Full Moon Aquarius Aug 1st 18.31 BST – Cultivate your Weird

New Moon in Gemini June 6

Full Moon Aquarius Aug 1st 18.31 BST – Cultivate your Weird: Another full supermoon looms large on August 1st 2023 at 18.31 BST.  This time in dispassionate air sign, Aquarius.  After the emotional deep dive of the Cancerian new moon this lunation blows through with a refreshing breeze. We’re not out of the woods yet. Harness the beneficial chi by embodying the wisdom of trees. They survive the storms by deepening their roots and flexing with the winds of change.  Stability comes later. For now, dance with the invisible currents.

Full Moon Aquarius Aug 1st 18.31 BST – Cultivate your Weird

As the radiant Sun in Leo forms an opposition to the mystical Moon in Aquarius, expect the energy to get wildly unpredictable. Quirky surprises and electric revelations will be the ‘plat de jour’.  Embrace your inner eccentric, release your inhibitions and allow your free-spirited genius to take flight.

completing some old internal dialogues

The Moon at 9 degrees opposed the Sun at 9 degrees of Leo suggests we’re completing some old internal dialogues.  Changing our minds from obsession with the past to a curiosity for the future. Instead of focussing on what’s broken because of some bygone trauma turn your attention to wondering what it would be like to be happy, healthy, prosperous, fulfilled, vital, in love, living your absolute best life. This is the degree of the Hermit in the tarot. The outward radiance of the full moon is directing us towards inner illumination – know thyself. In the process we’re learning to say no, in a compassionate, yet clear way.

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the Sturgeon Moon

Known as the Sturgeon moon, after the great fish that are abundant at this time in North America.  The Sturgeon is also known as ‘the stirrer’ as it finds its food by rustling in the river bed. As we have to disturb the soil to begin the harvest. And as we have to disrupt the status quo to effect real change.

Harness the beneficial chi by embodying the wisdom of trees. They survive the storms by deepening their roots and flexing with the winds of change.  Stability comes later. For now, dance with the invisible currents.

Harness the beneficial chi by embodying the wisdom of trees. They survive the storms by deepening their roots and flexing with the winds of change.  Stability comes later. For now, dance with the invisible currents.
Harness the beneficial chi by embodying the wisdom of trees. They survive the storms by deepening their roots and flexing with the winds of change.  Stability comes later. For now, dance with the invisible currents.

Aquarius is the sign of rebellion and truth. Our water bearer symbolises a time of revolution. She positively encourages our rebellious and non-conformist ways.  Holding fiercely to the values of the individual, she hates to have her wings clipped and will rise indignant in response. Her invisible breath can whip the unknown into the known with lightning speed.  Coinciding with the North Node shift into warrior Aries this could light several touch papers of social reform. Aquarius knows that to shake things up and get results we have to sometimes break the rules.  Think way beyond the box. Embrace the weird, the strange and the extraordinary.  It’s all part of the complex human soup.

Breaking the Rules

With our continuing reversed lunar cycle this moon marks the beginning of the next lunar balancing act. The dance between Leo, the individualistic leader and Aquarius, the quirky cooperative.  Whilst our water bearer is undoubtedly highly individualistic, she favours synergy over hierarchy. Leo finds it hard not to be in charge.  This can provoke power struggles in communities or too many cooks spoiling genuine possibilities. To evolve it’s imperative we crack the community living nut.  It will take Uranian inspired dialogue. Or possibly a sledgehammer.

What’s your gift?

In Aquarius the moon encourages you to embrace your unique gifts and talents and to share them with the world. Her insistence on freedom breaks you free from old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you. Leo is about our inner gold.  Where have you been dimming your light? Hiding your shine?  Trust your part in the greater whole and trust that the sum of parts is greater than the individual part.  Dance the cosmic tango between teamwork and individuality. Get the choreography right and we bring Leo’s dynamic flair to something far greater than us that benefits the whole.

Know your innate value.  Embody your eccentric self. Use rational thinking where appropriate but be wary of extreme or rigid viewpoints.  The dark side of our cosmic wierdo can lose compassion for the exception, in the quest for harmony in the collective. Aquarius is your eccentric self.  Your radical innovator. Your inner Einstein. Only in the collective collaboration of this common genius will our dreamed of future be birthed.

the Symbol of this Full Moon

The Sabian symbol for this degree is “A person who had for a time become the embodiment of an ideal is made to realise that as a person they are not this ideal”.  In other words, we need to become conscious of the changes that are occurring both within and without. We may discover either we’re not who we thought we were or others close to us reveal they’re not who we thought them to be.  This corelates with the Nodal shift bringing us fully into the relationship realm.  Scales will fall, pedestals will break, eyes will truly see. Changes will occur. In us and others.  On the world stage there will be more falls from grace. They can happen personally too.  The antidote is not compromising.  No more fitting in to smooth the social flow.

