Davina’s Summer Solstice Guide

Davina's Summer Solstice Guide

Welcome to Davina’s Summer Solstice Guide. In the Northern Hemisphere, the Summer Solstice marks the time of year when the Sun crowns the top of the sky — its highest and most radiant expression. Occurring on June 20th (for this year), this seasonal shift coincides with Sol’s ingress into Cancer, infusing this day with themes of connection and care. Because of this, the period surrounding the Solstice and the beginning of Cancer season brings a potent opportunity to honor the Sun’s role in dispensing radiance and kindling kinship. Luckily, we have a candle to help you do just that.

Here is a long-form article in the style of Davina Mackail, honoring and celebrating the solstice of 2024 from a shamanic and spiritual perspective:

Honouring the Dance of Light and Shadow: Solstice Solstice Guide. 2024

As we approach the solstice of 2024, there is a palpable shift in the air, a whisper of ancient wisdom carried on the wind. This pivotal moment in our yearly journey around the sun invites us to pause, reflect, and connect with the timeless rhythms that have guided our ancestors for millennia.

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The solstice, whether summer or winter depending on your hemisphere, marks a profound turning point in the eternal dance between light and shadow. It is a cosmic event that has been revered and celebrated by cultures across the globe since time immemorial, each adding their unique traditions to the rich tapestry of solstice lore.

From a shamanic perspective, the solstice is far more than just the longest or shortest day of the year. It is a powerful energetic gateway, a liminal space where the veils between the worlds grow thin, and the spirits of nature beckon us to listen more deeply to their song.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the summer solstice ushers in the zenith of solar energy. The sun, in all its radiant glory, reaches its highest point in the sky, blessing us with the longest day and the shortest night. This is a time of abundance, of flowering and fruition. The yang energy is at its peak, inviting us to step into our own power, to shine our light brightly and unapologetically.

The Wise Ones always knew

Our ancestors understood this. They built magnificent structures like Stonehenge in England and Chichen Itza in Mexico, aligned perfectly to capture the first rays of the solstice sun. They gathered in sacred circles, kindled bonfires, and danced until dawn, honoring the life-giving force of Father Sun.

In the Southern Hemisphere, the winter solstice marks the longest night, the nadir of yin energy. This is a time of introspection, of journeying inward to the cave of our hearts. The darkness invites us to rest, to dream, to incubate the seeds of our visions for the coming cycle.

⭐️ Indigenous cultures in the Southern Hemisphere, such as the Mapuche in Chile, celebrate Wetripantu, their New Year, at this time. They gather by rivers at dawn, immersing themselves in the icy waters to purify their spirits and prepare for the rebirth of the sun.

Regardless of where we find ourselves on this beautiful planet, the solstice offers us a profound opportunity to align ourselves with these greater cycles of nature. It reminds us that we, too, are part of this intricate web of life, subject to the same ebb and flow of energy.

So how might we honor this solstice of 2024 in a way that is meaningful and transformative?

First and foremost, take time to be still. Whether you find yourself basking in the height of summer or wrapped in winter’s cloak, carve out a sacred pause in your life. Sit in nature, feel the earth beneath you, and simply breathe. Allow yourself to become fully present to the moment, to the quality of light, to the whispers of the wind.

Next, consider creating your own solstice ritual. This doesn’t have to be elaborate. It can be as simple as lighting a candle at dawn or dusk, setting an intention for the coming cycle, or making an offering of gratitude to the spirits of the land where you dwell.

If you’re drawn to working with the four elements, as many shamanic traditions do, you might incorporate them into your practice:

  • ⭐️ Light a candle or build a small fire (with proper safety precautions) to honor the transformative power of Fire.
  • ⭐️ Pour a libation of pure water onto the earth, acknowledging the life-sustaining gift of Water.
  • ⭐️ Burn some herbs or incense, letting the smoke carry your prayers to Spirit on the wings of Air.
  • ⭐️ Bury a biodegradable token in the soil, planting your dreams in the fertile womb of Earth.

