Once in a Blue Moon – Pisces August 30/31st – How to ride the Mystical tides and Manifest your Wildest Dreams

Once in a Blue Moon - Pisces August 30/31st – How to ride the Mystical tides and Manifest your Wildest Dreams

Once in a Blue Moon – Pisces August 30/31st – How to ride the Mystical tides and Manifest your Wildest Dreams. Our cosmic fish swim in on a Blue Moon waxing full on Thursday 31st August at 2.35am BST. Higher tides, seismic shifts and accelerated psychic static guaranteed. At seven degrees Pisces it super powers the mystical and the magical. It’s sympathetic and kind, but produces a sense of discomfort about what you can truly trust? This is a private, sensitive, intimate tete a tete with your Soul. Are you paying attention? Do you know what your Soul’s aching to tell you? Are you following your sixth sense? Listening to your dreams, hunches, inner knowing’s?

Once in a Blue Moon – Pisces August 30/31st

This mystical Blue Moon brings a touch of magic. Dive deep and let intuition be your guide. The cosmic hotline has mystical messages awaiting, if you’re willing to take the plunge into your inner wisdom lakes.

Pisces helps us tap into our boundless imagination, channels our intuition and connects us to the spiritual realms. During this particular lunar rarity, our magical mindset will be lit up. Visions, dreams, and mystical messages are there for the noticing. Break out the tarot cards or try automatic writing. Sleep may be dream-filled and vivid. Write down messages received during meditation or creative work. Magic is swirling, and the signs are neon.

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The compassionate fish will turbo charge our empathy allowing for deep healing to occur. Pisces rules forgiveness, so lingering grudges will feel particularly heavy. Let them go and channel that energy into philanthropic pursuits that make a difference. We’ll feel best when helping others but not to the point of ignoring our own needs.  Balance is always key.

The cosmic fish swims the Blue Moon waters

With changeable Pisces influencing this moon, emotions will be as fluid as water. If you’ve been swimming against the current, this lunar event provides a chance to stop fighting and go with the flow. Release control and see where the cosmic tides take you.

Pisces rules our feet. Take this Blue Moon as a reminder to ground yourself. Spend time barefoot on the earth, do yoga poses to strengthen your foundation, or visualize roots growing from your toes. Staying grounded will allow you to paradoxically fly higher and help when Pisces turbulent waters get rough.

The turbulence comes with the fact that structured Saturn is retrograde in Pisces’ oceanic seas. Saturn’s current backspin in this fantasy-filled sign will make realities feel fluid and spark contemplation about life’s impermanence.

Pisces dissolution meets Saturn’s tested boundaries—what needs to remain? What is ready to be released?

Rigid thinking gets diluted in Pisces’ waters. Open up to inspired ideas, but do your due diligence before fully committing. Follow the flow, but avoid drifting aimlessly. Saturn is in the process of ending and removing what no longer serves us in the 3D realm.  It relates to our energetic responsibilities, old Soul lessons and significant karma we’ve attached to.

This work can feel discouraging, depressive, challenging and very alone at times.  Saturn in Pisces insists that to discover the Ancient Soul within we have to go it alone and trust ourselves to fix it. A good question to unearth where to look is “What’s the one thing I don’t want to do, that if I did it, would shift the energy in my life towards more joy and happiness?”

Saturn says let’s get real about daily habits. 

Ones that include tuning in to that very real connection we have with the divine.  We’re multi-dimensional beings, life is mysterious.  Tangible reality is more malleable and changeable than we consciously understand. Saturn asks you to welcome in this new expanded consciousness and put Spiritual practice into action.  Choose to embody the higher dimensional being you actually are.

“a girl blowing a bugle”

The Sabian symbol for this lunar degree is “a girl blowing a bugle”.  It suggests a rallying call, a call to action.  A wake-up to the realities that surround us, yet knowing that we are calling for support.  It’s a perfect symbol for Saturn in Pisces – getting real on the bigger picture as our Blue Super Moon shines its light on deceptions, scandals and our own delusions.

Directly opposed the Sun in Virgo, we’re on the astrological pivot of health bringing the axis of Pisces dreams and Virgo reality into prominence. Giving rise to a great opportunity for healing both self and others. The intuitive Pisces moon pierces through Virgo’s analysis. Don’t overthink and lose touch with your heart’s wisdom. But Virgo’s presence can also anchor Pisces’ urge to merge by focusing on practical details. What do you need to take care of? How did you get here? The balancing of the spiritual with the physical is what we need for true health.

