10 Signs you are a Reincarnated Alchemist

10 Signs you are a Reincarnated Alchemist

Alchemists are usually portrayed as ageless and insanely rich yet surprisingly greedy men (yes this is also a sexist view), who thirst for more and more material goods. Well, this is far from true. But before we begin describing the signs of a Reincarnated Alchemist we need to abolish some of the usual myths surrounding them. Just spend some seconds ‘remembering’ what you’ve ever heard about these amazing individuals. Now, let’s see what’s true and not about them.

Who are Alchemists?

Well, as an alchemist I need to tell you that I’m not insanely rich or ageless (although I look pretty good ;p ). So, there you are. First myth busted. But what really is an alchemist? Alchemists are, in fact, a kind of Witches. They understand that ‘Nature’ is actually both a Goddess and Creation. Hence, Alchemists praise Nature for her divine abilities but try to ‘work’ with her in order to better their qualities, find cures and, ultimately, transcend ‘her boundaries’.

What about the Philosopher’s stone?

One of the Goals of the Alchemist (according to common belief) is to find/create the Philosopher’s Stone. This stone bestows the alchemist the ability to cure all diseases, live forever and have plenty of gold (as it can transform all metals into gold). Pretty cool right? And greedy. Well, if you follow us for many years, you can clearly understand the symbolism behind that.

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  • Turning other metals into Gold -> represents the altering of consciousness and the Shadow Work that needs to be done in order to evolve through higher stats of existence.

Are Alchemists Real?

Yes, they are real. And they are everywhere. There were many documented reports of alchemists in ancient China, India, Greece, Egypt and medieval Europe. Actually, there are modern reports of self-proclaimed modern alchemists in the US and everywhere. Now, to answer the question “are alchemists real” we need to define them first. Alchemist, is the person (of any ANY gender) – master of transformation – who uses the Craft to manipulate the forces of Nature, in order to alter and transcend reality.

10 Signs you are a Reincarnated Alchemist

As you can understand, once an alchemist – always an alchemist. Alchemists love to discover the secrets of nature and achieve higher states of existence.

Once, you’ve achieved transcending time and space, this energy doesn’t go away. Consciousness is transferred, and the qualities of an alchemist live on – like the symbolic ageless man – after physical death, inspiring the following incarnations.

1. Always Questioned ‘Reality’

A true alchemist understands the nature, or reality, as merely an artificial veil, disguising the true reality. Hence, an alchemist, although respects the rules and physical laws of reality, searches inwards to find ways to transcend it. Astral Projection has always been an alchemist’s best friend!

2. Games with ‘potions’ from plants & minerals as kid

Do you remember yourself ‘playing’ with ‘potions’? Melting and grinding herbs, roots and leaves, boiling them with sand or other materials? Well, my dear, this can easily be a ‘reincarnated’ memory of your (distant, or recent) Past. It’s no secret that alchemists loved – and still love – to experiment with plants, essential oils, roots and minerals.

3. You enjoy Silence & Isolation

When alchemists work, they want no distraction. They love to stay in a silent place – isolated from “artificial reality’s” stimuli, so that they can focus on their Work. Hence, if you bear the soul of a reincarnated alchemist, you regularly need silence and isolation, for your mind and skills to unfold.

4. Not afraid of Death

A true Alchemist knows that this Reality’s Death only gives birth to another reality. Although always trying to banish weakness and diseases, a true alchemist made peace with Death, knowing that it is just a portal to another Realm.

what happens beyond physical death

5. You feel that Crystals somehow talk to you

Crystals and objects bearing precious stones and gems seem to communicate with you. Even since you were a kid, you might remember ‘talking’ to your favourite crystal. You are not the only one, my dear. I’ve done it too, and many before us. Crystals vibrate on a higher plain, and this is why you are attracted to them. They help us perceive what lies beneath this physical realm. Although precious, alchemists realize the value beyond price and money. Crystal Magic is amongst their favourite types of Witchcraft.

6. Planets in Scorpio / 8th House

Scorpio is the sign of Transformation. This is why is represented by the Scorpion, the Eagle and the Phoenix (see more about your Zodiac Sign’s different States of Evolution here). Scorpios are born alchemists but you don’t just need to be born from October 23 to November 22. After all, if you have planets in this Zodiac Sign, or in your 8th House, that makes you prone to those energies. See here if you have Planets in Scorpio or in your 8 House (and more…). 

7. Always had a thing about antiques

You just can’t get your eyes off an old key, or an antique. Well, besides your curiosity and love for wisdom that may have been forgotten, there is another very important reason this happens. What is happening is that you are actually drawn by the energy of these items. You see, the emotions and thoughts of the previous owners linger in physical items. This energy ‘speaks’ to you. And you can listen, so, you can hear it!

8. Passion for Healing

The symbolism of the Philosopher’s Stone is actually a metaphor of the energy manipulation a true alchemist can achieve. Alchemists draw energy from nature and unlock the chakras to bring forth healing and euphoria. Hence, most reincarnated alchemists can be doctors, nurses, or healers of any kind.

9. Love Riddles

Creating and solving riddles has always been something that defined you, even as a kid. You loved locked diaries, usually with a gold lock and key. Moreover, you loved using cryptic code, or language to describe valuable thoughts, or emotions. Furthermore, you loved to decipher thoughts and signals, like body-language, or anything that could help you get closer to truth.

10. Genuine Truth Seeker (even if it hurts)

Truth is what is really important. Anything else is irrelevant. You need to get to the core and learn what exactly happened, is happening, or going to happen. Hence, this thirst may often hurt you, but you keep on going. Because, if something is true is worth the troubles.

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