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How To Summon Angels with Colored Candles
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How To Summon Angels with Colored Candles

Color Magic is one of the most fundamental powers we use everyday as Witches. Each color radiates on a distinctive frequency. Therefore, each color is in fact a Transmitter or Magical Energy. Every time we wear a colored shirt or accessory, we, in fact summon special Magical energy. In this article, we will see a… Keep Reading

colour in the craft
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Colour in the Craft

It’s already a well known fact that colour has an amazing capacity to act on the subconscious mind. Experiences that were shared by the early people and communities have created instinctive reactions that we are still experiencing today. Many children are afraid of the dark and when you put them in a darkly coloured room… Keep Reading

magic color test
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Magic Color Test

So this is a Magic Color Test. But what can it really show to me? This Color test is designed to analyse what your Aura thirst for and therefore where your Spirit is heading to. Our destiny is ever changed by our choices and our current energy status. What is it you long for? What… Keep Reading

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