A spell to Bind & Heal a Memory


There are many thoughts that may bother us through the day, drenched in anxiety, pushing our limits and raising our heart beat. But there may be one thought, one painful memory that persistently haunts our dreams and lurks inside our pillows. This is a memory which needs healing. Therefore, we created this spell, to help you bind & heal a memory!

A spell to Bind & Heal a Memory

There are many ways to heal a memory like that. One way is to talk with your friends and/or people who love you. Another is – of course – to consult with a therapist, an expert in these kinds of issues – especially if the problem persists, it’s something you should do.

Witches may also use a spell to bind and heal a memory. One way is to bind this thought into a WitchBottle and heal it by the power of the Sun. Ancient Greeks loved to “express” their fears to the Sun God (Apollo) in order to free themselves from this negative influence. Once they had a nightmare they the woke up and moved towards the Sun.

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Then, they prayed to the God of Sun while telling what they just saw in this dream.  What we are going to do in this spell is to actually bind this memory – to stop causing any further harm – and then “offer” it to the Sun so that his golden Sun-rays banish the negativity and heal this memory leaving only what we should learn from this memory. Trying to forget the memory is a dangerous and useless procedure as it can mess with our minds and furthermore we will miss the whole point of “remember” what we should NOT repeat. 


All you need is

A spell to Bind & Heal a Memory, introducing Witch Bottles
introducing Witch Bottles

The procedure is simple. 

Write down your memory in any way you feel like it expresses what really bothers you. You can use symbols or actual words as long as it comes from your heart. Drench with the energy of you memory the paper, let it embody the actual facts. Think of what happened clearly, relieve the painful moment. 

Light up a charcoal and place the mix of Herbs & Resins (Sage, Bay leaves, Myrrh, Amber and Basil). Now burn that piece of paper too. Let the fume fill the place. (Warning: If you encounter any problem in breathing open the windows and instantly cancel the procedure, ask advice from a medical doctor. Do not try this if you suffer from any respiratory problems or you are allergic to any of the above).

Put the Black Salt in the Glass bottle chanting: 

Black Salt of Earth & Fire,  

Grant my wish, listen to my desire, 

this memory which haunts my sleep,  

bind it here, let this bottle be its keep. 

When you are ready and now that the smoke fills the room, breathe deeply and try to not to exhale for few seconds while re-living intensively this painful memory. When it feels right, exhale all you can in the bottle and quickly put the cap on it securing (a part of it) there. 

Let the bottle outside, expose it to the Sun God. Offer it to the Sun and ask his help. Ask from Apollo, or the Angels of the Sun – Archangel Michael – to heal your memory. 

Begin this spell while Moon is Waning. (Why? See more about when to cast spells according to the Phases of the Moon here!)

Blessed be! 

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