December 22: Second day of Yule: the Wild Hunt

December 22: Second day of Yule: the Wild Hunt

These are the most magical days of the year. The last 12 days of the year (December 21st – January 1st) are also known as the days and nights of Yule or Solstice. Hence, for witches these are the 12 sacred days of Magic. In particular, today is the second day of the 12 nights of Yule, known as “The Wild Hunt”. Hence, a primordial force of magic will be unfolded tonight.

What is the Wild Hunt?

According to legends and traditions, a band of huntsmen, be they of elven or faerie nature (fae people), or deceased – undead, roamed the lands. This is the force which can shake the reality of the World. Remember, these are the days and night of Saturnalia. Rules are reversed!

Hence, some pagan traditions associate the second day of Yule with a magical phenomenon known as the Wild Hunt. This mystical display entails a spectral or supernatural procession in which a group of beings, often guided by mythological figures traverse the night sky or traverse the land. This ethereal cavalcade is typically described as an apparition of equestrians or other creatures, occasionally accompanied by howling gusts of wind or other eerie sounds. Let’s dive into this more!

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Second day of Yule: Tradition advices to avoid the Wild Hunt!

It was recommended to remain indoors, utilizing one’s energy to cast protective spells and foster positivity within the household. Encountering this hunting party could potentially herald war or other catastrophic events, and, worse yet, bring death upon the observer. Some tales even suggested that those unfortunate enough to be sighted by the huntsmen would be transported to the Underworld or the Faerie Kingdom.

To witness the Hunt or be spotted by the hunters was considered extremely unlucky.

Another belief mentioned that individuals lacking protection might have their souls taken while slumbering, becoming huntsmen themselves.
The enigmatic leader of the Wild Hunt is shrouded in mystery. Legends offer divergent accounts, positing figures like Odin or Frau Holle. However, in Celtic lore, the hunt may be presided over by individuals like Herne the Hunter or the fairy king Gwyn ap Nudd.

Odin or Evil? Let’s see how to ‘avoid’ the Wild Hunt

After the christianization of Europe these figures were demonized. So, alternatively, the leader could be a historical figure, often a monarch or a formidable warrior. Demonic figures linked to “evil” such as Satan or lesser demons are sometimes implicated as well.

What tradition advices us!

Avoiding the Wild Hunt requires caution and preparation. Here are some steps you can take to steer clear of this perilous phenomenon:

1. Stay indoors: The most effective way to avoid encountering the Wild Hunt is to remain inside your home or a secure location. This reduces the chances of being spotted by the ‘huntsmen’ and keeps you safe from any resulting misfortune.

2. Cast protective spells: Utilize your energy and knowledge of protective magic to create a shield around your home. Focus on spells that are specifically designed for repelling negative energies and keeping supernatural entities at bay.

3. Foster positive energy: Surround yourself and your household with an aura of positivity. This can be achieved through various means, such as lighting candles with uplifting scents, playing joyful music, or engaging in activities that bring you happiness and peace.

4. Avoid venturing out at night: Since the Wild Hunt typically occurs during the nighttime hours, it’s advisable to refrain from wandering outside after dark. If you must go out, try to schedule your activities during daylight hours, when the chances of encountering the Hunt are significantly lower.

5. Be respectful of folklore and traditions: Acknowledge and respect the rich folklore and mythological beliefs surrounding the Wild Hunt. By showing reverence for these stories, you can develop a better understanding of the potential dangers associated with the phenomenon and take appropriate precautions.

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