Great Portal of Pleiades: May 18 – May 22

Great Portal of Pleiades: May 18 - May 22

We’ve all heard about the Seven Sisters. Meet the Pleiades, also known as the Seven Sisters. They are an open star cluster located in the constellation of Taurus. But that’s not just any star cluster. For their magic echoes throughout millennia. So, in various ancient cultures and magical traditions, the Pleiades held great significance and played a role in religious practice but also was a major turning point for rituals based on Star Magic and magical calendar systems.

Great Portal of Pleiades: May 18 – May 22

This powerful cluster of stars align with the Sun – tonight and for 5 nights. Peaking on May 21st, when Sun aligns with Alcyone, the brightest star of Pleiades, magical energy is so thick and potent you can change your life forever. Tonight, and every night until the Night of May 22, visualize all you want to change or attract in your life.

On the Night of May 21st we will perform a powerful ritual to conjure the Star Forces of the Seven Sisters (Pleiades). Tonight, meditate by visualizing yourself aligning – and you 7 chakras – with the 7 sisters. Right down then what you want to achieve (7 things) in a year and also write down what you want to abolish (also 7 things). Then go to sleep.

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Why do we care so much about the Seven Sisters?

Pleiades were very important to ancient people and practitioners. Let’s see why! Here are some highlights of their significance in the ancient world:

Ancient Greece:

In Greek religion, the Pleiades were the seven daughters of the titan Atlas and the nymph Pleione. They were named Maia, Electra, Taygete, Alcyone, Celaeno, Sterope, and Merope. According to legend, the Pleiades were transformed into stars by Zeus to protect them from the unwanted attention of Orion the Hunter.


In Hinduism, the Pleiades are known as the Krttika (or Karttika), believed to be the wives of the seven Rishi sages corresponding to the seven stars of the Great Bear constellation. It is said that when the Rishis doubted the faithfulness of their spouses, six of the stars separated from the group to become the Pleiades, while the seventh remained with the Rishi. This myth is also present in other cultures, where the Pleiades are associated with the seven good spirits in the Vedas and the Zendavestas. In Hindu mythology, the Pleiades are frequently linked to the Krittikas, known as the Seven Mothers or Seven Wives of the Seven Rishis. The Krittikas play significant roles in various legends and tales within Hindu lore.

Japanese Heritage:

In Japanese folklore, the Pleiades are known as “Subaru,” meaning “to govern” or “unite.” They are associated with the goddess Amaterasu, the sun deity and a symbol of the Japanese imperial family. Subaru, the Japanese car manufacturer, even adopted the Pleiades star cluster as its logo.

Ancient Babylonians:

The Pleiades were highly regarded in Babylonian religion. The Babylonians mentioned the Pleiades cluster in their astronomical records, and it was called “MUL.MUL” (“star of stars”). They used the rising and setting of the Pleiades to mark important ritual and agricultural times.

Native American Cultures:

Different Native American tribes throughout North America hold varying cultural significance for the Pleiades. For example, the Hopi tribe in Arizona observes the Pleiades as the “Katsinam” (ancestral spirits) who visit the Earth during the Pleiades’ appearance in the pre-dawn sky, which signals the beginning of their ceremonial year.

Astrology and Witchcraft:

Astronomically, the Pleiades are a young star cluster, and studying them provides valuable information about stellar evolution. The Pleiades have been a subject of interest for both astrologers and astronomers alike. In astrology, they are associated with qualities like sensitivity, intuition, and spiritual guidance.

Witches and Pleiades

Witches and practitioners associated with the witchy way, view the Pleiades as a source of guidance and spiritual energy. They might incorporate the stars into rituals, spellwork, or astral travel practices.

Some witches believe the Pleiades can provide a channel to connect with deities or spirits. They may align their rituals or spellcasting with the Pleiades in order to enhance their spiritual connections or perform specific magical workings.

the 7 Sisters and Magic

Ancient Witches and esoteric magical systems associate each of the 7 sisters with different energies or attributes:

1. Maia / Red:

As Maia is associated with life, birth, growth, nurturing, and manifestation, Greeks revered her as the Goddess of Midwifery and is the eldest among the Seven Sisters. Therefore she is often seen as the mother figure and represents manifestation, fertility, abundance, and the power to bring dreams into reality.

2. Alcyone / Orange:

Alcyone is the Queen, the brightest shining – associated with courage, strength, and leadership. As as a source of personal magnetism and sacral chakra, Alcyone guides us towards claiming our desires. Therefore, she embodies assertiveness, determination, and the ability to take charge and make decisive choices.

3. Electra / Yellow:

A beacon of energy, Electra is the Activator, igniting our power of alchemy and magic. Hence, she associated with the solar plexus chakra, Electra enlightens us on our electric body and the strength of our will.

4. Celaeno / Green:

Celaeno embodies the essence of a passionate woman – exuding passion, love, magnetic power, and energy. As she manifests loves, she is the key of attraction, intuition, and heart-knowing, embodying love, mystery, passion, and secrets.

5. Taygete / Yellow:

Taygete is often associated with exploration, adventure, and the pursuit of knowledge. Moreover, she represents a thirst for wisdom, a yearning to discover new horizons, and a willingness to embrace change. Hence, teaching us the significance of our voice, breath, sound, and communication, Taygeta is the goddess that imparts the power of expression.

6. Sterope / Indigo:

Sterope is associated with psychic powers, and empathy. Linked to the third-eye chakra, Asterope emphasizes the power of vision, thoughts, and the mind, delving into the sacred geometry of the universe to enhance our intuitive and clairvoyant skills.

7. Merope / Violet:

Merope is sometimes considered the “lost” Pleiad, as she is associated with withdrawal, hiding, or not shining as brightly as her sisters. Hence, she represents secrecy, being elusive, or choosing a different path than expected. As she is linked with the crown chakra, she is not easily seen through material eyes. Only when all sisters are aligned she shines brightly, reminding us to cut the ties from the material world.

What energy do you want to manifest?

Take a candle of the color you need. Choose one. If you don’t have the appropriate color of the candle then use a white one which substitutes all colors. Then, inscribe the name of the sister. Light it at midnight. Meditate on your wish.

You can ask from any of the sister tonight your wish. But also, you can write down 7 things you want to banish from your life (remember tonight some traditions practice the Druid Samhain), and 7 things that your want you attract in your life! At midnight, go outside to meet the Pleiades, and tell them what you want to banish and what you want to attract!

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