allows. You’re building the power to break through the cocoon and allow the adventure of your life to begin. We’re moving out of the industrial age and the structures needed to support it. Now we need our individual genius to come together to form synergies. We exist relationally not independently.

The Leo/Aquarius axis is about birthing ourselves so we can co-create harmoniously with others. The shadow side of Aquarius gives rise to cults and the doctrine of ‘this is the only way’. Give space to all possibilities. Allow everyone to be their full Self. This is the way love thrives. Familiarity breeds contempt. Can you allow the mystery of each being to be born anew in each interaction? Black Moon Lilith is currently at 1 degree Leo creating a perfect opposition. All the old programs that keep us stuck in the status quo will be activated. Rebellion and routine are two sides of the same coin. Allow yourself to create new shapes in 2023. How do you create routines that honour your rebellious self? Get it right and discipline can build something that allows our rebel to bloom.

Cocoon is starting to crack open

With the new moon we’ll get the first glimpse of how the energies of Pluto in Aquarius will transpire. We’re over the pivot of the seesaw so focus on what you’re building not what is breaking apart. Restoration not destruction. A sense of the sacred is returning. We will proliferate more discoveries in being able to reverse engineer the damage we have created.

Our evolutionary cocoon is starting to crack open. These times are not business as usual. We’ll develop a stronger sense of our unique position in the collective unfolding. We’re fostering a deeper trust in ourselves and our weirdness. Clear your field. Keep your frequency high vibe to accelerate these positive changes. Dis-connect from the fear porn and re-connect to abundant loving, peaceful nature. Set a powerful intention for this moon. For the new and who. If you want to super charge your intentions gather with community and set them together. Never underestimate the power of a few with a clear vision. Wishing you infinite new moon love.

New Moon Ritual January 21st.

Use this ritual to celebrate the Chinese New Year of the rabbit and the Aquarius new moon which heralds the true energetic start of 2023. At midnight on Saturday 21st open all your doors and windows for 5 minutes to let the winds of change blow through sweeping the old year out and welcoming the new year in.

Follow this with a traditional Chinese New Year ritual of the “flags of wishes”. Write nine wishes on nine rectangular pieces of paper. For best results, state in the positive as though they have already happened e.g. ‘I am strong, healthy and full of vitality’. When complete tie each wish to a tree (or tall plant) in your garden with red string or ribbon. If you don’t have a garden use an indoor plant near a window. Your wishes will be carried by the wind (perfect symbol of Aquarius energy) which in Chinese mythology symbolises them reaching Spirt faster and manifesting quicker.

So mote it be….

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