Witches Herbal for Samhain

Witches Herbal for Samhain

In many traditions the souls of the Dead is believed to return on Earth on the night of the Samhain – the Summer’s End- (31st October/1st of November) for a total of 3 days to visit their beloved ones who continue their Earth journey (read all about the Day of the Dead and Halloween here!). It is the time when Silence and Contemplation are respected and encouraged, Darkness is celebrated, the veils between the Worlds are thinner and honouring of the Ancestors is taking place.

Witches Herbal for Samhain

Preparing for Winter it was the magical day that Witches were taught to leave anything unnecessary behind, declutter and make space for new things to come with the new year. Let’s all prepare the ground to rest as new things are to be cultivated and learn from past experiences and make progress the road to happiness.

Death is honoured as the great teacher who reminds us that Life is a gift and that it should be cherished and should be respected in all forms and ways. During Samhain the wheel of the year is turning, and we are reminded that life continues after the death and decay of physical form, that this life is a journey and our human incarnation is only an experience of our life in Spirit.

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Finally, we are reminded that we are interconnected with all forms and aspects of Life, part of a great whole we move forward with our Ancestors (see here how to contact your ancestors) that we share our bloodline and our spirit line. Samhain is the great time to understand that we are never alone and we are surrounded by the love and light of those who have left the human world and are still connected with us and smile with our progress and happiness. For this special night of the Sabbat, the following plants held magical significance: “Apples, the Acorn and the Oak, Hazel, Sage, Pumpkin, Mullein, Deadly Nightshade, Mandrake, Sage, Mushrooms, Dittany of Crete, Rue, Wormwood and Absinthe

Magical Recipes Online suggests the following mixture of herbs for burning incense to celebrate Halloween”s magical night:

  • 1 part of Mullein,
  • 1 part of Sage or Rue,
  • 1 part of Anise seeds,
  • 1/2 part of Dittany of Crete,
  • 1/5 part of Wormwood* ,
  • 3 Acorns, Dried apple skin
Witches Herbal for Samhain
Witches Herbal for Samhain

*As the above mixture contains Wormwood please do not overdo it and make sure to aerate the space before and after burning the incense. The above mixture is meant to be burnt on charcoal and will assist with spells and rituals for visualisation, divination, purification and manifestation. Enjoy Samhain and weave your Magic! The Easy Witch

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