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Telepathy: How to Read Someone's Mind
Posted on in Self-improvement/Spirit World

Telepathy: How to Read Someone’s Mind

“I wish, I could read your mind”. This is a phrase we have almost all said or thought at some point. No matter how well we know our loved ones or friends, what is going on in their brains remains unknown to us. This seems to be the ultimate boundary of our knowledge about the… Keep Reading

5 Signs When Your Third Eye Opens Accidentally
Posted on in Witchcraft

5 Signs When Your Third Eye Opens Accidentally

The Third Eye, is a mystical invisible eye which provides Sight beyond sight. It is a mystical eye which actually correlates to an important and powerful Energy centre located in the forehead according to most scholars. For most it is placed between the eyebrows and an inch higher. But what happens when the third Eye… Keep Reading

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