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Spiritual Advice for all the Zodiacs – July 30 to August...

General Spiritual Advice and tendencies of the week: This week the spiritual advice is to turn inwards and work there with ourselves in order to...

Venus in Vedic Astrology and Lord Sukra

Lord Sukra (Shukra) Vedic Astrology : Venus and Lord Sukra (Shukra)   In Vedic Astrology planet Venus has a female nature. It also considers Mercury, Saturn and...

Bast Zodiac Sign

Bast (Bastet), the Mistress of Love and Protection Bast is the one who Ra summons to help him against Apophis. Although he first summons Sekhmet...

Zodiac Signs and Types of Witches

What kind of Witch are you according to Astrology?

Mut Zodiac Sign

Mut (also known as Maut), the Mother of All Her name means “Mother” in the ancient Egyptian language. She is a very ancient deity, associated with...

Zodiac Signs & Natural Phenomena

How each Sign"s emotional charge is manifested in physical phenomena?

Which Zodiac Sign is associated the most with serial killers?

People say that correlation is not causation. Nevertheless, statistics is statistics! David Jester is a British author. He recently published his novel The Clinic: A...

Tips & Tricks While Retrograde Neptune

Neptune is one of the most slowly moving planets around the Sun. Hence, it's Retrograde course makes things even slower. But that's not what...

Zodiac Signs and Magic. What are you good at?

With what magical powers are you born with according to your Zodiac Sign?