Deepawali / Diwali Spell, a Spell for the Hindu Festival of Light


A spell to Bring back the Divine Light in our Lives

Happy Deepawali! हैप्पी दीपावली

Diwali is a very potent day to bring the Divine Solar Light into your life and keep it for the upcoming dark winter nights, as the days grow shorter for the North Hemisphere at least. But even if you live in the South Hemisphere why not getting some more Light, right?

Although it is practically a celebration of Light and the Sun, the most of the action is made during night time.

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If you are not Hindu, or maybe you are but you are unfamiliar with the official celebrations, or you just cannot perform those, here is a simple spell to help you bring the Divine Light in to your life.

Cast a magic circle on the floor using eight tea candles. Make it big enough for you to sit in it comfortably. Light some incense of your choice that you consider it solar. Myrrh, Cinnamon and Spikenard, the Phoenix Incense of Rosarium Blends,  would be a great choice.

Now, sit in the middle of the circle and close your eyes. Perform the Balancing Breathing. In the same time, feel the light and the warmth of the candles coming into you, and becoming one with you.

When you are ready and shining, start chanting a Solar, Fiery, or Enlightening mantra of your choice. I would suggest that whatever mantra you wish to chant start by chanting the simple seed mantra:


It’s just this word. Chant it for 108 times at first. The other mantra, the one of your choice, can be either a Rama mantra, a Surya Mantra like “Om (Hrum) Suryaya namah”, an Agni Mantra, a Mangal Mantra, the Gayatri Mantra or something you can make yourself, like the following.

“I am Light” 


“I am Divine” 

Everything will work, if you focus on the, and feel the, meaning deep inside you.

For the second mantra, I would once again suggest to repeat it for 108 times. But, if you consider another number of repetitions to be better, do as you believe.

After finishing chanting the second mantra, keep your eyes closed and just relax. Keep breathing slowly, deeply and comfortably. Let the energy you have raised to take its place. When the energy is settled, then keep your eyes closed for a little longer. Use this time to think of as many good things, or “things”, you have in your life. Not the bad ones. Only the good ones. Give thanks to the Gods for each one of them.

Now say

“I now know I was blessed, I am blessed and always I am blessed forever”.

Learn this phrase in advance, so that you will easily state it without opening your eyes, or thinking about it. Repeat the phrase as many times as you need to feel the meaning of it with all your body. Then slowly, open your eyes.

Let the candles burn out by themselves and if possible, keep the incense burning for all that time or at least as much as you can.

That’s all. Have a blessed life full of Light, Good Luck and Joy, and happy Deepawali to all of you.

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