How to Detect Evil Magic using an Egg

How to Detect Evil Magic using an Egg
Hendrick Bloemaert (1601/1602–1672): Old woman selling eggs Old woman selling eggs.

One of the most popular ways in the Hoodoo and Voodoo lore to detect Evil Magic or if you are the target of malevolent influences is the following egg divination technique. The technique that I am going to describe can be used both to absorb negativity and see if you have any stronger magical disturbances which need your immediate attention.

Detect Evil Magic – an Ancient Divination Technique

Before we start, take a clean clear bowl and fill it with blessed water, add any protection oil to the water and pray to the Gods/Universe to bless the mixture and let you see the truth in this situation. Once done, take an egg from the fridge and pray to the Gods in order for the egg to absorb any negativity.

The Ritual

Place the egg on the top of your head where the crown chakra lies, roll the egg down from the back of your head, to the back of your neck, the center of your back, and around to the chest, while you are chanting and focusing on any negativity getting absorbed by the egg. Then roll the egg over your open palms and over the soles of your feet. It is imperative to roll the egg only downwards in order to remove the negative impact of malevolent magic from your body. Once done, break the egg and throw its contents in the clear glass of water. Observe the pattern and pay attention to any signs or abnormalities, look for blood or any changes in the color. As a guide you can use the following notes to aid in your interpretation:

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If the smell is bad, there is blood present or the water appears clouded then this are signs of malevolent magic against you and you need to start cleansing rituals and cast protective spells.

If in the yolk you can see a face then this is a face of an enemy and you need to be extremely careful with him/her. I suggest you begin by forgiving this person and sending love and positive energy towards them. It is of equal importance to forgive and love yourself. Remember hate only breeds hate. Now traditionally, if the face is thin then the person is male while if it is round it is a female. This may help with your interpretation but remember to use your intuition as well.

If the yolk takes the shape of an eye, then this means that you have been affected by the evil eye. My advice here would be to cast a spell against the evil eye and use a jinx removing oil in order to turn your luck around.

If there are small bubbles in the water then that means that malevolent energy has been absorbed by external forces. Your guardians are aware and your protection spells and rituals has saved you from trouble. Now it is important to go back, forgive the person who worked their magic against you and renew your spells, as even the mightiest barriers need reinforcement.


Finally, if the water is clear with no weird shapes, no signs of blood or bad odour, then this means that there is no work of malevolent magic against you. Cast a protective spell and send your love to the Universe. You are safe!

Once done dug a hole in the earth and empty its contents there. Do not touch the mixture and do not look back when you are finished. You are aware of what is going on in your life. Now it is time for some action 🙂

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