Smudging Test – Choose a Bundle

Smudging Test - Choose a Bundle

For thousands of years people have been burning herbs and resins in order to conjure forces from the beyond. This instinctive act has been incorporated in complex rituals or done alone. Hence smudging eventually blended with the art of alchemy creating the Tradition of Smudging. Let’s leave your instinct alone to drag you into this Smudging Test. What does your soul need?

Not all herbs are the same. According to the Magical tradition, each herb belongs to a certain element, planet and spirit hence has a distinctive magical attribute. Moreover, many witches believe that is there is a certain totem – guardian spirit for every animal, so does for herbs! In other words every time you use an herb, you actually summon the forces of the spirit.

But many times we are drawn by a certain Crystal or Herb without knowing exactly why this is happening. Witches believe that this happens because our spirit is in contact with the spirits of the herbs.

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So what did you pick?

1. Spirit of Rosemary

If you have chosen the first bundle this is the bundle of Rosemary, the ‘dew of the sea’. This is the herb used by witches to rejuvenate and heal. As this is a sacred herb of Aphrodite it is drenched with amazing qualities.

Ritualists used it for its amazing ability to cleanse and rejuvenate the mind and the aura of the afflicted person. Furthermore, it can significantly help in home cleansing and purification rituals. In addition, along with myrrh and frankincense it can be burned as a preparation for any major magical Ritual or Ceremony.

Forces of Rejuvenation are calling you

Message from Plant Spirit of Rosemary: You’ve been down for so long. Dark forces may have affected you but to stay there is your choice. Hence, it’s time for rejuvenation. Open up to the Universe. Let go of sadness. Like the Phoenix, be reborn from your ashes. Get some true Rosemary from our MagicalShop here!

2. Spirit of Mugwort

If you have choses the second bundle then this is the bundle of Mugwort then Nature speaks pretty clear to you. Healing is what is needed right now. If there is one herb more associated with this ability, then it’s mugwort. You should know that for thousands of years, this herb has been used to heal and unblock. Mugwort is a Master plant ally for all witches. She thrives in the liminal spaces. Often found on the sides of roads or the edges of fields. She has many magical properties, especially for women, and is the plant to work with during all female rites of passage; maiden, mother, crone.

Forces of Healing are  calling you.

Message from Plant Spirit of Mugwort: You’ve been hurt, you’ve been bruised. However, everybody hurts and healing starts from within. Once you’ve start loving yourself, the doors of healing will open widely. Body and soul are interconnected. Summon the healing forces from within and accept that everything. Get some witchy herbal blends and formulas from our MagicalShop here.

3. Spirit of Cinnamon

If you have chosen this herb, then Rebirth is what’s needed right now in you. Cinnamon (from the Greek word κιννάμωμο) is the herb which is strongly associated with Fire. From ancient Egypt to Chine, this herb was used in praising deities of Fire and Sun, and one of my personal favourites. Moreover, it was and is still used to summon the Phoenix, Bennu bird in both Egypt and Greece. Let’s not forget that Phoenix is the soul of Ra, the Sun God. This precious herb was used to summon both. Get some true Cinnamon from our Magical Shop here.

Forces of Resurrection are calling you.

Message from Plant Spirit of Cinnamon: Something inside you felt like it died. Probably due to a major depressing incident or someone betrayed you and your trust. Consequently, you felt like you are not good enough and left a part of you died. But let me tell you a secret. You are amazing. So now it’s time to rise from your ashes like the Sacred Phoenix and shine brighter than ever before. Use the power of herbs to make this happen!

4. Spirit of Sage

If you have chosen Sage then the message is clear. Your mind is full of thoughts and feelings that you need to get rid of. The spirit of Sage talks about cleansing your aura and your mind and take back control in your hands.

Probably the most popular from all magical smudges. Sage leaves and branches, alone or with other plants, are usually wrapped up together and left to dry. This creates a nice ready to use smudging incense that when lit can be used in purification, cleansing, banishing and healing practices. Alternatively, dry sage leaves can be placed on a charcoal disc for the same purpose. Get some witchy herbal blends and formulas from our MagicalShop here.

Forces of Purification are calling you.

Message from Plant Spirit of Sage: Your mind is clouded by dark and possibly depressing thoughts. Hence what you need to do is find a way to center yourself, ground all this excessive energy and banish the darkness out of you.

5. Spirit of Juniper

If the Spirit of Juniper called out for you then what you need to do is (re)open yourself to the endless possibilities. Why? Because, Juniper is the most magical of all smudges. From all Magical Smudges, Juniper is the one I use for both exorcisms and sex magic. It has so many ritual uses as it is associate with Jupiter, the planet of Opportunities. Get some witchy herbal blends and formulas from our MagicalShop here.

Forces of Unblocking are calling you.

Message from Plant Spirit of Juniper: the forces of this magical plant are quite clear about your destiny. What happened recently in your life made you feel like you’re walking on a dead-end. Therefore what you need to do is open yourself to the endless possibilities of the world. And if you need any help that you can actually try a road opening spell.

6. Spirit of Palo Santo

If you’ve chosen Palo Santo then you may’ve been jinxed or attacked by the evil eye. Also known from the Native American tribes, Palo Santo (the Holy Wood) is used to transmute darkness into light. Incas used ‘Palo Santo’ to abolish mala energía – the negative energy. There are many herbs and resins which we use to send away negativity.

Forces of Light are calling you.

Message from Plant Spirit of Palo Santo: Time to dispel the dark energies that have messed up your mind, your body and your life. Accept the fact that we – as human – can get sick, but we can also heal ourselves. As our bodies can weaken so can our aura and our psychic defence mechanisms. Hence, we need to take good care of them regularly. Call out to the forces of Light. Open your hands towands the heavens, and shout out “divine forces of Light, I summon thee!” Get some true Palo Santo from our MagicalShop here. 

7. Spirit of Sweetgrass

Although it is not that popular, Sweetgrass is a MUST-have magical tool. In few words, the purpose of Sweetgrass is to elevate our consciousness thus connect us with higher entities and Mother Nature. Let’s see why we love Sweetgrass so much! Sweetgrass help us tap into the Wisdom we have earned through our incarnations and understand Karma.
Moreover, this amazing tool is used to summon spirits and angels.

Angelic Forces are calling you!

Message from Plant Spirit of Sweetgrass: Our incarnations can be fun but also can be cruel and painful. We’ve gathered all kinds of experiences in the past yet some of them may still drag us down. What you need to do is call out to your Guardian Angel and ask him to help you cleanse your karma and move forward to the light! Get some witchy herbal blends and formulas from our MagicalShop here.

8. Spirit of Lavender

This flower embodies the powers of nature which can bring peace and calmness. Its essence has long being used by witches and alchemists to promote peace and clear mind. Hence, your mind is probably full of troubling thoughts which need to be banished.

Forces of Clarity are calling you!

Message from Plant Spirit of Lavender: What needs to be done is find a way to ground yourself regularly. Your mind is swamped by thoughts – many of them are useless and can draw focus. To do that you can master the art of meditation. If you don’t know how to meditate then you can find this link especially useful. Moreover what needs to be done is find peace within and except everything that happened to you in the past, yet acknowledge that it’s time to pursue your dreams. Get some witchy herbal blends and formulas from our MagicalShop here.

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