Lion’s Gate Portal: Magical Opportunities and Rituals: July 26 – August 12

Lion's Gate Portal: Magical Opportunities and Rituals: July 26 - August 12

The last days of July until August 12 carry a mystical energy. They are also known as the Dog Days, which are believed to hold a profound impact on our awareness and spirituality. Lion’s Gate Portal opens on July 26 and closes on August 12 which are considered the most powerful Dog Days. Furthermore on the 8th day of the month, something extraordinary happens – the Lion’s Gate Portal is hyper-activated. Many believe it to be a powerful cosmic event that amplifies spiritual energies and offers an opportunity for transformation. Here’ we will explore the magic of the Lion’s Gate Portal, discover rituals and spells that can be performed, and discuss the witchcraft materials that enhance this enchanting experience.

What is the Lion’s Gate Portal?

The Lion’s Gate Portal is an astrological alignment that occurs when the Earth aligns with the star Sirius and the Sun in Leo. It is called the Lion’s Gate due to its connection with the zodiac sign of Leo, symbolizing strength, courage, and determination. During this alignment, cosmic energies flood the Earth, bringing opportunities for spiritual growth and manifestation.

When does it peak?

The Lion’s Gate Portal peaks on August 8th, a date that holds great numerological significance. In numerology, the number 8 represents infinity, abundance, and balance. The energetic combination of the lion’s energy with the power of the number 8 creates a potent force for personal transformation and manifestation.

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Mystical beliefs associated with the portal

Ancient cultures and spiritual traditions around the world have recognized the Lion’s Gate Portal as a time of heightened spiritual energy. Some believe that it is a period when the veil between the physical and spiritual realms is thin, allowing easier communication with higher beings and spiritual guides. Others see it as a gateway to accessing higher knowledge and receiving cosmic downloads.

How to harness the Magic of the Lion’s Gate Portal

To fully harness the magic of the Lion’s Gate Portal, various rituals and spells can be performed. These ritual practices are designed to align your intentions with the potent energies present during this cosmic event. If something interests you do it during all days of the portal.

Rituals for harnessing the portal’s energy

1. Opening ceremony:

Begin by creating a sacred space. You can cast the Magic Circle but you can also just create a visualization by shedding light on your space.

Light orange, red, yellow or golden candles (white substitutes everything), burn frankincense, and play soothing music. Set your intention for the ritual, inviting the energies of the Lion’s Gate Portal into your space.

2. Meditation and visualization:

Sit in a comfortable position and visualize a golden cosmic portal through which a golden light flowing through you. Let yourself and your energy bathe in that golden light connecting you to the cosmic energies of the portal. Envision your desires and intentions as already manifested realities.

3. Journaling and intention setting:

Write down your goals, dreams, and aspirations. Be specific and focus on what you want to manifest during this portal. Writing helps to clarify your intentions and anchor them into reality.

Spells for manifestation and abundance

1. Prosperity spell: Create an abundance altar using a golden candle and a single citrine crystal. Place on your altar a symbol of wealth like a gold coin or a dollar bill. Take from your ritual tarot deck the the Nine of Pentacles, which depicts a  woman surrounded by a lush garden, a symbol of abundance. Gaze on her and light the candle. Let abundance from to you with the energy of the candle, filtered through citrine and magnified by the 9 of pentacles. Visualize yourself surrounded by wealth and prosperity.

2. Love spell: Use rose quartz crystals to attract love and enhance self-love. Place the crystals near your heart and repeat affirmations that affirm your worthiness of love. Visualize yourself in a loving and fulfilling relationship.

Witchcraft Materials for Lion’s Gate Portal Magick

To enhance your Lion’s Gate Portal magick, specific witchcraft materials can be utilized. These materials help to amplify your intentions and align your energy with the cosmic energies present during this auspicious time.

Crystal selection for the Portal

1. Lapis Lazuli: Enhances spiritual connection and assists in accessing higher realms of consciousness.
2. Citrine: Boosts abundance and manifestation energies, attracting prosperity and success.
3. Clear Quartz: Amplifies intentions and aligns your energy with the cosmic energies of the portal.

