Spiritual Advice for all the Zodiacs – July 9 to July 15

Where you need to focus more this week, according to your Zodiac Sign.

Spiritual Advice for all Zodiac signs
Spiritual Advice for all Zodiac signs

General Spiritual Advice and tendencies of the week:

This is a week of new beginnings, letting go of the past (and reason), and going over our personal limits. It’s a time for all of us to dream what of what we want to be and have, and also to go beyond our usual manners in order to achieve this changes.

You wanted to try something or do something and never dared to? This is a time to do it!

Spells to help you this week:

Some of our spells and articles which can help you make the best of this week are these:

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But also, search our site for whatever else you may need. There are plenty more here to help you achieve your every goal.

Spiritual Advice for Aries:

You like fighting against all difficulties and problems, but some times this makes you feel overwhelmed and overburdened. Try to let go this week. Choose what you cannot possibly avoid and let everything else go. Escape, if you must. A relaxing journey is a good idea too.

Spiritual Advice for Taurus:

You are reluctant and possible afraid of persuading your love affairs. This is a week to do what you don’t usually do. Act spontaneously, following your hearts desire and trust the Universe. Fear is not a good advisor, no matter how rational it may seems. If you are in a relationship, try bringing a new sparkle in it. You can.

Spiritual Advice for Gemini:

Let go of your grudges and disappointments this week. Then focus on seeing yourselves and your lives in a new, optimistic light. What has happened, has happened. Build a new, better and more joyful today and tomorrow now. You can do it.

Spiritual Advice for Cancer:

You love being amongst your family and whomever you consider family and share your love with them. This is a week to do exactly that. So, forgive past mistakes and re- embrace your beloved ones. Have you had much time saying “I love you” to some of them? Do this now.

Spiritual Advice for Leo:

You are much too focused on your financial and career issues. Let go and take your mind off these, even just a little. You can’t see the whole picture and you certainly can’t see the full enjoyment of your life, even there. Add some pleasure in your work, even if it seems a little bit crazy, or treat yourself a present even if it seems inappropriate to do so right now.

Spiritual Advice for Virgo:

If there is a Zodiac Sign that has to act this week, then this is Virgo. Even a little forcefully make sure you start doing whatever you want to do. Even a small step is a great thing. You want to learn a new skill? Find a book and start studying it. You want to find a new job? Start looking for it. Whatever it is, make a step or more. Believe in yourselves and in the Universe. Change!

Spiritual Advice for Libra:

You have much bitterness in you. Things are not exactly as you want and people don’t really understand you. These are OK! It happens to everyone. Try to understand the love you receive and focus on the blessings you have. Appreciate them and be thankful for them. This is a week to help you understand you are already happier than you think, and an opportunity to build an even happier future.

Spiritual Advice for Scorpio:

Embark for a journey this week. If you can actually go on a real-life journey, even better, but the one you truly need, is an inner journey of self-finding and self understanding. Your self is willing to talk to you. Are you ready to listen? Do so now. Try to understand your own wills and needs and then start acting upon them.

Spiritual Advice for Sagittarius:

“I’ve done my best, and all is good!” This should be your mantra this week. You are good pretending that this is the way you see life, but this isn’t always true. You don’t always feel you are enough or you do enough. This is a week to realise you are enough and you’ve done enough, and all is good. By doing that, you’ll realise what is really good and if anything isn’t just as good, you’ll see how to “fix” it.

Spiritual Advice for Capricorn:

How much time is since you’ve really enjoyed sex or other earthly pleasures? Do exactly that this week. At the very least, try healing and energising the two lower chakras. Massage of any kind is a great thing to offer yourself or to your loved one this week too. Step steadily on the ground, look around you, and then choose the direction you want to fly towards to.

Spiritual Advice for Aquarius:

Love is the most important aspect you should work with this week. Forgive yourself and others for previous mistakes, relight the fire of love in your relationship or focus on searching a new love. You feel you are too old for that? You are never too old, but if you insist, open yourself to love by offering love to your children, grandchildren and friends and family. Of course, yourself as well!

Spiritual Advice for Pisces:

Are you satisfied with your job and financials? If so, remember to show gratitude for these this week. If not, think of what you really want. Your mind becomes clearer in this matter this week, and you’ll understand your true dreams easier. Find them out and then start persuading them, even if you just start with a spell.

Have fun and a blessed week!

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