Saturn and Virgo’s influence brings this moon down to Earth. 

Completing the tedious, without complaint, leaves more energy to enjoy life’s sweeter bouquets. No more procrastinating. Just do it.  You’re not without high level support here.  Ask for potent dreams, ask the Oracle or your guardian angel. Whatever works for you make that prayer and recruit your higher helpers into the equation. Saturn is serious and challenging but show willing to take responsibility and you enlist one of the Cosmos’s most powerful helpers.

With eight celestial bodies currently retrograde most of life is currently idling on amber. Overwhelm and confusion adds to the mix with lots of planets in mutable signs currently illuminated by Pisces delusional tendencies.  Release and feel relief.  Let yourself be like the fish, meandering in all directions down the river of life. Allow yourself to drift with the varying tides for a while. Earth and water are slower frequencies, requiring peace and calm. Change can be natural and easy.  It can flow with Grace if we allow it. Let go, let God. The old and stale is being uprooted.  Allow the change. Embrace it. The larger shift forward comes with the turn of the annual wheel going into 2024.

This moon unleashes the inner creative in us all.

With Venus retrograde still moving through Leo the external expression of these creative juices could be overly dramatic. Square Jupiter in Taurus we’re also coming to terms with financial evolution.  Cosmic disrupter, Uranus has just begun its retrograde journey through Taurus adding its celestial powers to the Super Moon’s potential for radical seismic earth shifts, cyber outages, financial upheaval and the like.  Digital currencies will hit the headlines. Central banking ones are the old, dying order of Capricorn.  The new kid Aquarius, says de-centralised is the future – power with the people, for the people, by the people.

Bewilderment comes with the realisation of everything we thought we knew was wrong.  The continued deceptions being thrown to light by our astrological referees can push more of us into this dis-orientation. Keep tethered to your higher reality, your Soul’s knowing that whatever happens it’s somehow all ok.  Reality is a choice of repeated thoughts. Focus on self-sovereignty and your inalienable ability to create. Pisces creates the tether to faith; Saturn reminds us to practise it in our daily reality.

This Blue moon carries a strong Pisces signature. 

It’s an important moment to release what no longer serves your future.  Certainly, you’re learning you no longer need external validation in the way you once did.  With what is swirling so sternly around us it’s more important than ever to integrate our intuitive knowing into our everyday reality.

Those cosmic fish look at both sides of everything. They want to understand it all. Be open to the new and be prepared to admit you might have been wrong about the old. None of us have it all figured out.  Surrender to the all-encompassing wisdom of the Universe. The Pisces full moon can act as a spell against our collective indifference at what is currently happening on our planet.  Ultimately the antidote is a commitment to radical actionable goodness for all. Walk gently on this Earth with an open loving heart, every second of every day.

The mingling energies of this Blue Moon are sure to open creative and magical portals. But with changeable Pisces influencing this lunar event, emotions may be as fluid as the tides and the tendency to escape will be strong.  Dose your dreams with reality for the most bountiful outcome. To develop we need to be willing to continually walk across thresholds, down tunnels, through doorways and inhabit new spaces. Release control, get grounded, and let cosmic currents carry you into new waters. Wishing you all infinite full moon love and blessings

Ritual For Pisces Full Moon

Under the light of this full moon find a quiet, comfortable place where you can sit or stand near a source of water, like a lake, stream, or your bathroom sink. You will need to take a small bowl with you.  You might also like to set the space with a candle/holder or incense.

This moon’s silvery illumination purifies and washes clean.

Take a few deep breaths to centre yourself and set your intention to let go of emotions and energy that no longer serve your highest good.

Fill the bowl with cool water. As you do so, visualize the water washing away any pain, sadness, anger, or other emotions you wish to release.

Hold the water in your hands and take a moment to reflect on the feelings you want to let go of, feel them in your body. Speak them aloud if you wish. Know that it is okay to release them.

When you feel ready, slowly pour the water out on the ground or down the sink, visualizing the emotions flowing out of you. As you pour, say aloud “I release you fully, you are no longer part of my reality.” Feel the emotions wash away.

Repeat this ritual as many times as needed, refilling the bowl and setting a new emotional release intention each time.

When finished, breathe deeply and soak in the Pisces moon’s radiance. Its light cleanses and renews. What is left is space for growth, wisdom, and unconditional love.

Whenever you need to cleanse burdening emotions during this moon cycle, remember this ritual. The water is always there to support you.

So mote it be…..

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