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Iceland's first pagan temple in 1000 years
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Norse Gods are back: Pagan Religion is once again officially recognized in Iceland

It was in 2010 when the Northern island state of Iceland hit the headlines after the eruption of a volcano that wreaked havoc on European aviation. Along with the awe of the powerful natural incident, it was also the very name of the volcano that fascinated the public: Eyjafjallajökull! The almost unpronounceable long name of… Keep Reading

U.S. Soldier, worshipper of Thor gets allowance to keep his beard
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U.S. Soldier, worshipper of Thor gets allowance to keep his beard

All of you should know Thor, the hammer-wielding god of the Germanic mythology. The versions of is name, e.g.  Old Norse Þórr (ᚦᚢᚱ), Old English ðunor, Old High German Donar, Old Saxon thunar, and Old Frisian thuner are cognates within the Germanic language branch. These descend from the Proto-Germanic masculine noun *þunraz ‘thunder’. The day… Keep Reading

Thor, the Nordic God of Thunders
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Thor, the Nordic God of Thunders

Thor was the son of Odin, King of the Gods, and the giantess Jörd the personification of Earth, while some claim that his mother was Frigga, Queen of the Gods. Thor was one of the 12 Gods that were allowed to sit in the twelve seats of the judgment hall in Asgard (the realm of… Keep Reading

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