How to Exorcise Ghosts Gently

How to gently exorcise ghosts. A simple ritual to send away ghosts that haunt a place, an object or a human.


When to perform this ritual for exorcising ghosts:

As we promised here (7 Symptoms Of Living In A Haunted House) we are going to see a gentle way to send away ghosts. This can work for ghosts haunting a place, an object or a human. Keep in mind that this is a gentle exorcism. Its objective is to calm the soul of the dead, detach it from the plane of the livings and help it proceed to the other world.

This is not a way to deal with demons, evil spirits, malevolent ghosts, artificial elementals or elementals. For artificial elementals and elementals, that are not evil in nature, we are going to see a gentle way to deal with them in later posts.

Let’s see some theory. A soul is born on the Divine plane. Then it incarnates on the Earthly plane. Then the human dies, and the soul should return to the Divine plane to rest, and then reincarnate. This is the best and most healthy thing for the soul. Being a ghost isn’t helpful or healthy. That’s why ghosts consume energy from the living people around them.

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In special cases where you know the ghost and why it is attached to this world, you may help it fulfil its needs and therefore get it detached naturally. But in most cases, we don’t have this luxury. For these cases is this ritual.


There are several sacred spirits who can assist you in this ritual. I prefer those who rule over the Kingdom of the Dead, and still are full of Light and Joy. Great Lord Shiva, ruler of death and reincarnation is one of them. The Buddha of the Infinite Light and protector of the dead, Amitabha, who residents in the land of joy is another. Choose according to your beliefs who you are going to call upon. Here I present the ritual referring To Amitabha Buddha, but you can replace his name with anyone you’ve chosen.

Prepare an altar with the picture or the statue of the sacred spirit (Amitabha Buddha or whomever you’ve chosen) and two candles on the right and left of it. The general colour of the candles in such rituals is white, but this may change according to your tradition and the deity’s preferences. Red is the favourite colour of Amitabha, so I would suggest red altar candles in this case.

Also, choose the direction of the altar according to the tradition and the deity. Lord’s Isana Shiva direction is North East, while Amitabha Buddha’s direction is West. Western Magic usually considers Northern direction as the direction of the dead, since it is ruled by the Element of Earth which rules upon death.

Other than the altar candles, place upon the altar some offerings to the deity, such as flowers and fruits. Also, in front of their statue or picture, burn some incense. Again this can be different according to the tradition. I would suggest a mint-family ingredient to be part of the incense. A lavender, mint and lemon or lime would be a nice combination. Lotus also is a good choice. It symbolises life and reincarnation and it is sacred in many religions, including Hinduism. It is also favoured by Buddha Amitabha.

Then, place on the Altar some white candles to serve as guide lights for the dead and some food offerings for them. Apple and rice are good choices.

Finally place a cup with sanctified water (Here you can find a way to make it: Holy Water: How to make it and its Magical Uses). If your sanctified water has salt in it, then you are all set. If not, place some salt too on the altar.

The Ritual:

Light the altar candles, and the incense. Mix the salt and the sanctified water and with it sprinkle the altar, yourself and the room or magic circle you are working.

Invoke the sacred spirit. If you are working with Buddha Amitabha, use his name-mantra:

Om Namo Amitabhaya Buddhaya

Then light the candles for the dead and say:

Buddha Amitabha (or whomever you are working with) rules upon the Kingdom of the Dead, overwhelming it with love and light. He is now waiting for you.

You have passed on from the present time and have returned to your eternal home, the birthplace of all souls. The divine plane.

The land of Buddha Amitabha is a land of Light and Joy. There is no sorrow there. There is no fear. In this pure land gather now. I pray you go there and rest your soul in tranquillity.

You did your best in this world when you were a part of it. Now the world is safe. The people you care for are safe. You don’t need to worry. It is your time to rest, be happy and take care of yourselves. Go under the Light of Buddha Amitabha and be blissful and blessed.

I pray for your happiness. We receive the light of Buddha Amitabha, so have no worries about us. May you find eternal joy. May your souls be purified and raised high under the protection of Buddha Amitabha. Please reside in his adobe of Eternal Joy.

Wait until you feel the souls have understood your prayer and guidance. If you feel like you need to, repeat the prayer. Then say the following mantra 108 time:

Om Amitabha Hrih

Alternately, use the “Hrih” sound only. This way, you can offer your prayer to whomever you are working with.

Sprinkle some sanctified water on the person who is haunted, or the place or the object which is haunted by the ghosts. Finally, sprinkle some of the sanctified water on yourself and say:

Clean the impurities from my being and purify my spirit. Grant me your protection. Grant me happiness. Bring brightness to my soul and give me your guidance.

Let the candles of the dead burn completely to guide them to the other realm. Then blow the altar candles. Of course, take all fire safety precautions and never leave burning candles unattended.

That’s it. Have fun and may your life be full of light!

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