Whatever form your celebration takes, bring to it a spirit of joy and reverence. Allow yourself to be fully present in this moment of cosmic alignment. Feel the vitality of the sun coursing through your veins, the solid earth beneath your feet, and the vast, illuminated sky above.

Remember, the solstice is also a potent time for divination and dreamwork. The thinning of the veils allows for clearer communication with the spirit realms. You might choose to journey with your power animal, seeking guidance for the months ahead. Or perhaps you’ll draw some oracle cards, using their archetypal wisdom to illuminate your path.

you can Celebrate with others

Community has always been at the heart of solstice celebrations. While our modern lives might not always allow for grand gatherings, consider connecting with like-minded souls, even if it’s just a small circle of friends or family. Share a meal, tell stories, sing songs. These simple acts of coming together carry immense power.

As you move through this solstice, I invite you to embrace both the light and the shadow within yourself. Honor your achievements, yes, but also acknowledge the parts of you that are weary, that need nurturing. The solstice teaches us that both are necessary, both are sacred.

In closing, let us remember that we are not separate from the great cycles of nature. We are nature. And as we tune into the profound shift of energy that the solstice brings, may we recommit ourselves to walking in balance, to living in harmony with All Our Relations.

So whether you’re welcoming the sun at its zenith or bowing to the quiet depth of the longest night, know that you are participating in an ancient rite, a cosmic dance that has been unfolding since the dawn of time.

Blessed Solstice to you all. May the turning of the wheel bring you wisdom, healing, and an ever-deepening connection to the magic that surrounds us always.

Here is an extended version of the article, maintaining the style of Davina Mackail while honoring and celebrating the Summer Solstice of 2024:

The Wisdom of Our Ancestors

Our ancestors, deeply attuned to the rhythms of nature, recognized the profound significance of this celestial event. From the ancient stone circles of Britain to the pyramids of Egypt and the temples of Peru, cultures across the globe aligned their sacred sites with the rising sun on the solstice. These monuments stand as enduring testaments to humanity’s reverence for this day of astronomical power.

In Celtic traditions, the solstice was known as Litha, a time of honoring the Oak King at the height of his reign before he gives way to the Holly King of the waning year. Bonfires were lit on hilltops, their flames symbolizing the sun’s power and offering protection for the coming harvest season. People would leap through the flames in acts of purification and courage.

The ancient Greeks celebrated the festival of Kronia, honoring the god Cronus. It was a time when social norms were overturned, and even slaves were allowed to participate in the festivities as equals. This reminds us that the solstice energy supports the dissolution of artificial hierarchies and the recognition of our shared humanity.

In China, the summer solstice was associated with the feminine force of yin. It was believed that from this point forward, as the days grow shorter, yin forces begin to strengthen. This elegantly illustrates the concept of dynamic balance—even at the peak of yang (masculine, active) energy, yin (feminine, receptive) energy is honored and acknowledged.

The Element of Fire

In many traditions, the Summer Solstice is associated with the element of Fire. It is the zenith of the solar year, a time when the fiery energy of the Sun is at its most potent. This is an opportunity for us to kindle our own inner flames—to ignite our passions, to burn away that which no longer serves us, and to fuel our dreams and aspirations.

Fire is a powerful transformer. It changes the shape and state of anything it touches. In working with the Fire element during the solstice, we invite profound transformation into our lives. We can use this energy to forge new paths, to temper our will, and to bring our visions into manifested reality.

But let us also remember that within this moment of peak light, the seeds of darkness are also sown. From this point forward, the days will gradually shorten as we begin the slow descent towards winter. This paradox teaches us about the eternal dance of light and shadow, reminding us to find balance and to honor both the brightness and the darkness within ourselves.

