The Magic of Holed Stones (aka Hag Stones – Witch Stones)

holed stones

Sometimes the most powerful Magic does not require sophisticated spells or complicated rituals. Or sometimes Magic just occur in front of your eyes, while having a coffee with your friends, while you are having sex or even while you sleep. Sometimes Magic just happens and you wonder the mystic laws that may lie beneath these moments. Like finding holes stones on the beachside.

True Elemental Witchcraft

A true Elemental Witch & Mage knows this and uses the easily obtainable ingredients for his / her Craft. Magical Recipes Online support every practitioner who wants to take this Spiritual Path of Elemental Magic. We already provided numerous articles and will continue to explain and enhance this sector of Elemental Magic because everyone can practice it even in countries where Magic is forbidden by law.

One of the most precious items an Elemental Magician may ever possess is a plain stone with a naturally crafted hole in it. The hole must be found with the stone in it and not create it yourself. These holed stones are also called Holeys and sometimes hag stones or even witch stones showing of course the importance given to these items by witches over the ages.

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What are the Holed Stones?

A Holey’s size may very of course as it can be found everywhere, shaped by nature. There can be found small pebbles or even large stones! Large Holed Stones have become Sacred Monuments and Sites all over the ages. In the United Kingdom and more specifically Cornwall, there is a Sacred formation of standing granite stones known as Mên-an-Tol, which actually means a “Holed Stone”. Many tales about miraculous healings and fairy magic have been told for centuries, tales of myths and Druidic rituals.

holed stones

So while at beach and thinking about your next refreshing dive in the emerald sea, take a few seconds and look for these stones. Found one? KEEP IT for its a really priceless gift, Mother Nature just given to you. Ancient tribes considered it a powerful tool of connecting with the Great Goddess. A Holey in fact represents the Sacred Vagina of Great Goddess, where all Life sprung from. It is considered that this powerful item can be used for numerous magical purposes but some believe that it should only be used for just one!

How to use Holed Stones:

Depending on where a Holey is found, is considered that looking through this hole – with your other eye closed – you can see the spirits of Nature who dwelled by this stone. This is because a Holey is by all means a Sacred item or can even become a Sacred Site like Mên-an-Tol, belonging to the Great Goddess Herself! This sacred item was believed to attract the spirits of Nature, to honor the Great Goddess. Because of this, a Holey, is an item to connect yourself with the endless rivers of Her energy. So found in the Sea, looking through a Holey may help you discover Sea Spirits, Mermaids and Mermen. While if found in a forest, a Holey can help you connect with Trea Spirits etc.

An Elemental Wizard / Mage / Witch can wear it on his / her neck to enhance his Elemental Magic. It is considered a very important tool to direct the magic of the Elements, especially Earth.

Worn on your neck a Holey can allegedly regenerate your vital energy. It can refresh your body, mind and spirit with shining new magical and healing energy! To do this you can also hang the Holey over your bed!

Worn on your neck like a pendant, a Holey is considered to protect you from evil spirit, dark arts and the evil eye! For protection, a Holey can also be put on an altar or buried under your house. Ancient tribes buried a Holey under a coop to protect their poultry!

A Holey represents the Sacred Vagina of the Great Goddess, sticking a small branch of tree that fits exactly in it (the Penis) and throwing it in the Sea is considered a really powerful Love Spell. It is believed that true love will come to you!

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