Magic Color Test

A Magic Color Test which can define where your Spirit is heading to. Which color attracts you the most right now? Lets analyse your Aura

magic color test

So this is a Magic Color Test. But what can it really show to me? This Color test is designed to analyse what your Aura thirst for and therefore where your Spirit is heading to. Our destiny is ever changed by our choices and our current energy status. What is it you long for? What does your spirit try to say to you? Let’s see if we can find an logical explanation “why do you always choose to wear this red shirt when you go for an interview”.

The Magic Color Test

Colors are different frequencies of Light’s energy. In a metaphysical and Witchy way this actually means that colors are vibrant waves of magical power, ever shining and radiating their mystique powers.

Taping into a color’s magic is not difficult at all. You already do this, everyone does (even thought most don’t know what they are doing).

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The Magic of Colors

Choosing the color of this day’s shirt is not random at all. Something made you pick this one instead of all the others. This is probably due to its color. Have you ever noticed that for a certain time you tend to buy clothes or other objects with the same color? You may thirst for this color your whole life but almost always this changes as we grow up. Color we once hated are now can now be our best friends and vice versa. (See here more about Colour Magic)

Colors are Energies

As we saw in previous article in Chinese Medicine, this complex yet ancient and sophisticated system, it is believed that we tend to like and therefore wear colours which are somehow “missing” from us. For example, if we tend to wear black colour all the time, we try to replenish the missing (Chinese) element of water in our life and aura. So right now… which color attracts you the most?

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