Solar Eclipse, New Moon in Aries April 20th 5.12am BST – Powerful Activation and Re-coding of the Self

A New Dawn: April 8th Solar Eclipse in Aries A Powerful Convergence

Solar Eclipse, New Moon in Aries April 20th: A powerful activation point arrives with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries at 5.12am BST on April 20th.  The second Aries new moon in a month making it a ‘once in a blue moon’ event.  The Cosmos is speaking, listen up! We can feel the changes happening. Whether we like it or not, whether we’re ready or not.  We know there’s no turning back.  This eclipse catapults us into our future selves.  A main-frame make-over moment.  A turning point collectively and individually.  It will take time to manifest in 3D but we can smell it, taste it, almost touch it.

Solar Eclipse, New Moon in Aries April 20th

We have moved from a new moon at zero degrees Aries to one at the last degree of our cosmic initiator.  The last degree brings out the warrior in all of us. In Aries, it activates who you are now and who you have outgrown.  What has evolved within your sense of self this month? Tune into your rooted, base chakra core, to find answers. We’re birthing our personal genius.  An inner knowing emerges of why you’re here and how you’re going to contribute. Old versions of self, dissolve under the eclipse’s shadow as you mature into more of you.  

A Change in Frequency

Your frequency is changing in alignment with what you’re newly birthing and owning. Including your greater intergalactic nature.  This is a re-coding of the Self as you awaken sleeper cells within.  This is an eclipse of rude awakenings. Prepare to have your view of the world radically and perhaps shockingly uprooted and updated.  It is also the gift that keeps on giving as it will be triggered consistently for the next 6 months and beyond due to Pluto’s involvement.

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Extreme power is unleashed as Pluto squares up to the Sun and Moon.  An eclipse involving Pluto at zero degrees Aquarius is paradigm shifting.  When our cosmic grim reaper makes a square of this nature there’s no reverse gear.  Pluto accelerates transformation. We can only move forward. In Aquarius it’s moving at lightening speed as we can clearly see in the Technosphere. As AI unleashes a torrent of mis-information and mundanity it is up to us to unleash our extraordinary creative genius.  

New perspectives and creative outlets dance with rebellious, ungovernable elements.  We’re wading in revolutionary waters.  The revolution that is often required for the evolution to occur.  This one carries a heavy signature of independence and brings break ups as well as break throughs.  

Collective awakening

Pluto in Aquarius symbolises collective energies, ‘the people for the people’.  The taste of anger sits on many lips and we’re navigating complex, volatile terrain.  When our cosmic transformer moves back into Capricorn later in the year it will bring a welcome slowdown. A pause to take stock.

Mars is squaring Chiron in Aries poking uncomfortably at our deep sense of self. With these double squares our sense of identity is being smashed apart to be born anew.  What formed you and who are you now? Own your emotional responses.  Your reactions.  Emotional Maturity is evolving through this square completing karma. Commit 100% to self above all else.  And ask for help, no-one succeeds alone.

Meanwhile, the shadow aspects of this lunation bring great emotional intensity – over reaction, impulsiveness, reckless risks and fiery anger. Opportunities and wild cards swirl in the accelerating winds of change as the old-world collapses mirroring the internal collapse of our old self.  Death and rebirth bring chaos in their wake.  As the Sun, exalted in Aries, is eclipsed it can also bring a sudden fall from grace especially for those in positions of leadership. With retrograde Mercury and Uranus conjunct shocking news and revelations will continue. In Taurus it will be financially related especially around early May.  Turbulent times persist as we learn to pivot and flex.

the light will set us free

Jupiter in Aries expands all of this as it seeks truth and wisdom.  Collective uprisings against injustices will continue globally as people reach breaking point.  Jupiter in Aries also brings spiritual protection whilst providing courage and encouragement.  Creative inspiration could make spontaneous visitations.  Have materials ready for when the cosmic muse strikes.

The eclipsed new moon is conjunct the North Node in Taurus Sextile with Saturn in Pisces. This is a big ignition of our collective destiny.  Be open to different perspectives. An ending that opens up a new beginning.  Late April and early May mark big changes in our evolutionary consciousness.  This Aries eclipse can break through old habits and desire patterns for good. There’s a hunger for the future brewing, a vivification of energy.