With the Moon lighting up community-oriented Aquarius, this lunation spotlights our connections to friends, groups and society at large. How can we infuse more humanity, compassion and innovation into the collective consciousness? Gather with your most open-minded collaborators to brainstorm solutions. A team of audacious visionaries can make significant strides under this progressive sky. The Moon’s opposition to the confident Sun in dramatic Leo reminds us that true power comes from courageously sharing with the world. What talents, creativity and heart do you have to offer? This is not the time for false humility! Be bold, take the stage and let your light shine. Uranus rules the invisible sizzle of our electrical currents. How can we use technology compassionately to uplift humanity?

Make sure your roar isn’t drowning out others…

Of course, with Jupiter square the Moon be mindful that ‘Too Muchness’ can run amok under such charged skies. Especially with Venus continuing her retrograde in self-expressive Leo. Make sure your roar isn’t drowning out others. Don’t commit to anything impulsively, double-check the fine print and think twice before leaping. Saturn’s helpful sextile to the Moon provides grounded energy amidst the revelry. Father Time reminds us to balance fun with follow-through. Make sure your visionary plans have structure to support them.

Venus backtracking can provoke disenchantment with what we used to love.  It could be a passing phase or a sign that you need to tap back into your inner intuition.  Reintroduce enthusiasm by romancing yourself, your family, your nearest and dearest.  It’s summer, rose tinted glasses are all the rage.  Here’s betting your inner child would love a chance for some frivolity.  Finding the fun, the joy, the pleasure softens us, opens us. Revives our sense of belonging. Our world is becoming too serious.  Re-write your life script to include some comedic interludes.

Out with the old. In with the new

Globally, dusty old structures will continue crumbling as humanity awakens. While destabilizing, this breakdown is necessary for breakthroughs. Have faith; we’re making space for more enlightened systems aligned with unity consciousness. Keep marching to the beat of hope and change. Trust the best is yet to come.

We’ll all feel ultra-networked, as innovative Aquarius weaves invisible threads between us. Though virtual connections abound, make time for in-person community. Hug your heroes, hear their heartbeats. We thrive through human connection. Look for ways, big or small, to be of service to others. Simple acts of kindness ripple out. We’re asked to look beyond our own sphere of experience and consider how we’re all interconnected. When one of us shines brighter, we all benefit.

Hyperconnectivity and overanalysis

This moon can overstimulate our nervous systems with progressive ideas and hyper-connectivity. Soothe stress with mindfulness practices. Unplug and get grounded regularly. With serious Saturn retrograde in spiritual Pisces opposing the Moon, manage worries through faith and inner peace practices. You have the grace to move mountains. Don’t let those inner demons take centre stage. Keep forgiving yourself and others. Each mistake and mess creates the mortar for our growth.

We’re on the cusp of the Lion’s Gate Portal that opens on 08/08/23, a date observed by ancients, astrologers and numerologists alike. This annual alignment between the sun in Leo and Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, also known as Dog Star, brings a moment when a new light can shine within us and rapid transfiguration can unfold. This light is intelligently guided.

The Aquarius full Moon is about to take us on a cosmic joyride. It will be a time of heightened energy and transformation occurring in this innovative and forward-thinking sign. The wind is traveling fast and invisibly through the collective mind.  Allow the futuristic frequencies as you focus on friendships, social networks, and humanitarian goals. You’re the visionary key to a brighter collective future. The world needs your star power.

It’s a great party moon so let your hair down and say ‘YES!”. Allow your inner weird and innovate.  Make non-conforming, unconventionality the new normal.  This Moon brings bountiful opportunities for revelry, renewal and collective evolution. But the real magic lies in what we do with this vibrant energy. Point it towards your highest aspirations and watch the world transform. Wishing you all infinite full moon love and blessings.

Moon Ritual to celebrate the Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius

Find an outdoor space where you can perform the ceremony under the light of the full moon. Create a sacred circle using items that represent the air element, such as feathers, incense, or wind chimes.

Begin by taking a few deep breaths to centre yourself and connect with the energy of the air element. As you inhale, imagine yourself drawing in the fresh, invigorating energy of the air element. As you exhale, visualize releasing any stagnant or negative energy from your body and mind.

Stand with your feet firmly planted on the ground, feeling rooted and grounded, whilst visualizing yourself surrounded by a gentle breeze, allowing it to cleanse and purify your energy.

When you feel ready take your feather and use it to waft the air away from you as you release what you want to let go of – say it out loud so that your words are carried from you on the wind. When you feel complete waft the air toward you while saying out loud what you want to welcome into your life.

Honour the qualities of air, such as freedom, intelligence, ideas, inspirations and all forms of communication. Ask for guidance and inspiration during this ceremony.

State affirmations that align with the qualities of the air element and the intentions you wish to manifest.

For example:

“I embrace change and adapt easily”

“I communicate my thoughts and ideas with clarity and confidence.”

“I trust in the power of my words and thoughts to manifest my desires and create positive change.”

“I am connected to the universal wisdom, receiving inspiration and guidance from the air element.”

Repeat several times, allowing their energy to resonate within you.

Express gratitude for the blessings in your life and the opportunities for growth and transformation.

Journal anything you feel important to make a note of. Thank the energy of the air element and the moon for their presence and guidance.

Close the ceremony by extinguishing any candles or incense and dismantling the sacred circle.

So mote it be….

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