Why should someone study Alchemy to do Magic

Alchemy and Magic

Alchemy is the very first theoretical step to acquire occult knowledge. Alchemy is the Father of all occult wisdom because it’s the foundation of everything practical in magic, from simple candle magic to sophisticated ceremonies.

Alchemy and Magic. Blood Brothers.

Alchemy includes knowledge of the elements, astrology and insight of the multiple planes. This is why when an alchemist decides to do a spell, he/she is really more than sure for his/her results than any other practitioner. This methodology is what makes it special.

An alchemist knows that when he lights up a candle he calls upon the element of Fire. He knows that Fire is not an element to mess with. Fire demands respect. You cannot command fire and if you do, you probably feel that your spell did nothing or even worse, you succeeded the opposite. Same of course applies to creatures of Fire. They demand respect and acknowledgement.

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In touch with Nature!

An alchemist knows that when he cuts a branch of Jasmine he better be at night at his garden, under the effects of Moon in Cancer doing a rather pleasant astrological aspect with Venus or Neptune. Jasmine as a Lunar herb, cut in this way has multiple times increased force and magical capability. An alchemist is a patient “scientist” of magic who waits the exact time to act and knows the pros and cons or each period.

Of course the source of magic is our will and even without knowing anything about alchemy, driven by our intuition we”ll do miracles, yet I believe we”ll explore our full potential much easier if we study alchemy. This is what this magazine is all about. It”s not just a blog with a dozen of spells. You don”t need that. You”ll find thousands of blogs, books and sites promising easy magic, keeping often the most powerful knowledge for themselves. Of course I have secrets and secret recipes too. Who doesn’t.

Secrets though intrigues us to search deeper. But I believe magical knowledge should be free enough to make our lives better. It”s a global heritage. With a new methodology, we”ll try to give you the whole package, doing magic more effectively while you feel more and more secure about your results and your success. Magic is an ocean of information. Someone can be lost without the proper theoretical base. So come on and join MagicalRecipesOnline with this mystical e-journey. There are much more to come. There are much more to experience and enjoy!

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