Water of Mars (aka War Water)


Do you feel under psychic attack (see here if you’re surrounded by negativity)? Do you sense that something dark comes your way? Then Water of Mars will help you send these black shadows as far away from you as possible. Water of Mars (or alternatively known as War Water) is a mighty tool that every witch should keep in hand.

Lore of War Water – Water of Mars

Water of Mars was used in folklore to treat anemia, however, modern scientific methods are far more capable to cure such medical conditions (and with less adverse effects). The Water of Mars is a simple yet powerful recipe.


  • A jar
  • Water
  • Iron nails (if possible try to find cut iron nails)

How to Make the Water of Mars – War Water

On a Tuesday (the day of Mars) put the iron nails in the jar and fill the jar with water. Leave the nails inside the jar for at least 15 days in a cool place (preferably your refrigerator as you will prevent bacteria to be cultivated in the water).

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For the first 7 days leave the jar unopened and then open periodically as air will speed up the oxidation process of the nails. The secret for this recipe is oxidation.  Strain the water from the jar and use as needed. You can keep adding water to the original jar with the iron nails indefinitely and you will have an infinite supply of Water of Mars.  In addition, you can summon the God Mars  to bless your water with his powers.

How to Use Water of Mars :

  • To banish evil and  remove negativity from your place – Sprinkle around your house
  • To protect you, your loved one and your property from future psychic and magical attacks
  • Additionally to aid you in unbinding spells
  • Moreover, you can use it in your ritual to remove malevolent magic that has targeted you and your loved ones
  • To remove obstacles – When you feel that your road is blocked by unseen powers
  • For jinx removing- Add some drops in your bath along with a pinch of Black Salt and bathe. (make sure you’re not allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients – ask your doctor)

war water water of mars

Black Salt can be added to Water of Mars for improved effects as the two ingredients will make a powerful duet against evil. However, I would like you to be aware that it is a very strong combination and if you use it in your property always use other protective ingredients with more mild effects afterwards. Moreover, burn lavender, myrrh and gardenia oils in an oil burner to seal your protective ritual and calm the atmosphere down after a fierce battle.

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