7 Things People Regret when they Die

7 Things People Regret when they Die

We have seen and learned so many things during in our Magical Path. We’ve learned what happens in the afterlife and we try also to find out what EXACTLY happens in this life. But what about when we die? What are our last thoughts? How do our souls judge ourselves? You should probably know that our worst judges are our souls themselves. And here is why… These are the things people regret when we die!

When we actually die, it’s the moment when our Vital Energy is completely depleted. Of course this is why we recommend you to do acupuncture or other techniques like the Hatha Yoga Breathing exercise in order to keep your Chi – vital energy – in perfect condition. Of course this cannot last forever and at some point – for many reasons, this will ultimately end. Therefore, our immortal soul, can no longer be held in our material body and it will go out of it, reaching for the higher states of existence.

Things People Regret on their Deathbed

There is a time though for introspection. A time when we are criticising ourselves from what goals we’ve aimed – before we were born – and what did we actually achieve. Most of our today’s problems are things we’ve already agreed before incarnating. But this is something we will examine further in a later article.

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We as humans are blessed with many things but at the same time we are cursed in a similar way. These are the final thoughts of many dying men and women. Moreover, these are what they regret and what we actually change… now that we still alive and kicking!

Thought number 1: I Wish I cared less about what other people think.

This is one of the most common things people regret when they die. Especially when it comes to modern people who are career – oriented, the social status does matter. Well, to be frank, it does. But what most people don’t understand, is that by being ourselves, we actually empower our social position.

Moreover, by being ourselves, we have more self-respect. This is what makes us more creative and active in our lives. Not caring about other people’s opinion does not mean we are abusive to them. It just means that we are more in touch with our inner feeling and never procrastinate our truest goals. This is what empowers us the most!

Thought number 2: I Wish I have expressed my feelings

In addition with the previous thought, this is also one of the most common things people regret when they die. In fact it might be the first. Why haven’t I told him that I like him? How bad would it be to show her my true colours? Is it so bad to show someone I love him? 

Well my dear of course it isn’t. Even though he/she might get nervous at first, s/he will probably relax afterwards. By expressing your feelings, you truly make the first step towards your happiness. Moreover, by saying out loud what you love or what you don’t love, it empowers you as you stand your ground. You show to the universe – in a bald way – what you ask from it. Furthermore, how someone handles his/her feelings is their job. Not yours. You should just learn to express yourself!

Thought number 3: I Wish I had Worried less

Stress is just a misuse of imagination. As our Mage love to say “Stressing is important only to avoid our death”. It is actually an instinct for our survival. If our life is not threatened at all, why should we worry about? After all, the one who has not done mistakes is the one who has never lived. This is one of the most common things people regret on their deathbed. They wish they have worried less, especially for failure!

Also your fears have power over you because they live in shadows. Most of them, when they are exposed to the light of Reality they fade away. Your fears are powerless maggot-like parasites who feed from self-defeat, self-hatred and depression. They can be controlled and vanished. This is why burning Frankincense can help a lot! (see why here!)

We will do mistakes and we will probably do them again. This is a mechanism for learning the Right Way. Thus, there is no need to worry at all if we are true to ourselves and don’t make mistakes in purpose. Listen to your guts and Learn how to ground your feelings (see here more about this powerful technique). You can also use the Moonstone in order to filter your feelings and leave negativity behind.

Thought number 4: I Wish I had lived and enjoyed more in the moment

Most of us work and then work even more only to make a future – most of the times imaginary – moment happier and more fulfilling.  This is one of the most common things people regret. We forget to live. Only now exists. If we learn how to tap into the Power of Now then we get really empowered as we are not longer slaves of the past and the future.

Think of all your decisions you made so far this day. I bet you can’t find one decision you made which was not defined by your past experiences or your future obligations. When we live for Now we do everything better as we are attuned with our Vital Energy.

Thought number 5: I Wish I had Taken more Risks

You must probably think that this is might be opposite to the “not worry” thing. But this is also one the most common things people regret when they die. But no it isn’t and here’s why. When you take risks – reasonable ones – you empower yourself and feel happy and responsible for your life. You live the moment and make everything possible to win!

Taking risks is not an everyday thing. It is listening to your heart. What is a “reasonable” risk? Have you ever thought “What if you have become a very successful author instead of taking your father’s job?” This is a risk one should be willing to take. You future is yours and yours alone. Most people who take risks – may get hurt at some point – but always thank themselves of doing what they’ve loved.

Thought number 6: I Wish I had more time for me

This comes hand in hand with “I wish I worked less”. Your Time is limitless but on this earth it should be controlled somehow. Work is essential, and by following our career dreams we become creative and develop personal, intellectual and some times psychic skills. But what we also need – probably much more – is personal time for what we like.

Keeping in balance the working time with your personal life should be your objective. Find things your love and spend more time with them or by doing them. Spend more quality time with your family or the people you love hanging out with. Your creative powers will be noticeably enhanced and your happiness will attract good luck! Be honest to yourselves!

Thought number 7: I Wish I had not taken myself so seriously

Now don’t get me wrong, life is so precious and wonderful. We love our lives and we believe it’s a divine gift. Exactly because of this you should loosen up. Life – at least as our mortal body experiences it – is not eternal. We all live, we all love and we all get hurt. Come on, get over it. This is amongst the most common things people regret!

Life is much much happier when we realise that it is a wonderful playground. Moreover, being happy is a choice! We can be happy without having the riches of Bill Gates or the fame of Madonna. Yes, we can be happy either way, just by doing what we love. Be good with yourselves and to others, without getting “vampirized” by toxic people who just want to drain you.

Learn to respect yourself and the divine gift called life. Live your life with optimism and good heart. Tap into your inner feelings and learn you may need to fight even with yourself in order to get the life you want. But more importantly, you have to LOVE yourself in order to make all these work! Love, Love, Love!

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