Who were you in your Past Life, Based on Astrology

your Past Life, Based on Astrology

Past lives, reincarnation, life, death, rebirth, all parts of the same story, of the same pattern. We are born, we live. But we die. One thing is certain though. We are going to be reborn. Reincarnation was well known in the ancient world. There are formulas to ‘detect’ your imprint of your past life in current one. Astrology is employed in many of them. In this article we will use the Nodes of the Moon in particular to find out who you were in your past life, based on astrology.

your Past Life, Based on Astrology

When you die, you return to the Great Womb, the Divine Mother or Great Goddess. From Her sacred ‘darkness’ you prepare your new life. Death is also a liberation from the burdens of life. Emotions, disappointments, fatigue. However, karmic debris is carried to new life in form of memories, likes/dislikes, sometimes health issues or even magical powers! Amongst others, the axis of North and South Node of the Moon can show us many things about our past life. Hence, your past life, based on Astrology can be detected from the South node which is always right across your North node! In other words, if your North node is in Aries, your South node is in Libra. If the North node is in Leo, the South node is in Aquarius etc.

Did you find it? Good. Let’s proceed then! Where is your North Node located? In which Zodiac Sign and what House?

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  • North Node in Aries / 1st house (South Node in Libra / 7th house):

Karmic Debris: the controlled one

In your recent past lives you’ve experienced a limitation in your relationships. You’ve probably were bound in an arrange-marriage which brought up the questions of liberty and love many many times. It seems that you were bound – somehow – and felt like you’ve always had to keep a balance so that marriage and partnerships would not fall apart.

Hence, a part of you feels that when you are yourself, others flee and collaborations collapse. But you really really need to know that being yourself is what you’ve really meant to be and nobody else. Embracing the truth unblocks your throat chakra – which has been blocked since young age! Were you a Witch in your past Life? See if you’ve got the signs – click here!

  • North Node in Taurus / 2nd house (South Node in Scorpio / 8th house):

Karmic Debris: the one who’ve seen Darkness

In your recent past lives you’ve experienced very very dark times. You’ve been hunted, prosecuted and lived gloom events which tried to darken your soul. However, you survived from this tragedy. You lived on. Your soul is now reborn and fresh. Although you still carry bits of these dark memories which come out in your dreams of visions, you’ve been liberated and you are a born survivor. You are strong and you can truly survive even in the most difficult situations.

Moreover, your soul thirsts for true magic and you are born with many abilities. Last but not least, it’s important to understand that during the past times of darkness you lived, your instincts have tried to keep you alive – hence they went kinda hypertrophic. You may have also experienced prostitution. Therefore, your sex life is very important and part of your survival. Do not be ashamed of it. After all, Kundalini lives in this chakra. Let it free you! Were you a Witch in your past Life? See if you’ve got the signs – click here!

  • North Node in Gemini / 3rd house (South Node in Sagittarius / 9th house)

Karmic Debris: the Migrant

In your recent past lives you’ve experienced migration, hoping to find a better place. You may have also embarked in expeditions of explorations or even crusades. For this reason you’ve been disappointed many many times as people may have always looking at you as an outsider, a foreigner.

However, your quest for a better place (especially in your mind) is still active in this life. Longing for new experiences and adventures you may find yourself (day)dreaming of places abroad. What you need to understand about your karmic debris, is that an explorer can fail too. However, you don’t have to give up! For every time you fall, you stand up 1 more time. Keep on searching. Were you a Witch in your past Life? See if you’ve got the signs – click here!

  • North Node in Cancer / 4th house (South Node in Capricorn / 10th house)

Karmic Debris: the one who lived in Poverty

In your recent past lives you’ve experienced poverty in many ways. Limited recourses due to wars, famine or even personal financial disasters. Probably descending from a big family you felt neglected or even self-denied. This has made you very strong but also ruthless in your past life. Hence, the karmic debris of your past should not be a prison for this life too. Once you realize the abundance of the Earth and connect to it, you will feel the energy coming towards you.

After all we have all inherited this world and we are all parts of it. Connect with the majestic and endless sources of this world and you will feel your world changing. This new life you’re living can become a prosperous and happy one. Embracing the past means you ease your fears of the karmic debris. Now you know why you are afraid. But also, it’s time to move on! Were you a Witch in your past Life? See if you’ve got the signs – click here!

  • North Node in Leo / 5th house (South Node in Aquarius / 11th house)

Karmic Debris: the exiled one

In your recent past lives you’ve been exiled or socially marginalized. Probably because of your rebellious spirit or your political ideas – you experienced wars or even witch hunts (!!!). You’ve been hunted, persecuted, imprisoned or exiled. But you lived a life with a free spirit. As you can realise the cost you payed has made you question your will to push through. In this life you still carry this ‘lone wolf’ in your heart as you’ve always been unique in many many ways.

You may still find it hard to open up to somebody because of your eccentric and spiritual ideas. However, this uniqueness should not be a problem. You should use this amazing karmic debris to mingle in this world – without losing your touch of course. Be this free-thinker and share your ideas. Were you a Witch in your past Life? See if you’ve got the signs – click here!

