The Zodiac Candles and their Colors

The Zodiac Candles and their Colors
We love Candle Magic. And this Candle Burning Magic Information will help you a lot. The Colors of the Zodiac Candles are based on the sources of the Witch. Different colours have been associated with the Zodiac Signs because each book author has a different point of view. Therefore, Alchemy has different correlations and traditional witchcraft completely different.

Traditional Witchcraft and Alchemy

In Candle burning magic, we use candles to represent the person or people for whom the ritual is done. These candles are chosen according to the astrological sign of these.

There are several systems that correspond a colour to a sign, and some even correspond a primary and one or more secondary colours. Here I am going to give you some of these systems. Which one is the best, is for you to choose. What I would advise though, is as soon as you find which system express you the best, stick to it and do not change it.

Your Power Candle

You may heard this term before. A Power candle is the candle of your true Nature’s power. One very important ingredient in your Magic & daily spell casting. To create your Power Candle, you need to find your Zodiac Sign’s associated color. In the following list you may  find yours according to Alchemy or Grimoires.

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Your Power candle may be used to symbolise your:

  • Luck
  • Vitality
  • Personal power
  • Success
  • Magical powers

Later, hold it in your hands (before lighting its flame of course) and focus on the qualities you love most about yourself. Put a bit of your saliva on it, anointing it – breathing it life. Once you’re ready light the flame and focus on your personal energy shining brightly. Do that for three lunar circles!

Alchemy and Colours of Zodiac Candles

Now, the first index is in fact based on alchemy and the planet that rules each sign. Concerning Magic, there are only seven planets and not ten. So here it is:


candle magic spells colors of zodiac candles colours of zodiac candles planat rulers

Traditional Witchcraft and Colours of Zodiac Candles

 Now, in the index below follow the columns from top to bottom to see the system. Both systems repeat themselves in dusty Medieval Grimoires and also latest Books of Shadows. The logic and the origin of the correspondences is complicated and only few know why each color corresponds to the each sign. Nevertheless there are many witches and wizards who still use these two systems. We provide it for you too without having to search large tomes of complicated and suspicious magic.


So, see the systems, choose the one you prefer or find another or make your own, but after that stay faithful to it.

Have Fun!

Discover, Play, Love!

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