Just as the outer world is filled with abundant light, so too our inner landscapes are illuminated. The solstice invites us to shine that light into every corner of our being—even those shadowy places we sometimes prefer to ignore. It is a time for radical self-honesty, for seeing ourselves clearly and compassionately.

Divination and Spiritual Guidance

This is also a powerful time for divination and for seeking guidance from the spirit world. The amplified energy of the solstice can enhance our intuition and our ability to receive messages from the unseen realms. Take some time for quiet reflection, perhaps with a deck of oracle cards, a pendulum, or simply by entering a meditative state. Ask what lessons this solstice holds for you. What needs to be illuminated in your life? What is ready to come to fruition?

You might also consider a practice of shamanic journeying during this time. The solstice gateway facilitates deep journeys into non-ordinary reality. You may wish to journey to meet the Spirit of the Sun, to commune with a power animal, or to seek wisdom from your ancestors. Remember to approach these encounters with humility and gratitude.

Abundance and Generosity

Remember, too, that the Summer Solstice is a time of abundance and generosity. The natural world is in full bloom, offering up its bounty. In this spirit, consider how you might share your own gifts with others. Acts of kindness and service align us with the expansive energy of the season and help to strengthen the web of interconnectedness that sustains us all.

This might take the form of volunteering, making donations to causes you care about, or simply being extra generous with your time and attention to those around you. The key is to embody the sun’s radiant, life-giving qualities.

It’s also a wonderful time to nurture your relationships. Host a solstice feast for your loved ones, using seasonal, locally grown food. Share your hopes and dreams with each other. Laughter, good food, and heartfelt conversation are all forms of solar nourishment.

Gratitude and Integration

As the day of the solstice draws to a close, take a moment to express your gratitude. Thank the Sun for its endless giving. Thank the Earth for her nourishing body. Thank the ancestors and spirit helpers who have guided you. And thank yourself for showing up, for being present, and for playing your unique part in the great unfolding of life.

The energy of the Summer Solstice will continue to resonate in the days and weeks that follow. Carry its light with you as you move forward. Let it illuminate your path, warm your heart, and inspire you to shine your own radiant essence into the world.

In the days after the solstice, pay close attention to your dreams and to signs from the natural world. Often, the messages we receive around this powerful time continue to unfold their meaning over time. Keep a journal, if you feel called, to record your experiences and insights.

Remember also to stay grounded. With so much high-frequency energy available, it’s important to stay connected to the earth. Spend time in nature, walk barefoot on the grass, lean your back against a tree. Let Mother Earth harmonize and integrate the solar currents running through you.

Embracing Our Solar Selves

The solstice reminds us that we, too, are celestial beings. Just as the Earth orbits the Sun, so do our lives revolve around central sources of meaning, purpose, and inspiration. This is a time to reconnect with those sources, to realign ourselves with our core values and aspirations.

Ask yourself: What is at the center of my universe? What animates my days and lights up my soul? How can I more fully embody that energy?

For in truth, we are all reflections of the Sun’s brilliance. We are all keepers of the flame. And as we honor the sacred turning of the seasons, may we remember that the greatest magic lies not in the external ceremony, but in the inner transformation it ignites.

The solstice calls us to step into our sovereignty, to claim our place in the great web of life. It beckons us to rise each day with purpose, to burn brightly with authenticity, and to warmly illuminate the lives of those around us.

As this blessed Solstice of 2024 approaches, may we each embrace our inner sun. May we have the courage to shine at full strength, knowing that our light does not diminish others but instead inspires them to kindle their own flames.

And may we carry the spirit of the solstice with us always, recognizing that every day is an opportunity to celebrate the light, to honor the changing seasons of our lives, and to dance in joyful reverence with the rhythms of the Earth.

Blessed Summer Solstice to you all. May the light of this day guide you towards your highest good, and may your spirit soar on the solstice winds. Remember, the magic is not just in the sky above, but in your own radiant heart. Shine on!

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