Herbs for empowerment and protection

1. Mugwort: Provides psychic protection and enhances intuitive abilities.
2. Rosemary: Cleanses energy and promotes clarity and focus.
3. Lavender: Brings peace and relaxation, allowing for easier connection with spiritual energies.

Essential oils for amplifying intentions

1. Frankincense: Increases spiritual awareness and aids in manifestation.
2. Sandalwood: Enhances meditation and promotes a deep sense of calm.
3. Ylang Ylang: Boosts self-love and confidence, empowering your intentions.

Playful Ideas for Lion’s Gate Portal Magick

While harnessing the energies of the Lion’s Gate Portal, it’s important to have fun and infuse your magick with playfulness and creativity. Here are some creative spells and rituals to explore:

1. Creativity spells and rituals: Engage in artistic activities like painting or writing poetry to channel the portal’s creative energies.
2. Love and self-love spells: Create personalized love potions using rose petals, essential oils, and intention-infused water to attract love or enhance self-love.
3. Personal growth and manifestation rituals: Write a letter to your future self, detailing your dreams and aspirations. Seal it in an envelope and read it next year to witness your growth and manifesting abilities.

Davina MacKail’s Ritual for Lions Gate Portal 

Make the most of this powerful energy with this abundance ritual.

Create a manifesting altar somewhere in your home. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose. Create it in a way that when you gaze upon it you feel rich and overflowing with gratitude. It’s good to put it somewhere where the sun shines on it for some of the day to supercharge the activation.

Place items on it that remind you of your dreams – these could be pictures; photos; ornaments, your vision board etc. To enhance the current solar energies, use yellow, orange and gold items. A vase of sunflowers would be perfect; citrine, tigers eye and pyrite crystals; gold framed photos of those you deeply love or inspiring quotes in gold writing; yellow/orange candles etc. Let your imagination run wild. Also place a grouping of 8 – this could be 8 seeds, or 8 crystals to activate the infinite possibilities power of August 8th (8/8) Lion’s Gate.

When your altar is ready.  Light a candle on it and some incense (frankincense is good for abundance). Say a prayer to whatever higher power you believe in to call in energy to awaken your altar and energise your sacred items.

Clear your mind, relax your breathing and meditate for a few minutes.  When you feel ready write two lists.  One made up of 8 beliefs, habits, things you no longer want in your life and the second list 8 passionate life dreams you would absolutely LOVE to manifest.  Tear up the first list and throw it away or burn it and scatter the ashes.  Place the second list under a gold or yellow candle on your altar.  For the next 28 days until the next new moon on September 6th.  Light your altar candle every day and spend a few minutes imaging how wonderful your life will be as your dreams come true.

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Lion’s Gate Portal in few Words

The Lion’s Gate Portal offers a unique opportunity for spiritual growth, manifestation, and transformation. By harnessing the energies and performing rituals and spells aligned with this cosmic event, you can tap into the magic of the portal and manifest your desires. Remember to infuse playfulness and creativity into your practices, and trust in the abundant universe to support your intentions.

What Witches ask us for the Lion’s Gate Portal

1. Can anyone perform rituals and spells during the Lion’s Gate Portal?

Absolutely! The Lion’s Gate Portal is accessible to everyone, regardless of their spiritual background or experience. Simply set your intentions, create a sacred space, and embrace the energies of the portal.

2. Are there any specific precautions to take during Lion’s Gate rituals?

Approach witchcraft and rituals with respect and mindfulness. Ensure you are in a safe and peaceful environment, and be cautious with fire and sharp objects.

3. How long does the Lion’s Gate Portal remain open?

The Lion’s Gate Portal is believed to be hyper-activated on the 8th of August, but its energies can be felt days before and after (July 26 – August 12). Take advantage of this entire period to perform rituals and spells aligned with the portal’s energy.

4. Can I perform multiple rituals during the Lion’s Gate Portal

Yes, you can perform multiple rituals and spells during this time but do not scatter your energy. Get done what most important to you but also feel free to combine different practices or focus on specific intentions. Trust your intuition and follow your heart’s guidance.

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