Solar Eclipse, New Moon in Aries April 20th and Retrograde Mercury

Mercury going retrograde in Taurus on the 21st until May 14th will mercifully absorb some of the heat of this eclipse.  It will help ground us through some tricky shifts.  Simplify your thinking. Focus on quality over quantity.  Be intentional especially around finances and investments.  Clear the clutter.  Choose minimalism.  Investigate your relationship to change?  What are you clinging to? Death being the final punchline.  

Love is the key

Unconditional love is the only way to release the clinging.  The only frequency that allows us to fully let go.  You have to pull up the anchor to set sail into the future, without knowing safety.  With Mercury retrograde conjunct Uranus we’ll have to be ok with chaos. As the unexpected consistently threatens to derail us. Watch children they embrace it effortlessly. Allow yourself the return to innocence (in no sense). Ultimately chaos is the process of coming back into harmony in a new form.  Dive deeply into this moment.  See the roots that hold you back and pull them up with love.  

The Sabian symbol for the eclipse is ‘A duck pond and its young brood’. It speaks to Mars in Cancer – a fierce protection of those you love. Safety within a restricted environment – the family unit.  Sometimes we need to break free of the duck pond. But it’s good to know it’s there as a source of solace when needed.  

Whilst the energy wants you to act and act now.  Eclipses are also volatile AND Mercury is going retrograde causing reckless impulses. Sleep on it before making any major life shifts. It can feel frustrating in the moment but trust the delay serves a higher purpose. The cosmic time-line will always eventually manifest so take a deep breath and exhale slowly.  

This is a significant time line in our planetary history and a personal alchemical portal.  To support yourself practise any technique that helps energy move unimpeded through your body – yoga, tai chi, somatic release, massage etc.  Old versions are leaving new versions are being born.  New gifts and talents are emerging that will surprise and delight you in equal measure.  Where’s the internal impetus leading you?  Set strong intentions. Blaze your light.  Live life your way in loving participation with others. Let this eclipse fuel the emanation of your peaceful warrior and illuminate your authentic self. Wishing you all infinite new moon eclipse love and blessings.

New Moon, Solar Eclipse Ritual

To prepare for this ritual, gather the following materials:

  • A candle (preferably yellow or orange)
  • White sage or palo santo for smudging
  • Crystals (such as clear quartz, citrine, or amethyst)
  • A journal or piece of paper and pen
  • Favourite set of oracle cards

Begin by smudging yourself and the space where the ritual will take place with white sage or palo santo. Take a few deep breaths and set your intention for the ritual.

Light the candle and welcome in the energies of the new moon in Aries and the solar eclipse. You may want to call upon any spirit guides or allies that you work with.

Hold the crystals in your hands and feel their energy grounding you to the earth. Take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to fully arrive in the present moment.

A solar eclipse is a powerful time for transformation and manifestation.

Use this energy to your advantage by focusing on what you want to create in your life. 

Write down any intentions or goals that you have for the solar eclipse and upcoming cycle. Be specific and use positive language. Visualize yourself achieving these goals and feel the emotions associated with them.

Observe where you feel resistance to your dream. Take a few moments to write down any fears, doubts, or negative thoughts that may be holding you back. Then safely burn them as a symbolic release.

Follow this by imagining yourself in a circle of sacred flame that burns off any impurities or heavy energy that may have accumulated in your field.  Emerge from the flames feeling cleansed, radiant and receptive.

Close your eyes and focus on your breath.

Visualize yourself standing under the shadow of the eclipse, feeling the energy of the sun and the moon coming together. Set the intention to receive any messages or insights that may come through during this meditation or later through your dreams.

When you feel ready, slowly open your eyes and chose an oracle card to give you further guidance on any messages you received.

Journal your insights and experience.

To close thank any spirit guides or allies that you called upon. Blow out the candle and take a few moments to ground yourself before moving on with your day.

Remember to be gentle with yourself and honour your unique process during this ritual. May this new moon in Aries bring you clarity, inspiration, and abundance.

So mote it be…..

- - -