Automatic Writing and how to Do it

automatic writing contact the spirits

You are interested in contacting the spirit world but you feel that your mind is not clear enough or you doubt the messages you receive? Then you may want to try something new and start practising automatic writing. As we saw in our recent post ‘Mediumship types and how to recognise them’ automatic writing or psychography  is a form of mediumship where the medium allows the spirit to guide their hand and write messages on a surface (a piece of paper or a board).

This type of mediumship can help us build confidence and let us explore the connection with the spirits we trust.

Reasons on why to practise automatic writing:

  1. Fear as an obstacle. It is part of human nature to be afraid of the unknown, this response to fear acts as a self preservation instinct occasionally, however some times it is irrationals. One of the goals of the witch is to learn to be more comfortable with her/himself and trust the Good within and the Good all around. This rapport with the Divine and all entities can help us build more trust in ourselves.
  2. Trust on psychic abilities. What almost all people lack (including myself) when they are practising any form of mediumship is patience which is only second to confidence. Automatic writing will need time to master but will also help you build your confidence on your abilities.
  3. Need for physical proof. Especially for beginners, there is always the doubt involved when messages are being received. Is it my head or is it real? Do I imagine this message or it came from somewhere else. Practising automatic writing will help you release doubts that what is happening is only in your head, however, always remember that a non-believer will stay a non-believer unless a leap of faith is performed.
  4. Because you like writing but you may face a writer’s block
  5. For the pure joy of it! So let’s see how we do it but first let’s prepare ourselves:

Raising our vibration

My best suggestion before you initiate any contact with the Spirit World is to engage into activities that can help you raise your vibration. How to do that? Easily. Engage into activities that relax you, make you happy, bring you laughter and in general make you feel lighter. Dance, pray, sing, meditate, clean and tidy your room ( I am not sure why I suggest the last one but from friends’ testimonies it works).  Feeling happy and good helps us attract similar energy into what we do, especially when it comes to spiritual or energy work.

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Protecting ourselves

As with any other spiritual practice, the first step before we initiate contact with the Spirit World is to  cast a protection spell, use a protective prayer or use a protective visualisation. The easiest way to do it is to imagine yourselves in a bubble of white radiating light. Imagine that this light is flowing from the Divine Source according to your beliefs and is there to create an impenetrable barrier only allowing the spirits that you want to work with to cross.

(Optional) Opening our chakras or spirit centres

Opening our chakras helps us raise our energy higher and allows spirit contact to flow more easily. Visit our relevant article to learn more on how to do that. 

Practising Automatic Writing

You will need:

  • A pen or marker
  • A blank notebook

The first step is to relax. Take deep relaxed breaths and calm your body and your mind. There is nothing to be achieved, only a connection. Once you feel relaxed, take the pen and place the notebook in front of you. Close your eyes and hold the pen in a relaxed way, then say: “ I call upon my Spirit guide to guide my hand and write me a message. I bless this connection with Infinite Love”. Repeat as many times as necessary.

automatic writing and mediums


When you feel that there is a connection, start moving your hand by creating elliptical shapes on the paper, slow, relaxed and unintentional. Ask a question, your hand should start moving or you may feel a sensation of direction. Without opening your eyes start moving the pen according to the direction you feel is right. When the sensation is slightly lifted, open your eyes and see what you wrote. Repeat the question/answer technique as many times as you like. At the beginning the messages may appear more cryptic or the handwriting a bit more difficult to read. The more you practice the clearer they will become and believe it or not you can receive whole lectures that way from your spirit guide(s).

Once you have finished the session of automatic writing, thank your spirit guide for the communication and the Divine Forces. Then ground yourself and clap your hands as many times as needed. This helps us return our focus back on our physical body and carry on with our day.

The same process can be applied in different ways using a board and a pen or even simply your finger on a surface. The variations of this time of mediumship are for you to explore and find what is the best for you. It is suggested that you practice automatic writing at least once or twice a week for a period of time in order to deepen the connection and sharpen your skills. I guarantee to you that the more you practice the better your connection will be. Have faith in yourselves and your guides and miracles will happen.

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