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Your Current Life's Challenge - Choose a Symbol of Alchemists
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Your Current Life’s Challenge – Choose a Symbol of Alchemists

Transformation has always been the goal of the Alchemists. Whether it was portrayed as merely an attempt to become rich by making more gold or stay young forever, this was only just a symbol. You see, alchemists real goal was to transform the ‘heaviest’ elements of the real world to true enlightenment.  The Alchemical Ladder … Keep Reading

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Most Powerful Chakra based on your Zodiac Sign

Chakra is an energy center located in both physical and non physical bodies. This energy center acts like a node linking all bodies with physical and psychic functions. Each chakra is drenched with occult powers known for millennia. These focal points are affected by spirits, the energy of earth and of course the stars. This… Keep Reading

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