7 Simple Ways for Magical Protection


Protection is the foundation of every spiritual approach and enables the Witch or the Magus to live a harmonious, and balanced life while exploring different magical aspects in a safe and healthy way. Protection works in a cumulative manner. Therefore, the more we use protection, the more adept we become to summon it, there and then, when we need it the most.

Most magical practices require protection as the first step before any ritual or spell is taking place. Always remember to distinguish between the true need for protection and unhealthy fears which keep us back.

In the same manner a high ego which sustains unhealthy courage can take us to dangerous places. This is a skill that requires time to master.

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Monitor your thoughts and feelings and soon you will become able to draw the line between fear, ego and the true need for protection. Here we are going to discuss 7+1 easy and effective ways of spiritual protection. With the above in mind, I will remind you that protection is like an umbrella. If you decide not to use it, be at least prepared to get wet.

1. Charcoal.

A small charcoal piece in your pocket (wrapped in a paper towel) can protect you against evil eye, curses, negative spirits, and psychic attacks. Have three of them on a white plate under your bed while sleeping to get the same results. After every use, wash the charcoal pieces under cold running water.

2. Rue.

This herb has a great protective quality. Have some with you all the time to dispel magical attacks coming towards you. Washing yourself with some rue infusion can also give you a strong protective aura. It can also cleans you from minor spells that have already affected you. You can get rue to use in your spells here!

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On the 1st of May ( Beltane ) mix dried rue with spring water and sprinkle around your home to dispel curses and break jinx. Avoid this method if you are, or intent to become, pregnant. You can read additional information on Rue here.

3. Amethyst.

This magnificent purple stone can protect you, your home, or any other place it is in. Although it may not have the same range of function as quartz, even a small piece can protect you, and a 125 cubic cm piece can protect most homes. Even better, prepare and drink some amethyst elixir for the same reason. Read more about the Amethyst and its magical powers here. 

An ancient spell requires an amethyst pebble with the rune “Algiz” inscribed on it. Algiz is believed to open the Gates of Divine Might and Wisdom. It’s the rune of Protection.  Having it with you was considered a powerful talisman. 

4. Salt.

Either sea salt or mineral salt can trap negative energies as well as keep negative energies and entities from coming close to you. Although having some uncharged salt with you may not be proven to be extremely protective, using it to circle your bed, or your room can keep you protected. Have a bath with salty water to cleanse your aura. Forty waves is a magical recipe that uses seawater for banishing and blessing.

5. Mirror.

This is a tricky one, so be very aware of your thoughts while creating this “talisman”. Take a simple mirror and stick your photograph at the back of the mirror, with the face of the photograph looking towards the mirror. This mirror will send away any negativity coming towards you. Keep the “go away” intention firm in your mind while creating the talisman. Otherwise, the mirror will try to reflect the negativity back to its source. This is, in fact, an evil intention in itself. Thus, it will surely backfire to you eventually. The mirror can also confuse low-level demons and maleficent spirits.

6. Use Magical Protective Symbols:

The Eye of Horus, the Medusa, the Triquetra, the Pentacle, the Swastika (no, the sacriledge of the symbol by the Nazis doesn”t make this ancient sacred symbol evil in anyway) or other powerful sacred and protective symbols can be very protective even without charging them. Just wear them and receive their blessings and their protective shielding energies. You can gather 5 twigs of Rowan Tree, bind them with Red string and form form a Pentacle. Hang it outside of your door or house while chanting 9 times “Rowan twigs & strings of Red, deflect all harm, gossip and dread”.

7. Your Self:

Your spirit is divine in nature and therefore has great protective power. To simply utilize its protective power sit down and close your eyes. Relax your mind and then realize a fiery sphere at your solar plexus. Feel this sphere purifying the area and then expand it a little. Keep seeing the sphere purifying and then expanding more and more until all the space in your mind’s view is surrounded by its fiery energy, while you remain at its center. Then repeat to yourself the affirmation that this sphere is always around you and protects you. Then simply open your eyes without removing your focus from the sphere. The more you practice, the easier and quicker you will become in building the sphere’s energy and feeling protected when you need it the most .

8. The Ultimate Protection:

All these methods described above are very helpful, but always keep in mind that any kind of protective procedure, or talisman, can only multiply your natural immunity to evil. It can never give you a total protection against everything. There is only one way for someone to be absolutely protected from any evil, even bad luck. The Buddha has taught us that if there is no wound in your hand you can carry poison, and this means that if there is no negativity in ourselves, no matter how powerful  the negativity which comes towards us is, it will never penetrate us neither affect us. So, try always to think positively, clean regularly yourself from negative thoughts and feelings, and as you do so your natural ability to be protected will grow. Even if you cannot fully remove each and every negativity from within yourself, by working towards this purpose the protective ability of all the previous methods will be multiplied.

That’s all. Have fun, and always be safe!

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