Breaking: 12 executed Witches declared innocent after 400years in Connecticut

Breaking: 12 executed Witches declared innocent after 400years in Connecticut

Magic is power, and power is a responsibility. Witches get that. But there are so many who feel threatened by this power. And that’s not news. Witch hunting is a fact that troubles our souls and hearts even now that these lines are written. But there are some news that fuel our hope for a better future. Like this! 12 executed Witches declared innocent by those who hanged them, the Connecticut Senate lawmakers, after 400 years!

Witch Hunts are still happening!

Many witches are still hunted and persecuted, in obvious and subtle ways. We for example, the team of Magical Recipes Online, have received tons of threats and attacks during the past 15 years. You may have already read the comments under our posts which we try to erase but there are so many. But we are here, keep going on what we think is best for this World. To make this Realm magical once again.

12 executed Witches declared innocent after 400years in Connecticut

On Thursday, Connecticut’s Senate voted 33-1 to exonerate those convicted in trials that took place in the state in the mid-to-late 1600s. Hence, the Senate lawmakers have absolved 12 Witches who were convicted in colonial America over 370 years ago. The Senate acknowledges that 11 out of the 12 were unfoundedly tried and hanged, and describes the judgments as a miscarriage of justice as BBC reports. The last one managed to flee and was missing.

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It’s what we love to say: “we are the grandchildren of the Witches you didn’t burn!”

CT Witch Trial Exoneration Project

Descendants of the wrongfully executed by Witch hunters, had launched a prolonged pursuit to exonerate their forefathers, prompting this decisive vote. Two decades ago they launched the CT Witch Trial Exoneration Project. This is an initiative founded by the descendants in 2005 to make things right.

The 17th Century saw many individuals prosecuted and condemned for witchcraft in the United States. More importantly, the family members and their supporters insist that the exonerations are an important step to making things right by closing the doors to future hunts by learning from the mistakes of the past.

The senator who voted against the move, Rob Sampson, said that he believed it was wrong to “dictate what was right or wrong about periods in the past that we have no knowledge of. I don’t want to see bills that rightfully or wrongfully attempt to paint America as a bad place with a bad history,” he stated to the Associated Press.

We send our best wished to the descendants and the souls of those who were executed by witch hunters.

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