  • North Node in Virgo / 6th house (South Node in Pisces / 12th house)

Karmic Debris: the Lost one

In your recent past lives you’ve experienced loss of yourself in many ways. Probably a physical or mental condition could have broken your zest for life. Hence, you might have been hospitalized or  lived in an asylum. Furthermore, you may have voluntarily joined a sect or monastic group and devoted your life and self in it. For this reason – as you’ve given up usual earthly experiences, you’ve been reborn with an amazing thirst for experiences.

Although spirituality still catches your attention – and you may have developed amazing psychic experiences – you are not willing to give yourself up this time. Hence, pack up your experience my dear, and channel them in this promising new life of yours. Do not let your karmic debris become a burden for you. Living your life is not betraying your spirituality. It’s actually honouring it! Were you a Witch in your past Life? See if you’ve got the signs – click here!

  • North Node in Libra / 7th house (South Node in Aries / 1st house)

Karmic Debris: the hunted one

In your recent past lives you’ve experienced high-adrenaline situations. Something life fight-or-flight experiences. Wars and war-like experiences are imprinted in your karmic debris. Anxiety probably kicked in much younger age than one could anticipate and this is why you still suffer from it – along with nightmares and usual ‘bad feelings’.

However, what’s done is done. The past life should be a prison but a lesson. Your feelings’ intensity and vigorous energy is a gift – not a curse. What you need to do is to find a way to express this zest for life and give in to pleasure and adventurous experiences. You are meant to live an amazing life my dear. Practice meditation. Were you a Witch in your past Life? See if you’ve got the signs – click here!

  • North Node in Scorpio / 8th house (South Node in Taurus / 2nd house):

Karmic Debris: the slave

In your recent past lives you’ve experienced limitation in a very deep way. Probably you’ve been imprisoned or even enslaved – or of course a similar experience which ended up to losing your fortune and most of your earthly possessions.  This is exactly why you feel the need to explore your life in a steady and ‘safe’ way.

Hence, you can make you life feel much more difficult than it needs to be. Routine makes you feel safe and productive. At the same time you fear change. However, this norm periodically deplete your energy. Place your trust to the Universe and the divine forces. Embrace change because you are free from the past. You are destined to live a prosperous life! Were you a Witch in your past Life? See if you’ve got the signs – click here!

  • North Node in Sagittarius / 9th house (South Node in Gemini / 3rd house)

Karmic Debris: the humble one

In your recent past lives you’ve worked in a job that needed no intellectual stimuli probably descending from a humble family. This made you feel uncomfortable with your communication and your education. Hence, in this life, you may still need to prove yourself that you are worthy of higher education and knowledge.

However, in your life, you constantly find difficulties in this area. You may be forced to discontinue your courses and studies (maybe several times) but at the same time you always feel the need to keep educating yourself. This is why you still want (and/or probably do) embark in educational courses and seminars or read articles and books, trying to please this thirst for knowledge. Were you a Witch in your past Life? See if you’ve got the signs – click here!

  • North Node in Caprincorn /  10th house (South Node in Cancer / 4th house)

Karmic Debris: the Outlaw & Reject

In your recent past lives you’ve been chased and prosecuted by authorities for what you’ve stood for. Your own family might have abandoned you in some ways (or totally). However, although this was probably a noble act, these forces / authorities made you feel unsafe. Hence, you still have low self-esteem, always trying to be in a safe environment.

Therefore, this created a big emotional hole in your heart, by trying to please other. You are prone to be a victim of psychic vampires and parasites. Moreover, you usually neglect what you want in your heart and follow the needs of others. This make you feel alone – regardless how many people are around you. You don’t need anyone’s approval. You are unique & remarkable. Were you a Witch in your past Life? See if you’ve got the signs – click here!

  • North Node in Aquarius / 11th house (South Node in Leo / 5th house)

Karmic Debris: the forbidden Lover

In your recent past lives you experienced love in a very dangerous way. Probably who you loved or the way things gone brought up unimaginable difficulties and restrictions. As as result, you’ve been chased or even humiliated and exiled. Hence, this made your heart split. You might caught yourself thinking that you may never find love and good sex together, ever.

However, this is just an illusion and the result of this imbalances. Embrace all parts of yourself as this is what make you feel whole. You need to take risks (you already feel this very intensely) and stop thinking always the other first. Maintain balance in your relationships. Were you a Witch in your past Life? See if you’ve got the signs – click here!

  • North node in Pisces / 12 house (South Node in Virgo / 6th house)

Karmic Debris: the Patient

In your recent past lives you’ve experienced diseases and the feeling of helplessness probably even from young age. It makes sense as medicine has been improved dramatically the last decades. However, your feeling of surrender have been torturing you in the past and probably this karmic debris is still in your mind. You may also find yourself feeling like ‘a patient’ although things are not like this in reality.

What you need to understand is that life is for living and experiencing. You are born with amazing healing abilities my dear and these empathic abilities – I’m pretty sure you’ve got – should be used to help yourself and other. Hence, let it go, the past belongs in the past. You are now born to live a happy, free and prosperous life! Were you a Witch in your past Life? See if you’ve got the signs – click here!

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