Hydromancy: Elemental Divination with Water Magic

What is Hydromancy? How can I scry using just some water? Remember the words of the old wizard Gandalf the Gray? When he took the ring of power from Frodo he threw it to fire and said that it was the only way to reveal the truth because this was “a secret only Fire can tell.”


Well there are secrets only Fire can tell but there are also secrets only Air, Earth or Water can tell! The four elements have different access to the same truth. You have to understand deeply the nature of the matter that bothers you in order to find the perfect way to access it’s secrets. So if you want to know the truth of something and you are able to associate it with the element all you have to do is find the best divination way according to this element! Of course to do that is to know the nature of what you ask and study the elements of Magic and the World! This is what we are for. Remember Magic and Wisdom requires patience and we are here to help you. We really are! 

So let me give you an example. Let’s assume your husband is a sailor and he has been missing for a couple of days and you are worried. So you decide to scry (amongst other things I bet) and want to find out how is he. Well I would use either Water or Air to find out. Water because ships float on water and Air because ships are exposed to the Winds. So I would prefer to use techniques which involve those two elements because they are the closest element to him.

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However, if someone has mastered that well other divination techniques, like earth or fire divination, it might be even smarter to use them instead of trying to scry with the help of elements he/she doesn’t feel that comfortable. Water as an element is associated with intuition in a way no element can substitute. This is why divination techniques which involve Water are considered the most powerful ones and Water Witches and Water Sorcerers are considered the most powerful Seers of all.

We already gave you information on Ceroscopy, a technique which involves Fire(mostly) and Water. Now I’m going to give you an advanced yet simple Water Divination technique. The Hydromancy explained below is in its most simple form. As you advance we will give you more techniques.

What is Hydromancy? Hydromancy (which come from the Greek words Ύδωρ and Μαντεία) means Water Divination. And the following technique is pure Hydromancy.

circe invidiosa 1891 circe water house water witch water magic water scrying water divination
Circe, a water witch
maybe the most powerful Sorceress of all time,
daughter of Helios
The Method of Hydromancy

* Get a bowl of fresh tap water. If you are able you can add spring water or rain water.Not storm water though. If you had the chance to make it add 1-2 drops of May Dew Elixir.

* Sit comfortably. Relax your breathing. Try the hatha yoga relaxing technique we already gave you. It will power up your Magical and Spiritual Powers.
* If you think it will help light a candle or some incense. This is up to you. For some may be a disruption while for others an inspiration.  You can try the Divination Herbal Blend of Rosarium Blends. Magical Recipes online advice you to.
* Now that you are ready decide your question. Make it simple. Like “how is my husband?” or maybe “how will I be in 3 weeks from now?”.  Remember practice makes us better.
* Now stare the bowl of water. Stare on the deeps of the bowl ask the question either by saing it or by thinking of it. Now move your sight to the surface of the water. The ear of the water is in the deep and the mouth is on the surface! Now stop asking the question. Start reading the answer:
* You may start seeing visions. Seeing images and pictures of what you asked. These images may be drawn on the water or on your mind. All are correct!

      * You may start listening things or have the feeling that someone is saying things even if you understand it’s not an actual voice. Sometimes it may be a voice actually. All are correct!
      * You may start feeling things, positive or negative. A feeling of fear, or a feeling of joy! All are correct but just remember. When you ask something that you are really stressed to find out you may project this feeling to the water and the water will give it back to you through your intuition. This is why you always have to do the Hatha Yoga technique! Master this technique first and then practice divination and magic. In this way your results will be much more successful and much more precise! Trust me!

 * After you are done thank your Spirit, the Divine Source and those who might have helped you including your Guardian Angel.

 * Take notes of what you have seen, what you have listened, what you have felt. 

 Everything counts! Repeat as needed till you master the technique and you will !



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