A Wish Spell with Fire and Bay Laurel.

a wish spell with bay laurel

Fire is one of the 4 core elements, this world is created of. Fire was always considered the Creative one, the element for change and removing obstacles. Fire was conjured as a catalyst to multiply our Will’s magical powers to manifest our hearts’ desires. With proper focus, Fire, just an open flame or a single candle, can be a magnificent source of Magical Power. This is why Fire is perfect for a Wish Spell.

Fire, Bay Laurel and Apollo

Bay Laurel is a herb closely associated with Sun and his creative powers. As written in our exclusive article on Bay Laurel “Apollo, the glorious and handsome God of Sun, Arts, Sports, Healing, Music and Prophecies, was in love with the Nymph Daphne. Due to a quarrel – Apollo had with the God Eros- Daphne couldn’t see Apollo as irresistible, mighty and brave as everybody did, and she run for help. Apollo chased her and so Daphne, being the daughter of a great river God, called her father for help and he transformed her to the lovely Laurel Tree. From this time Apollo made Laurel tree sacred to him and Bay Laurel leaves sacred to his rituals!” (Read more on Bay Laurel Herbal Magic here)

Bay Laurel is a very powerful herb when used in rituals which employ the powers of Sun & Fire. An ancient Wish Spell is ask from Apollo your wish, written on a dried Bay leaf and burn it.

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What you need for this Wish Spell

You only need a Bay leaf, fire and a pen. It would be much more powerful if you could use a magical ink like “Dragon’s Blood ink” to inscribe your wish, but you could use any pen available. (Click here for Dragon’s Blood ink article)

Focus on your wish and carefully write down on the Bay leaf your wish. Once you are ready, burn the Bay leaf and visualise that fire gives life to your wish. Visualise the result. Feel free to spend some time taking satisfaction of the result of your wish.

Once done, distinguish the flame. Always use Fire safety measures when dealing with fire. Common sense is essential.

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