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SOLAR ECLIPSE Astrological Predictions
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Predictions for Monday, 21 August 2017 – Solar Eclipse

General Astrological Predictions: At 18:31UT the Moon conjuncts the Sun causing the New Moon and a Solar Eclipse in Leo. Actually, almost two hours after the eclipse, the Moon will enter Virgo. The energies of the eclipse have started raising just after the Lunar Eclipse and will be active until the next Full Moon on… Keep Reading

daily predictions
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Daily Predictions for Tuesday, 8 August 2017

General Daily Predictions: The influence of the Lunar Eclipse is still strong. As we said, depending on the place of the world, it may be even stronger. Australia and Asia may prefer refer to the predictions of the Eclipse, although I would suggest it for everyone. Today the Moon will form some beneficial aspects, reducing… Keep Reading

Spiritual Advice for all Zodiac signs
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Spiritual Advice for all the Zodiacs – July 30 to August 5

General Spiritual Advice and tendencies of the week: This week the spiritual advice is to turn inwards and work there with ourselves in order to “walk” towards our goals. Especially the long term and life goals. Although it’s more of a spiritual and mental procedure, there is nothing saying we should halt our wordy efforts… Keep Reading

Astrology - Daily Predictions
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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Astrology Today: Moon will form a hexagon with retrograde Saturn and later on the day a triangle with Venus. Both of them are good aspects, and even more they keep the power of the opposition of these two planets very week. This aspect has lost most of its power and it’s hardy in effect today… Keep Reading

Astrology - Daily Predictions
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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Astrology Today: We still are in a magical period. This is the last day of this period when psychic and magical powers and talents are so strong and active. From tomorrow on this tread will start declining. Early in the day it may seem this way today too. Our intuition and visualising types of prophecy… Keep Reading

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