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How to Release Yourself from Family Karma
Posted on in Spirituality/Witchcraft

How to Release Yourself from Family Karma

In Witchcraft we believe that there is no such thing as a coincidence. Everything is a result of a known or invisible force, we or someone else has set in motion. When? Probably many lifetimes before. Family Karma is real but is not what you actually thought. You see, we come in this World in… Keep Reading

7 Things You Don't Know About Karma
Posted on in Witchcraft

7 Things You Don’t Know About Karma

Karma, although a spiritual tenet, is also a universal law which was demonstrated by Newton as the Law of Action and Reaction. As the name itself means – Sanskrit: Deed / Action – is the reaction of what we have already done, though or felt. How Karma Works Through the thousands of years we live… Keep Reading

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